Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunny Sunday....

It has been a lovely Sunday and the days are obviously getting longer again.  Can't really say we have had a Winter yet. Several days you could call cold and one snow day with the temp rising into the 60's the very next day.  I'm not complaining at all - have enjoyed the moderate weather we have been having.
BigD's niece and sister brought me these beautiful flowers from her yard. Ann, Lee, Boy and Biscuit came over Friday night and she took this picture for me. She and I both love these happy flowers. I know her house is probably full of them by now. BigD finally got himself a new TV. We both like it very much. He was able to re-work our entertainment system to work the larger flat screen TV in the spot the much smaller one was in. I'm sure you have noticed how many times I talk about how BigD can fix anything. It's true - I'm convinced that if he can't fix it - it is un-fixable!

For example, here is a picture of him sewing a tear in his pillow.
My sister Rose and her hubby came for a visit today. He had written me another poem. We got to talking about the various houses they lived in when they were a younger family. My sister complimented me on my hair and I told her BigD dried the back for me. My brother-in-law has always been so good to me. I couldn't love him more if he was my actual brother. Eileen came by on her way to the meeting. She looks so good. I am so glad she is back in my life again. They have been painting their house inside and I do believe she is ready for it to be over. She has always been so smart about decorating her house.
Speaking of Eileen, she sent me this picture she took with her phone this past Thursday evening. She and Ruby decided they should share a picture of their feet at the meeting. Nuts...Makes me smile everytime I look at it. Eileen is so thoughtful. I always enjoy her visits and her sweet text messages.
We are so fortunate to have an Urgent Care nearby with these wonderful women working there. Page got sick the last time she was home and they took very good care of her. It helps when you know the people who are taking care of you really care about you.  Feeling a little better. Still have thrush on my tongue which is getting real old. We will be going to the doctor quite a bit starting in March. They have scheduled the middle of March to start my treatments. Hope I feel better by then. BigD has to have another treadmill stress test - they want to make sure the stent is in the right place. Be glad when that is over. Page is planning to come the week I start treatments. She will be working out of their Raleigh office while here. So glad she is going to be able to do that. Takes a lot of pressure off BigD. BigD really wants to go fishing so I'm going to see if JC will be able to stay with me. The sun is setting but the sky is still very bright. Spring is right around the corner.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time is marching on.....

My condition hasn't changed that much but this week has had some pleasant moments including a visit from a dear old friend who was visiting her Dad
who lives next door. I can't begin to tell you what a pleasant time I had talking with her and hearing more about her life. I've known her since she was about 4 years old but haven't lived close to her since she got married and moved away. Gail came and cleaned the house today and it feels so good. We have an appointment with my new Oncologist tomorrow morning and I'm so hoping it goes better than last week's appointment.
We also had our first snow of the year and it lasted less than 24 hours from start to finish. It was so warm today that BigD had the back door open for a bit to air out the house.
Miya found herself a warm and cozy place to rest. She has been so loving lately. I wake up with her sound asleep in my lap. I love the feel of a cat sleeping on or touching me.
I was also happy to get a picture/text message from Rie of her two boy out in service. I'm so happy she is staying in touch with us. I miss her so much but am happy she seems to be adjusting quickly to her new home. Keith has already been down to see them and hopefully he has some pictures to share when he comes over the next time.
This last picture is of the elementary school I attended the second half of my 1st grade and the first half of the 2nd grade. I was a terrified little girl walking those long blocks to a strange "city" school. When I think about Page2 going to middle school next year it makes me sad and a little anxious. I need to post an update email to everyone. I've had so many people call me to let me know they miss them and are hesitant to "bother" me with questions.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

When time flies.......

For the first time since August, I can say time has flown by this week.  My dear friend Ruth arrived last Friday evening to stay with me and BigD for a week!  I can't believe she will be leaving tomorrow - the week has flown by. I know she must be bored to death by now and has watched more TV this week than she does in a month. I keep trying to talk her into extending her stay a few more days but she has to get back to her family. I can also say that I had two pretty good days this past weekend when she first got here. I still haven't turned the corner but those two days have helped me feel more positive that I will eventually get better. Monday was a very hard day at Duke - they had triple booked the appointments and we were there for over 5 hours. Throwing up into a garbage bag in a crowded lobby isn't any fun at all. BigD is cooking fish tonight with his homemade tartar sauce, fries and slaw. GG is going to eat with him and Ruth and the kitchen is starting to smell pretty good. Too bad I'm still on Ensure but I'm not complaining about it - it has been a life saver - literally. We have laughed, talked, watched movies on TV, talked about our favorite books and everything else under the sun. She has also relieved BigD in helping with my meds and schedule. I'm going to be sad to see her go but am so happy she was able to be here as long as she has.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 Page has been here all week working from home and yesterday in her company's Raleigh facility.  One of her VP's (she used to work for him in Atlanta before he was promoted to bigger and better things) was on-site in Raleigh while she was there and asked her to come back this morning because there were things he wanted to discuss with her. Turns out he had spoken with her boss in Atlanta who told him about me and BigD and he wanted to see how she was holding up. He told her she can come up here and work out of that office when she feels  she needs to be here. I was thrilled to hear that. She is going with us to my appointment at Duke tomorrow morning and then back to Atlanta. Not sure when she will be back but might not be until my treatments start. They are trying to get me well enough to have the treatments and even though I have improved some.  I am no where close to being well enough.  The thrush in my mouth is still there and since I'm now on an antibiotic for a bladder infection, not sure when it will go away.  Have 4 more days worth of medicine for it so am hoping the meds will kick in soon.  I'm trying to be a grown-up and not whine too much about how much I want her here. She will never know how much it means to me and BigD that she takes so much time with us. We do appreciate it.  I also appreciate every one's cards, visits, emails and especially prayers and encouragement. It all means so much to me. BigD is feeling pretty good - working part-time again. I thought today might be a turn-around kind of day for me when I first woke up and actually had a moment when I felt a little excitement but it went downhill shortly before lunch time.  Eileen brought fresh roses this week - they are gorgeous - yellow this time. She is so sweet and generous. She also brought us a case of Ensure and large supply of Kleenex from Costco. I go through almost two boxes of Kleenex a day.  Page2 went to an open house at the middle school she will be attending next year. I know - I hate it.  When did she get old enough for middle school?  I know I've been slack lately but I haven't been on the computer too much.  Will do better when I start feeling better - promise. Feel bad that Page has to drive so long tomorrow since she is now on antibiotics for a respiratory infection.  She has had a really bad cough for several days (so has BigD but he said he has had enough of doctors to last him awhile).  Our doctor couldn't work her in this morning so she went to the Urgent Care that Roseanne and Sher work at. Hopefully they will kick in a little and she will be much better for the trip tomorrow.