Friday, November 30, 2012

And this little Piglet went to......

I had a lot of company today. Vera, Yonn and Tonisha came by this morning while out in service. It was so good to be with them for a little bit. We talked about them picking me up in the afternoon to make a few calls with them next week. I so hope we can start doing that.
I grabbed this picture to show off Yonn's earrings and necklace. She makes all of her own jewelry! You can't really tell by this picture but they are very nice looking.
I made them all pick a piece of chocolate candy from Dwight's stash. When he sees it on sale he buys a box or two. After they left, I was feeling low about not being able to see Marlan yesterday. Within a minute or two, I turned around and saw her and KennaKat at my back door! What a nice surprise! She may have told me she was coming but I honestly don't remember it if she did. I'm just happy she came because I have really missed her lately. I changed the TV to the shows Ruby and Max and Dora the Explorer for KennaKat so we could have a nice chat.
This isn't the best picture of KK but she really enjoyed her ice cream. I mentioned that Sherry had promised to bring Piglet for a visit this week and Marlan told me she was planning to do that today. Within the hour, Sherry and Piglet were at my back door too! He is about a year old I think but still very, very frisky! Sherry compared him to a teenager and I thought that was pretty appropriate. He was so excited he was shaking all over the place! He is such a pretty boy.
Notice the cute little Panda beside KK - yeah - you won't see that again! It was all over once Piglet got hold of it. I told Sherry to take it home for him once he had removed the eyes. :-) You could tell he wanted to bite on something and after Sherry told me his teeth had fallen out, I realized he might be teething and "needs" something to chew on. Hopefully she picked up a "chew-bone" for him on the way home. KK got her NO NO "down pat" within a few minutes. She was so cute saying it to him every time he jumped toward her.
He kept sniffing the chair Miya was sitting in when he got here. I have never seen her act the way she did today. When he first galloped into the living room, she blew up like a puffer fish and then took off down the hall! It didn't help that her nails have been clipped so I'm sure she felt pretty vulnerable.
It took a few tries until Piglet finally climbed up to stay and let me love on him a bit. Of course, he didn't want to leave Marlan out.
I really appreciate Sherry bringing Piglet to visit with me. I hope he has enjoyed his new stuffed Panda (minus eyes). I'm also glad I got to be with Marlan and KennaKat. I can't believe she will be starting school next year. Such a pretty little girl and so sweet. Dwight gave sausage to Deborah and Tony. It was good to see Tony when he came by to pick it up. I can tell he is still sad and so tired from the emotionally draining roller coaster he and the family have all been on.   

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I wanted to share a few pictures I took of the moon last night from my chair. They aren't the best pictures but you get the idea of how pretty it was.
They actually turned out pretty good considering I took them without a flash and across the room from the window. I asked Dwight how it felt outside today and he said it felt pretty good so I went for a short walk in the yard. I can tell I'm going to have a hard time going outside in the cold. I did okay but found it to be a little uncomfortable. It takes forever to get warm once I get chilled and it really isn't that cold yet.
I got this picture of Matt and Jen in a text message saying "wish u were here". I had sent him a text message saying I wished he was here because my Kindle Fire is acting up and I didn't see this response for awhile. Two of my favorite people - Cute! I am still fighting the cold Dwight has and knew I should not be around the friends tonight so I listened in to the meeting. I miss being with the friends so much. The opening and closing prayers tonight mentioned those listening in so I'm thinking there are several that are having to listen in. Such a wonderful provision. Matt did a great job on his part tonight.  Alice told me a funny story about the new Circuit Overseer. She really likes him and says she can't wait until I meet them. She sounded so upbeat it made me smile. Dwight got some of the fresh sausage he gets every year around this time today. He is planning to give a lot of it to some family and friends. The man will kill another hog a little later and Dwight will get some of that sausage also.  He had to clean the freezer out to find a place for all of it. Steve
gave Dwight a pot of leftover vegetable beef soup he had made and it was quite good. I am finding that I can't eat a lot of anything at one time.  I threw up today and I think it was the second cup of coffee I had that did it.  After eating half a bowl of the soup, I felt a little sick so will have to watch it.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another milestone..

My sweet brother-in-law John (married to my sister Faye) turned 73 years old today. He is a little over 3 months older than my sister Alice.
This picture was taken at our 1999 Family Reunion.
This one was taken in 2001 when I had my sisters and their hubbies over for dinner one night. He has always been incredibly handsome. He is also one of the nicest people you will ever want to meet.  We had a lovely time that night with tons of cutting up and laughter going on. Poor John had a headache and I got a few pictures of him on the deck with my ice wrap around his head.
I also want to share a few of the pictures I "snatched" from Heather's blog of her pretty girls. She had so many of them that were excellent it was hard to pick just two to share. The "milestone" for these pictures is Little P being one month old.  It looks like KFC seems to enjoy being an older sister. Heather has made some of the cutest baby things I have ever seen like a little double-sided blanket made with openings for the car seat belts to go through and a little hood that fit over Little P's head. This is the first entry to her blog since early September so I was excited to see the pictures and get caught up with them a little. And life goes on.......

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Melanie Starr

It is so hard to believe that Melanie would have been 38 years old today if she had lived. I have recently scanned a few pictures of her that I found in some old pictures I had.
This one was taken when she was a bridesmaid in her sister's wedding. She was always very thin because of her rheumatoid arthritis.  That is her Dad at the end of the driveway. He is flagging down the limo that had come to pick them up for the wedding.
This was taken in 1996. I really like this picture of her. Every time she smiled, it lit up her face. She had such pretty blue eyes and lovely skin. Bless her heart - she lived in excruciating pain every day of her life from the time she was around 4 or 5 years old. There were many days I'm sure she didn't smile.
This is one of her with my sister Alice. Alice and I had both gotten off work for a few hours to run down to the courthouse. We wanted to be there with them when her Mom and Paul got married. This one was taken in March of 1997. She had just turned 22 years old the November before this was taken. She was gone 10 months after this picture was taken. She and my Douglas were the youngest of Mama's grandchildren with Douglas being 8 months younger than Melanie.  Love you Mel.

Monday, November 26, 2012

OOPS TWO --- I forgot something else.

Not sure if this is truly an oops but since I chronicle events in other people's lives I guess I need to be fair and chronicle an event in my own life. Today is the anniversary of the day I was born - 66 years ago at the old Mariah-Parham hospital in Henderson, NC after which I went home with my Mom to my grandmother's house in Kittrell, NC where my sisters Barbara Ann, Alice Rose and Faye Ruth were waiting to meet me. Barbara Ann was almost 12, Alice was 6 going on 7, Faye was 2 going on 3, Mama was 29 going on 30 and Daddy had just turned 32 a few months before. My youngest sister Amy, was born in August of 1951. We also had a sister who was born in April of 1938 but she died in July of that year in South Carolina. My sister Alice has been down to where she was buried in SC. We offered to have her remains brought up here but Mama said she wanted it left as it was. When my Kelly got sick when she was around 9 months old and had to spend some time in the hospital, my Dad almost had an anxiety attack about it several times. He called me one time and suggested I fix Kelly a sugar tit to suck on. Mama told me later that he was having bad memories of their time with Judith's illness and death. As of today, I am now 66 years old. Sixty-six years which means I have now passed the mid-60's point. I am saying it over and over so I can get used to saying it. I am not unhappy to be 66 years old. Believe me, once you have had to face your own mortality eyeball to eyeball, each day becomes more and more precious to you. Every moment you spend with your family, friends, and loved ones becomes more meaningful on every level. Ever since I learned the Truth, I have been relieved that I don't have to keep up with people's birth dates or come up with money and an idea for what to buy someone. I honestly believe the fact that we don't celebrate anything except for the Memorial of Christ's death (which doesn't involve him having to go out and buy a present) has been one of the biggest positives Dwight has found about me being a Witness. When Ike and Ennis started having us spend the week of the Christmas holidays with them at the coast, he became one happy camper. He looked forward to and loved our time there with our family, the Terry family and at times, others from the congregation. Individual couples can decide if they want to celebrate their own personal wedding anniversary date but it isn't something we blow out of proportion. Kelly planned a surprise party for us on our 25th wedding anniversary with a few close friends joining us for it. On our 40th anniversary,
we all went in together and bought Dwight hats, shirts and sweatshirts with his company logo on them and the kids put together a Love Album for me with comments and pictures from our friends about us. That was quite special to us. Hard to believe that is us just seven short years ago. We have also done things like buy a leaf blower and calling it our anniversary gift. Makes us feel better for spending the money. :) The years we can think about something we really need, if we have the money, we will buy that or put it on the shelf for the next year. Maybe I need to re-visit a small gas fireplace for our 47th anniversary next month? Hmmmm? Nah - I think we will just hang out together and be glad we still have each other as always.


OH MY Goodness – Please accept my apology for the mess I made of my entry last night. I just opened my computer and read the gobbledy-gook I wrote and have decided I definitely don't need to write on my blog when I am that tired. I tried to fix as many of the mistakes as I could find. I still haven't unpacked but am in no hurry. Dwight is definitely not feeling well and I’m still definitely hoping and praying I don’t catch it. We have agreed that we do not like cold weather. My old bones start aching when I even think about it. I emailed Jennifer at Duke for a re-fill on my oxy and called the drug store for another one. Dwight is getting a shower and hoping it will make him feel better because he has a few things he has to do. Miya is asleep on my legs and I'm having a nice cup of coffee. I can’t say ALL is well because poor Dwight isn’t but we are glad our babies all got home safe and sound and are both happy to be home.  We are also happy to have made some more good family memories with each other and with GG, Deborah, Pam, Leif, Greg, Stuart, Ava, Hobie and Lillie. We now have a wedding to look forward to that will take us back to this wonderful place.
I just went back and read a few of the previous entries and realized how often I repeat myself. Just blame it on the oxy, or my age, or whatever you want to blame it on. If it is boring - sorry. I refuse to go back and fix every entry.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outer Banks - Day 8

Not much to offer today. I woke up about the time Kelly and Brian were getting ready to leave. They hugged us all good-bye and got on the road. We got away before check-out time and realized we had forgot the fish (and cooler) in the freezer and Page's blanket. I text messaged Pam and she is going to get them. Dwight told her to go ahead and eat the fish.
We had a lovely day for the trip home. Jessie is a good driver and I'm a "pretty good" passenger with her. I gave her and another guy a good laugh. We stopped at a McDonald's for me to use the restroom and get a tea. I was focused on getting to the restroom before an accident happened; looked to my right and noticed two urinals attached to the wall. Of course I realized immediately that I was in the wrong restroom at the same time Jessie opened the door and said, "uh - Tricia" and I said, "I know - I'm in the wrong restroom". As I walked out quickly to go into the correct restroom, there was a guy in the booth nearby who was laughing his head off. I was laughing too. I've always been such a klutz and am very seldom embarrassed anymore which can be sad at times.  We made very good time and the traffic wasn't bad at all.  Of course we were on country roads for a large portion of the time.
Miya has split her time between my lap and laying under the covers with Dwight. Dwight has been asleep since we got home and every time he wakes up, he says he feels worse. Please don't let me catch it!!! Page was very careful around me at the coast but I have definitely been exposed to it from Dwight. Oh well - hopefully I will not catch it.  I really appreciate Debbie for taking such good care of our cats while we were away. She will never know how much it means to us. I'll finish unpacking tomorrow - right now I think my old body wants to rest. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Outer Banks - Day 7

The last full day of our vacation has come and almost gone. We have to be out of here by 10am tomorrow so basically it is our last day. Kelly was hoping we could get a family picture with GG today. She wanted GG to sit on the swing with me and Dwight on either side of her and all the kids behind us. If it turned out, she was going to have one framed for GG to have in her room. Pam and Leif were going to a shower this afternoon so they took GG back on their way while Kelly, Brian, Douglas and Jessica were out together so we missed that opportunity.
They had a nice lunch together while they were out. Dwight went fishing down on the point but he said that even with his coat and ski-bibs on; the wind was cutting right through him.
I did finally get a few good pictures of my babies together. I think they have enjoyed being with cousins they very seldom get to see and Page totally enjoyed her time with little Ava. She also got to play and fly a kite on the big sand dunes with Greg, Stuart and Ava. It has been so nice being in a gorgeous 4 bedroom condo AND to be in the same building as Pam and Leif's condo they are renting on the third floor is. We could definitely get used to this.....
Page took a picture of me and I took a picture of Page's hand with the cute ring I gave her on it.
Pam just walked in with her favorite wine and she and Leif are going to take our picture with us wearing the sweatshirts Kelly bought us all. Pam said GG will enjoy having one of these too. I asked her if they enjoyed the shower and she said they had the seven layer dip with guacamole and beans, etc. at the shower and she ate it like a pig.  I love those dips too.  We had them at Kelly's graduation party.  I could eat one as a meal.  I asked Leif if he had a good time and he said; "that was the best baby showers I have ever been to".  Pam said he was being sarcastic but he did it very well because I believed him! :) Jessie just ordered a pizza for everyone to enjoy on our last night here. Might have more to add later so not posting this yet.
We didn't get the picture with GG we were hoping to get but got the next best thing. It is SO hard to get a picture that is good of everyone but after many tries, lots of laughter and groans, we got a few we could agree on. So happy Leif came down and put up with us long enough to get these few shots. They aren't too bad considering they were taken outside at night.  My little camera did a pretty good job.  The pizza has arrived and everyone is talking at one time - yes - the vacation is still going on. We are loving having Pam and Leif with us our last night here. I think Dwight has just said good night  to everyone.....

Friday, November 23, 2012

Outer Banks - Day 6

Hard to believe our week is almost over. Kelly seems to feel a little better. I hope I feel better tomorrow than I have today. I'm not sure why but today just hasn't been a good day for me as far as the pain goes. After my shower today I realized I kind of like my new hair. Dr. Brizel told me my hair might come back a different color and texture but it never occurred to me that it would be this curly. I'm sure it is from the radiation because the top hasn't changed that much and most of the radiation was around the lower part of my face and head. I'm not sure if it will last but have decided to enjoy it while it does.
I love Page's purple jeans and cute top. Kelly braided her hair and it has lasted all day long. Douglas has talked about learning how to braid her hair in the past and I so wish he would. It looks so good and stays neat so long.
I also love Ava's hair. It is so thick and curly. Page went with them to climb the dunes and pick up GG and bring her back.
I love how Page is holding her back until they look both ways. These two beautiful girls have been a delight to be around the whole time they've been here. I hope they will always have good memories from their time together this week.
They took turns playing on Doug's little thingamajig. Yeah - that is how technical I am. Sadly these two know more about this stuff than I will probably ever learn. Dwight, Douglas and Jessie went fishing today and had a great day for it. They didn't really catch anything to keep but they were very happy to be out on the water.
I sat in the swing for awhile and noticed my bathroom window from the outside. Cool idea - lets light in without anyone being able to see inside. GG and I finally had to come back inside because the sun was so hot. We went upstairs for a visit and I got to love on Hobie for a few minutes.
This is the best picture I could get of pretty Lilly. Makes me sad because she really is such a sweet dog. We are happy to have Pam and Leif back home.  Tomorrow will be our last day here. Dwight is about ready to go home tomorrow instead of waiting until Sunday.  He gets to a point when he's had enough and is ready to be back in his own home on his own furniture.  Jessie made her famous broccoli casserole tonight and they are eating shrimp and other good stuff with it while we are watching The Avengers again. Only people who grew up reading comic books will understand the love of these stories. Dwight can't stand them so I guess he didn't read comic books! :)  

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Outer Banks - Day 5

Wow - can't believe we have already been here five days. Now that the entire family is here, there has been lots going on.
The first order of business was getting GG here. After all, she is the main reason we are all here this week, to see her and be with her. Every time I have seen her this week, I have been so happy that her wonderful children found this place for her to live. It makes it harder for most of us to see her on a regular basis but to know how happy she has been makes it okay.  I love her hair in this picture.
We have begged her to help us work on the puzzle every day. I call her a "puzzle meister" because she is so good at it. It has been great having Greg, Stuart, Ava and Len with us along with their lovely dogs Lilly and Dudley. Sadly, we have to visit the dogs upstairs or when they are on their way outside.  We can't have animals in our condo which is the reason Miya and Hiro aren't here. :(
Greg took this picture of Ava and Page across the bay from us. Page has on the cute hat Pam Wells made for her. He zoomed in on it for me and showed us our condo in the far background. These two little girls have enjoyed each other to pieces. Greg and I were talking about how both of them are able to play with children of all ages. We wonder if them being only children is one of the reasons. Kelly always wanted to be a only child and I told her she would have to be happy with being the only girl. I have always told my kids they are my favorite son or my favorite daughter. Coming from a family of five girls, we all used to tease each other by saying we were Mom's favorite. I really can't imagine a parent having a "favorite" child. I love both of my children the same - intensely.
Page modeled her new boots for me. She looks so tall in them - they have stacked heels. She also has some new short cowboy boots that look great with her new red skirt.
Douglas made good use of the sofa and at one point was snoring so loud I could hardly hear the TV. He got a really good and much needed nap.
Dwight and Jessie were busy in the kitchen. Dwight made a huge pot of delicious chili beans and yes,
I ate some. Jessie made some delicious sourdough garlic toast to go with it and Greg totally enjoyed it too. Jessie also made some of her pumpkin spice cookie/muffin tops. They too are good.
Kelly bought us all hoodies or hooded sweat shirts with Outer Banks written across them. Mine is white like hers and Dwight's is gray. She and Page snuggled in the swing on the deck. It was a beautiful night but I never did get to see the moon. I heard it was an unusual one.
The puzzle was finished. We have another one but I'm not sure we have enough time to finish it. Pam and Leif come home tomorrow and we are all looking forward to seeing them. The end of another wonderful day in one of our favorite places in the world with all our loved ones. How could we ask for more?