Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How do you say fresh......?

My oldest niece, Dee, (shown with her beloved Dorothy Dog) brought me some of her wonderful "home grown" eggs from her darling girls (Rosemary, Darlene and Daphne) to the family reunion yesterday. So many of my young friends have laying hens now and seem to really enjoy their "pets" and the gifts they leave them every day. I don't have any pictures of Dee's girls but have a few of Ann's.

The funniest thing -
Ann has discovered that one of her girls isn't.....a girl that is. She doesn't want to keep him because she wants laying hens for the eggs, not to reproduce BUT she is afraid to give him to someone who may EAT him! When Page and Leah were out there last week,the "guy" was still there amongst all his girls! He does stand out in the crowd doesn't he? We'll see what happens.

I'll have to say, I do love Ann's lovely cottage - just looking at the picture makes me relax.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Family Reunions

As Mama would say, "For goodness sake Jane, it is always the fourth Sunday in June". Another Family Reunion down in Wake Forest. Last year was so nice - everyone made a special effort to be there because my oldest sister, Ann, came to town for the first time in 12 years. I uploaded a collage created by my nephew Naoki from pictures taken by Wayne, Jr.
We were a much smaller group this year but everyone seemed to have a good time. Dee brought Dorothy Dog and Penelope as they were going on to the beach. Little D had to carry the pager this year so he had to miss it in order to be available for our vacation next month. Mama would have been proud of us for making it. I always miss her laugh at the reunions - she loved being with her family so much. Now I am the one who says, "For goodness sakes to my family when they ask when the reunion is...what a motley looking crew.

A time to be with those we love....

Mae asked that Page come up a few weeks after I.T. died so she could have personal time with her so after picking her up at the airport, we drove out to Ann's. Leah and Little Page drove up at the same time so I left and came on home. From what I've heard, they all enjoyed themselves. They were a little late getting home because Lee was working on the Dam all day but he finally came in and took a shower and got to visit a few hours. Nice to have all my girls together for the weekend - Little Page was happy since Isaac let her bring his beloved snake home. She has been sleeping with it but we are taking it back when we go to the beach next month!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

As I was driving home yesterday, my dear friend, Mae, called to tell me her beautiful daughter had died the day before. I drove straight to her home and stayed until the next day with her - it was just too much for them to all have to deal with so soon. They needed some time to digest and try to see their way through the horrible fog that had descended upon them again. We got up the next morning and went outside to sit - I'm not sure what it is about being at the farm - it has a calming affect and helps you realize this is not our real life - that is soon to come. Having Penny and Gloria walking around makes it even better.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Babies and Weddings.....Life keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping....into the future...

I drove up to Troutville, VA and spent the night with Little D and family. My dear friend Rosemary has two big events coming up in her life. Her oldest daughter is expecting her first baby (girl - Delani Rose) the first part of August and her youngest daughter is getting married in October. It turns out they will have both married young men who live in the same area as Little D and family. I was up for the youngest daughter's bridal shower but got to see the whole family together. Here is the oldest daughter as beautiful as she will every be... Leah programmed her GPS and it directed me right to the park in Radford, VA - a small college town tucked away in the mountains - that was lovely. We were at a park right on the James River and it was beautiful. Of course Rosemary and her hubby are already proud grandparents as shown -
After the three of us took a nice meandering walk along the river, the wonderful GPS got me back home in time to get a ride in Leah's Dad's cherished BMW convertible with her Mom and Page in the back seat. He drove like a bat out of Gehenna over the curvy mountain "back roads" to Blacksburg and we arrived there just as the sun set and came back home on the main highway to a wonderful steak dinner all cooked and ready to eat! After the meeting on Sunday, I headed home with beautiful weather all the way.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is there anything sweeter.....?

Is there anything sweeter than a sweet baby girl? If there is, I can't think of what it is. I had a need to hold a baby so I headed out to Ann's to hold her little Ann. They call her Biscuit because that is what her big brother called her while she was "in the oven" but I'm fighting that with all my might. If I succeed, at least she will have one adult in her life she can love. Just kidding. I will have to say my BS has a baby boy who is delicious to hold too - I think the secret is they are babies who really, really like to be held. From experience, I hold on to those as long as I can because once they find their legs - they are gone! My two were unique in that they both liked to be held much later in life. That suited me just fine since they will always be my babies no matter hold old they are. Little Ann makes me think of my little Page - they had a rocky start but look at them now!

Monday, June 15, 2009

So Many Friends...

My sister-in-law told me one time years ago that I had too many friends but is that possible? At the visitation yesterday there were so many faces to kiss, bodies to hug and hands to shake. This is a picture of a large convention from days gone by - brings back wonderful memories and anticipation for our upcoming one.

The video was wonderful - the two songs were At Last and Orange Blossom. I.T.'s older brother who is 93 came up from Florida and after we got back to the farm, he said, "It sure is nice to be home but I sure do hate the reason why". It was a nice afternoon to be on the farm with all the small children including Page running around laughing; groups of people getting caught up; Little D and Ches playing the guitars and singing and of course - eating. Hey, it's the South - it's what we do.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Precious Memories.......

As I think back, it seems there was always music and singing at our annual family reunions. My Mom’s brother and cousins would bring stringed instruments and pretty soon they were playing and people would start singing. As that generation got older, there would be electric stringed instruments and younger people singing. My sister and her husband sing so well together and it seems they would always sing one of my Mom’s favorite songs – Precious Memories. The only part of the song I remembered went….
“Precious memories, how they linger; how they ever flood my soul. In the stillness of the midnight, precious sacred scenes foretold.” I had no idea that song was considered a religious song - thinking it was just one of the older songs we all used to harmonize on. I only realized it was considered religious when it was played at my Mom’s funeral. Okay – so I didn’t know the words and never asked. Get over it.

I couldn’t help but think of that song after my dear friend died last night. Now we have so many precious memories – memories that will sustain us until we meet again. His family is going through all the pictures for the video that will be played at the visitation with the background music being Blue Grass – his favorite kind of music in the world.

As we wiped his brow, checked his breathing, rubbed his back all the while telling him how much we loved him and letting him know it was okay to say good-bye, another tune was playing through my head and heart that goes like this…… “Can you see, with your mind’s eye, Peoples dwelling together? Sorrow has passed. Peace at last! Life without tears and pain. Sing out with joy of heart. You too can have a part. Live for the day when you’ll say: ‘Life without end—at last!’” Love you Ike...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Still Have Things to Say.......

The reality is quickly approaching and soon my dear friend will be asleep. I watch helplessly as this strong, virile man with one of the sharpest minds I have ever known begins the rapid descent into death. This is a man people have always listened to. For one thing, he didn't speak a lot but when he did, you knew he had thought it through and had something to say. The fact that he will one day awaken refreshed, renewed and ready to move forward helps and I work hard to hold that hope close. As I have gotten older, that hope has become more real to me.
I also remember how his daughter helped me learn how to really cry; to open my mouth and bawl so as to release the stress and how I felt when I realized it works. Every so often my friend speaks and it makes me realize that he still has things he wants to say. What a wealth of knowledge and experience he will take with him and it frustrates me because I know somewhere inside he wants to yell - I Still Have Things to Say!!! Then you step back and do what is needed. You pray you will be there to give back just a fraction of what you have been given. And then you find your quiet place, open your mouth and bawl for your friend, his family and yourself - and you remember the hope and feel the peace...until the next time.

Friday, June 5, 2009

When a Goodbye is a GOODbye!!!!

I awoke early and Dwight brought me a fresh ice pack and I got up a little later. Another long service day gone but not to worry. I could tell I still had the migraine but the pain was definitely different - never became the ax blade on one side of my head again - was dispersed across my forehead. I purchased two other therapies yesterday - one for my lungs which are showing stress and the other one was custom made for the cancer in my gut area. I need two other products - one for my stressed pancreas (I'm pre-diabetic) and the other one which is a little pricey is Magnesium. My body is severely depleted of this and is the cause of my frequent cramps. Maybe after I get my next check if there is any left from medical bills. Other than those few things - my organs all look very good to her. Eileen was so generous to share the cost of the test and I appreciate her being so caring. Bye Bye Migraine

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is that Pain? Oh - a Migraine!

Oh yeah - got my routine visit from my close associate - Mr. Migraine. I decided to NOT take Advil as Eileen was taking me for my Meridian Assessment Stress Test today in Hillsborough. I was afraid 4 Advil might alter the results. The test was very interesting and I was impressed with the professional and yet warm environment. I received two headache therapies while I was there and did feel a difference. Then I used the therapy I purchased twice and again felt a difference but decided to not push it. I ended up with my sweet little ice pack and went to bed.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry..

That goes for the best laid plans for women too. Got June started off with a bang and felt a wonderful, service filled month in the making. Two long days on Monday and Tuesday and then BANG - no sleep at all Tuesday night until around 5:30AM so that meant No Service for Wednesday. Arrggghhh. Never fear, have the rest of the month to crunch those hours so I can enjoy my vacation in July w/o pressure. After all - Friday is another (long) service day!