Monday, January 7, 2013

Another good day....

I had another pretty good day today. Debbie called and she, Karen and Ruby picked me up for a few hours in service this afternoon. We have been talking about it for awhile and it finally happened. I found three of my return visits at home and placed 6 magazines. I'm tired but very happy.
Miya had her annual physical last week. I was quite happy to hear she hasn't gained any weight and her heart murmur was very hard to hear so the medication is still working. Of course everyone loved her and thinks she is beautiful -which she is. This is the first time Dwight has come for her appointment. Of course he vanished as soon as it was time for her to get her shot. That man does hate a needle bless his heart.
Marlan came Thursday for our Family Worship. It is the first time we've been together in about a month and I truly enjoyed our time with each other. I LOVED her new scarf - and even more so after I found out Katrina made it for her. The fact that it is green doesn't hurt either. Doesn't Marlan look great?  I have ordered the punky pal and bunny from Mimi for Katrina and can't wait to see them. I think she is having to make them since all the ones we saw had been sold. I keep forgetting to put a check in the mail so will write myself a note right now to get that done tomorrow.
I like this picture of me, Lillie and JoAnna from the meeting this past Thursday night. Two of my favorite people. I have enjoyed being with the friends again. We have so many new friends in our congregation that I still haven't met.
I almost forgot to post this picture of the flowers Dwight got me last week. Marlan and I agreed they are one of our favorite flowers of all time. He did a good job picking the right vase to put them in too.
I will end today's post with one of my favorite pieces of art for many reasons. It is also the first piece given to me by Lise. It is oil on linen and pretty much speaks for itself. I will see Dr. Scher tomorrow morning and have a list of questions for him.  Really hoping I like his responses.