Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When enough is ENOUGH!!!!

Okay - I finally got to sleep and woke up miserable.  Must have clenched my teeth all night because my whole jaw hurts now PLUS the ear.  I decided - ENOUGH already! When I got out of the shower this morning, I noticed that side of my face is a tiny bit swollen and it hurts all along that side of my neck. I called the ENT's office to see if they would refer me to another ENT specialist who could see me TODAY!  I by-passed the receptionist by pushing a few other numbers and reached a young woman who must be one of the doctor's assistants - she had me hold and told me one of the other doctors is going to work me in at 1:15pm.  Thank goodness!  All I know is I want some relief and to get my life back.  Thank you Sylvia - whoever you are! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Icepick in ear....

I called my GP yesterday and asked them to refer me to an ENT specialist but never heard back from them.  When I got up this morning I decided I HAD to get out of this house.  Since both the cupboard and refrigerator were bare, I ventured out to Kroger's to get some groceries. To say I was exhausted when I got home is putting it mildly but I was glad I went. I even got a roast and put it in our new crock pot for dinner. I drove the back roads and was very careful but really don't know that I should be
driving that much until we can get this problem with my ear taken care of.  I try to not take too many Advil but about three hours ago, my ear pain jumped exponentially to the nth degree. Of course this was a few hours after the ENT specialist called and the first appointment they can give me is September 12th! What!!!  I took it and she encouraged me to call the rest of this week every day to see if they have a cancellation.  I took 3 Advil's two hours ago and it is still hurting worse than it has so far.  It actually feels like an icepick has been jabbed into my ear.  I don't know if I will end up in the ER tonight or not but don't think I'll be waiting around until September 12th to see someone.  I may call my GP again tomorrow to see if he can look at it again.  I know - crazy isn't it?  I have always felt so sorry for children with ear infections/pain but had no idea how bad it can get.  Have got to get this taken care of - the new Service Year starts Thursday!  I know - I'll eat some Fudgesicles - that should ease it off some.  Sorry to be whining so much but man - this is getting bad. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Less than an acre of nature.....

Having been in the house still sick since this past Tuesday, I decided to go for a little nature walk outside. Our lot is almost an acre, however, it is cut like a piece of pizza pie with our little cottage right on the line on one side.
Since Irene had come through and cooled things off a little, I knew I wanted to get outside for a few minutes after listening to the meeting to get a few pictures while it was nice. I started on our little deck which has been sorely neglected the past few years. Hopefully BigD will have time to clean it real good and stain it. One of the rails need to be repaired/replaced too.
I wandered out back to our "natural" area (small patch where we let everything go) and was pleased to see quite a bit of new growth. Hopefully the little Mimosa trees will survive since I do love them so much. The yellow leaf speaks of autumn being right around the corner. When I woke up yesterday to see the trees blowing in the winds - it made me realize they are finally filling out a little and hopefully more will grow soon. I so miss the forest that used to be behind our house and that of our neighbor.
The left top picture shows what is left of the many trees we once had in our front yard, the one beside it is the little cactus garden across the ditch beside my neighbor's fence, the small on on the top right is a picture of what will hopefully one day be a magnolia tree, the bottom left shows the growth from the summer behind our neighbor's house, the middle bottom is in our other neighbor's yard and my Mom's favorite - Crepe Myrtle, and the one on the bottom right is some of the grass that has taken over the ditch dug down the side of our property by the Department of Transportation. Yep - that ditch if full of grass, little trees, mud and "stuff". The DOT is supposed to maintain that ditch but so far, we haven't seen anyone since they re-dug it.
This is the rough path that has been created by a young man who lives in the neighborhood right behind us (you can see the asphalt of the street) who asked permission to walk through our yard to get to the bus stop they put at an intersection close to the front of our house. We don't mind but our neighbor let me know he saw three young men walking quite close to our house early the other morning and wanted to know if we wanted help in putting up a fence. BigD said he isn't interested and that as long as they aren't bothering anything, he doesn't care. I don't know if he was still walking through here before Bri did all the yard work for us in getting rid of "most" of the poison ivy and underbrush back there but I did notice how nice it felt under the trees back there. Hmmm - Wonder what it would take for Bri to really clean it out back there and maybe put down something and make a little reading/meditating/sitting area for me during the Spring and Autumn? Right now there is nothing really growing (except for some determined poison ivy) and I'm not sure anything would - I like to picture thick moss for this area.  BigD is going to get Bri to come over in the next few weeks to clean out from under the house and I'm going to have him get rid of some more underbrush and fallen limbs from Irene.  I would like to keep it looking like there is some kind of plan to the "natural area". As so often happens when I'm blogging, I got hungry enough that I stopped long enough to throw together the pasta dish Rie taught me.
It gets better every time I make it and even BigD ate a little bit of it today. That just goes to show you how bare our cupboard is because he rarely eats pasta without meat in the sauce. I wish I could report that I'm feeling better but alas - that isn't so. Leah reminded me how long it took me to get over the cough I had awhile back. I guess the BigC is affecting my health in ways I never thought of. I am happy to report I am taking my Garlic regularly and really trying hard to remember my vitamins. I guess I'll call my GP tomorrow so he can refer me to that ENT he mentioned since I'm entering my third week. I enjoyed listening to the meeting today and what a wonderful provision but it really isn't the same as being with everyone. Nate did a great job on his talk and the WT was wonderful.  Gail and Wm. both called me to check on me after the meeting and that was nice.  I also got the following
picture from Shen showing me her new hair cut. I really, really like it. I miss her........I also got a text message from Eileen saying there wasn't any real damage at her place on the Island (EI) but lots of debris. There were several trees down on the street but none around her little cottage.

Friday, August 26, 2011

An icon has turned 81 years old.....

By extension, icon is also used, particularly in modern culture,in the general sense of symbol — i.e. a name, face, picture, edifice or even a person readily recognized as having some well-known significance or embodying certain qualities: one thing, an image or depiction, that represents something else of greater significance through literal or figurative meaning.
I feel sorry for any woman who doesn't recognize who this is - even though he turned 81 years old yesterday; Sean Connery is still looking pretty good.  The first movie I remember seeing him in was Goldfinger which was released in 1965.  We ran into BigD's cousin while on a date and he had seen it and told us we had to go see it.  He even insisted on going with us right then and he was right - we loved it as much as he did - and James Bond.  The James Bond movies took movies to a different level - some for the good and some for the bad but they are all pretty entertaining.   As handsome
as he was as a young man, I have found him to be more attractive as an older man - with or without a wig and with or without a beard.  I guess you could say he is a man's man.  One of my favorite of his interviews was when he was asked about his roll in "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", and he said he had no idea what the movie was about.  So basically, he shows up, gets into the character they give him (or he already IS that character) and says his lines and gets paid. Hello.  Like my Mom and Dad - I love movies - all kinds of movies.  I love the really oldies and the new sci-fi with over the top special effect ones.  I love musicals, comedies, drama, mystery, westerns - I even love some animated movies.  I love reading a good book and then seeing the movie and comparing them.  I love watching this man in movies and hope he is doing well in his beloved Scotland.  Oh Yeah - I also love him in his kilt.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First day of Fifth Grade!!!!

Leah sent me the pictures she took of Page yesterday.  According to Leah, she had a great first day of school.  She is changing classes among three teachers this year which will prepare her for middle school next year. NO - can't even let myself think about that. One day at a time......
Click on the picture twice to see it close up.  I love her hair - it looks so cute on her. Leah said she didn't let it get as dry and used a little setting lotion on it and when she pulled the little curlers out, Page was like - "this is ridiculous". I love what I call her "Wally" comments. She sounds just like her Papa when she says things like that! One of my favorite men so it always makes me smile. When Leah asked her if anyone at school noticed her hair, she said in an offhand way - "yeah - they all liked it". I love that she isn't caught up in the "keeping up with other girls" syndrome and hopefully she will walk right past that.  Our goal is to keep her a happy, secure, productive, goal oriented young woman who doesn't have to become something else to be happy with herself.  Can't wait to see her next weekend for the shower....

the world keeps turning the sun keeps burning ........

In other words - time marches on.  One of the bloggers I follow said "around the sun 7 times" in reference to her son having his 7th birthday. I've never thought of it that way before but it sure puts things into perspective doesn't it?  I got over 10 hours sleep last night - hoping that means I'll be feeling much better soon.  Then as I was pouring myself a cup of tea (the gift Ann gave me at the beach) I looked out the window and there was my hubby's niece in the driveway!  The one I wrote about yesterday!
What a really nice surprise! She looks great as always and I think she is really enjoying her retirement. Her younger sister had called BigD this morning and told him we were all getting together at GG's tomorrow night. It turns out GG had a fall in the house yesterday and her face got pretty banged up. Everyone worries about GG living alone now so I think we all just want to be with her to make sure she is really okay. Alease and I got caught up and bemoaned the fact that we both would like to be living in a trailer at the coast right now but hubbies just aren't on-board with that idea yet. Of course they are evacuating the coast right now because Hurricane Irene is heading for our coastline. I showed Alease my new Medicare Card I got in the mail a few weeks ago. Neither one of us can believe it! She is almost a year younger than I am - she started to school before she turned 6 and I started to school a few months before I turned 7. She was always the youngest and used to hate it but has decided it isn't so bad now. Hope I feel better by tomorrow night so I can enjoy everyone. Sweet Roseanne called today to see how I'm feeling - wish I could say much better but my hearing is getting tres' strange.  I've had to pop my ears several times to hear at all so guess the fluid behind the ear drum is correctomundo. Waiting for her to call me back so we can have our Family Study together over the phone. Oh - and the tea was delicious - great blend and I know it tasted so much better because of my sweet little pot and cups.  As a matter of fact, I think I'll make me some more before Roseanne calls.  Hope you all have a lovely rest of the day......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A year ago today, Bentley had his heart surgery and came through it with flying colors.  I emailed him today to let him know I remembered and was so happy that was behind him.
Today is also the 43rd wedding anniversary of my dear friend and niece by marriage and her hubby. We all graduated from high school the same year and at times, it seems like just yesterday. At others, it seems forever ago.
Especially when I look at this picture taken last year in May at a wedding we all attended. (If I posted this picture last year - don't worry about it - I'm not). This is her family - her hubby, three beautiful daughters, two son-in-laws, a granddaughter and a grandson. She finally retired earlier this year and we keep talking about getting together but so far - life has gotten in the way of that. Maybe soon we will find the time to sit down, have a glass of wine and really get caught up. In the meantime, I'm very happy for her retirement - she has been doing some fun things she had put off for long enough.
I also wanted to share a few of the pictures I.T. and Mae's grandson's wife sent us of their little girl who is 3 1/2 now. Isn't she pretty? Such a good combination of her Mom and Dad. All the young families are growing up around us. I can't believe Page started the 5th grade today.  According to Leah, she was pretty happy.  A picture is supposed to be coming soon.  Hope the 5th grade is her best grade yet!
Boy also started Kindergarten today! I hope he had a wonderful day too. I left a message for his Mom asking about him. I'm sure he did much better than she did. :) Keith came by to see me this afternoon.  It was so sweet of him to check up on me - I really appreciated the visit.  Stayed home today - slept until 10:30 or so and was ready for a nap around lunch time.  Hope I start feeling better soon.  I've decided I've got to listen to my body this time - I've pushed against the goads for over a week and a half and feel just as bad now as when it all started. Hmmm - could I be getting a little smarter?  Naaahhh - I just feel too bad to do anything else.  But - tomorrow is another day and maybe it will be the beginning of me feeling better. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet......

I feel the sky tumbling down ....not really. For those who don't know it yet, people here felt some of the earthquake that was centered about 150 miles north of us. Leah and Kurt both felt it - her at her office and him where he was installing a security system 3 hours away. He said he heard it too and that it was strange. I thought BigD had said he felt it but when he heard me tell someone that, he said that he didn't feel it. I think we didn't feel it because we were both driving at the time. Been another interesting week so far. Still feel lousy, been taking naps AND sleeping at night! What's up with that? Usually if I catnap for even 15 minutes during the day, I can't sleep at all that night. I did enjoy working with Jami, Savana and Jon this morning. I was their new "play thing" and really enjoyed my time with them very much. I stayed out almost all day yesterday and fell asleep as soon as I got home and sat down. Even though I slept last night, I was beat this morning - plus my ear and throat still hurt. I called my GP and they worked me in right after lunch. I met with the PA who asked me how I felt about a student checking me out. Both of them examined me and said the infection was clearing up. They both felt there might be fluid behind my ear drum. When I told the PA how bad I feel - especially how tired I am now, she asked me if my cancer specialist had explained that I would feel more exhausted and worn out with things like this from now on and I'm like - No? So then they went and got my doctor who made me keep popping my ears (while he was examining the bad one) until the one that hurts finally popped too (took about three or four tries). He too feels there is fluid behind that ear drum but wants me to take Advil (3 at a time) for the pain and if I don't get better in a few days, he wants to refer me to an ENT specialist to see if there is something going on further down in my throat. WOW - not what I expected at all. Was thinking the Cipro ear drops weren't working and they would give me oral antibiotics. The good news the Cipro has been working but not on the pain. The other good news is I have lost a little over 20 lbs (gained a few on vacation) and he was happy about that. He stressed that he could tell I don't feel good at all but to control the pain, get more rest and let it run its course....whatever - IT - is. And that folks is why they call it "practicing" medicine.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ear infection ---- who would have thunk it?

BigD decided he wanted to go with me to my regularly scheduled Oncology appointment yesterday.  One of the nice things about this group is that unless your numbers are different, you get to see one of the PA's or ANP's. It was nice to see Katie yesterday - she is such a sweet young woman. After talking for a bit, she examined me - starting with my head and ear since I told her how bad I have been feeling.  An ear infection! Really? Color me surprised - I have never had an ear infection! We always felt fortunate that neither one of our children had ear infections back when a lot of kids were getting tubes put in their ears. At least I now know what is wrong. She said it was affecting my throat, sinuses and causing the bad headaches. She prescribed Cipro ear drops and told me to be sure and use them all and to continue with
Advil for the pain and discomfort. We talked about my "bite" episodes and she told me she had seen a patient the day before with the same story.  She confirmed that my lymphoma has affected my immune system and since I already attracted biting insects and the reactions were already strong, it would be reasonable to think the lymphoma is making it worse.  I told Katie about my "home remedy" and we both laughed.  She also asked me about my weight loss and I assured her it was on purpose! She wanted to know why I think the new WW program is much better now. While she was out of the room getting a prescription for the Cipro, we overheard the doctors outside our room discussing one of the doctor's patient. One of them asked if the doctor wanted to continue with the course of treatment he was using or did he want to try something new. It made us feel good that they discuss the patients with each other. We could also hear the concern in their voices for the patient. The good news is my own numbers were good again so I'm good to go for 4 more months! I told Katie I had asked the nurse who drew my blood why my BP is always high when I come to them and it isn't when I go to my other doctor and how she and the other nurses laughed and said every one's BP is high when they come here.  I asked Katie why they said that and she said because no matter how many times they get a good report, sub-consciously - they are waiting for the other shoe to drop. That once you hear the "C" word in connection with your own body, you don't necessarily think about it every day but it is always there - in the background. Things that make you go hummmmm.  On a side note - my good friend Eileen called to see what was going on and could not believe I had an ear infection because she had just had one the week before.  She had ended up in ER with it and they gave her antibiotic ear drops too.  She told me it would take three days before I feel better but we were both amazed that neither of us had ever had an ear infections before and now at this age....  I told Page last night when she called that I still think it might be a virus going around. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

And that's why they call it the blues.......

That's me tonight or I guess I should say this morning.  Here it is almost 5am and I haven't slept a wink.  As a rule, I enjoy listening to the Blues---Etta James, BB King, Ray Charles, and the list goes on.....Not sure why I've got the blues but finally gave it up and accepted that I do.  Maybe because I came home from a great vacation and got sick and have felt rotten all day. Maybe because the vacation is over and my babies are all gone again.   Maybe because I can't sleep and have a doctor's appointment with my specialist tomorrow and have some things I want to discuss with him.  Whatever the reason or reasons - I've got them.  If it wasn't so late and BigD is sleeping, I would crank up the music and wallow in my own little pity-party.  Since it is almot 5am, I don't know whether I should try to sleep a few hours and feel even worse or just stay up and try to get a nap.  Either way - my sleep pattern is really messed up now.  Maybe if I take 3 more Advil it will help my head stop hurting long enough to get a few hours before my doctor's appointment.  Yep - that is what I'm gonna do - and I'm also going to keep calling it the blues - sounds much better than that other word - depression. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

It is official - the vacation is over......

Thought I would add a few more pictures to end the vacation. Stayed home today for two reasons - one being the load after load of laundry that still isn't completed and the other --- I think I'm getting sick! Yep - it started yesterday in my ear but now the ear and my throat hurts every time I swallow.  I can't remember the last sore throat I had.  I'm so hoping that it is "peaking" tonight and will be better tomorrow.
Leah has a knack for getting some really great pictures of Princess Miya. The cats really did well this year but my Miya is wiped out. She has been sleeping ever since we got home. I like the shot of her and Hiro in the travel crate together.
Every time we looked outside, Page2 was climbing the poles on the porch. She got really good at it and it brought back memories to Page1 of her doing the same thing when she was young. Even though the week started off with "potty-room" issues requiring us to visit the other cottage often, it was taken care of pretty quick.
Kurt got some great pictures of Leah with Miya sleeping on a towel beside her. Leah took some shots of Page with her hair curled after we got the car packed. It was the first time Leah had seen me use the little curlers on it and she was pleased with the results. Of course, it doesn't last a long time but it is a nice change for her. The trip home had to be rushed at the last minute so we could get Page to the airport. After BigD and Kurt meeting us in the parking lot of Dick's Sporting Goods so we could get her suitcase, I got her to the airport at 3pm to catch a 4pm flight home. Long story short - there were many delays resulting in her having to catch another plane that was also delayed and it just isn't possible to put the whole story down but she got home in the early AM hours. This has been happening quite a bit lately and I know it must be getting real old. Leah and Kurt had to go by Kurt's office to get his work orders for today.  Their oldest cat - Vincent - had really missed Leah and kept trying to get as close to her last night as possible (in the bed).
She sent me this picture today showing how Vincent missed catching the sheets last night but not her arm. Ouch! Sweet Vincent - he is getting so old. SO - guess I'll go put another load in and maybe gargle with warm salt water.  Vacation is over....................color me sad.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Vacation pictures -----

Happy to say I haven't been on the computer too much so will just put up a few more collages of our vacation that is almost OVER!
It seems like the days have been racing past and when Ann, Boy and Biscuit pulled out early this morning there was sadness all around. We so enjoyed being with them and the kids all got along really well. How am I going to make it without my Biscuit and Boy smooches? I guess I will have to "settle" for Page2's sweet hugs and kisses.  Ann treated all the girls and the kids to a great lunch in Beaufort - one of our favorite places. Then she took all the kids home to play and do crafts while we shopped a little bit. To be honest, it was hot, hot, hot - so we didn't shop for too long.
Funny Beaufort story - we were getting ready to enter a store we normally go to when a nice looking young man sitting on the steps said, "They are having a free wine tasting down the hall" so we are like - OKAY! At this point, anything to go into air conditioning - plus wine. Oh yeah! We all walked into this tiny little shop and who should walk in right behind us but the young man! LOL We were all talking and laughing and finally it got to where every time he poured us a tiny little taste, he would pour himself one too! When I told him the one I liked and was buying - he said, "thank you very much" and I said "NO - you aren't saying it right - say it again but with a lower pitch" So we did that a few times until Page and Leah finally got my attention by showing me a flyer advertising a show this weekend in another little town nearby featuring Elvis impersonators and guess who one of them was? Yep - that's right - I'm standing there telling an Elvis impersonator how to say "thank you very much." But HEY - I actually lived the Elvis generation - this young man probably wasn't an twinkle in his Daddy's eye back then.
I mentioned I would post some pictures of just a few of the gifts that were shared during the week - including the very special necklaces (and Page's earrings to match) Ann gave Page and Leah, the sock puppets Leah made the kids along with the whale shirt and hair clips for Biscuit, soaps, two summer scarves I picked up in Durham at Vaguely Reminiscent for Leah and Page a few weeks ago, earrings for everyone including the ones that matched the bracelet Ann had bought herself and myself (I've been looking at the handmade earrings of the forest for awhile and decided to gift myself - along with the green scarf you see hanging on my mirror. The dragonfly tea set? Yeah - that was a gift to me from Ann - how special is that???!!!! She also gave me tea to go with it. Jessie gave me the little bobble ladybug that is designed to sit on the dash of our cars.  I felt strongly they would like the scarves but for the most part like waiting to see what everyone picks for themselves and then I can just purchase it for them. Page told me that Ann had bought herself a bracelet so all I had to do was buy the earrings that matched it. Leah brought everyone special  preserves and we dug into some of them.  The strawberry/rhubarb and peach were both the bomb!  I've been using my dragonfly cup Page bought me when she came home for the family reunion - I love it as well as the great bag she got me.
Biscuit has been slapped by Princess Miya before but she was determined they were going to be friends and these pictures show how her perseverance finally paid off! At least for a little bit. I will have to admit that Miya has been sleeping all day since they pulled out. Such a funny cat but I do love her.

Today actually wasn't as hot as the others have been and was a bit overcast. Page1 and I sat on the dock for awhile reading (I finished my yearbook - whoo hoo) and then sat on the porch with the fan blowing. It actually felt pretty good with the strong breeze and there were even a few sprinkles of rain. Leah, Page2 and BigD went fishing for a short period of time earlier - until they ran out of minnows. The only one who caught anything was Page2. You can imagine how excited she was to catch another SHARK! BigD took a long nap and then decided to go ahead and get the boat out of the water. He let Page2 ride with him and even drive the boat until they reached the channel. Kurt, Leah, Page1 and Page2 went swimming this evening. I thought I was taking pictures but it was short videos. We ordered pizza from Roma's and they were pretty good. Leah and Kurt have gone to the movies, BigD is snoring, Page and Page2 have gone back to get ready for bed and I'm not going to be far behind them. We made the decision today that we will stay the entire week BUT will be packed and ready to roll when we get up Sunday morning. Page has to catch a flight home and Kurt has to meet with his boss regarding his jobs on Monday. Vacation is a l m o s t over! Color me sad.
PS - Leah just got home and informed me that is NOT Miya with Biscuit - it is her brother - Hiro. She died laughing at the idea that Miya allowed Biscuit to put a blanket over her. Oh well.... I could dream.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hump Day winding down........

Everyone has had their showers, the kids are calming down, the adults are relaxing and all of a sudden - BAM - Kurt catches a nice Flounder off the dock in front of our house.  He came to the door like a little boy almost shaking so of course, we all grabbed our cameras and ran out to see it.
Yeah - what could be a better way to end a Hump Day? Oh - I know - BigD is chopping up the cabbage and carrots for his wonderful coleslaw and getting ready to put chickens on the grill for his famous BBQ Chicken, Creamed Potatoes and Cole Slaw! Whoo Hoo.....

Hump Day of Vacation OVER half-way over.......:(

Page1, Leah and Ann took Biscuit, Boy and Page2 to the beach today. Thankfully, the guy with the "honey wagon" had come and gone and we now can use all the water we want - within reason. BigD and Kurt worked on Mae's AC at her cottage and BigD finally found the part he needed to fix it. We are so happy we had a place to "go" but are glad that is over and now the people who come down next week will have water AND AC at both places. My sister Ruth called a little later to say they were on their way home. Her daughter had decided she had been away from her little boy long enough and wanted to get home to him. I'm sorry they couldn't come tonight but she made me promise we would call her and her hubby the next time we have BBQ chicken at home.
The girls have been combed, braided, dressed and slathered with sun screen.
Leah called to let me know they wouldn't be in the regular place if I did come down. It now costs $10 to park in the lot so they drove down toward Fort Macon. The ocean was very rough - lots of sand and little shells.
Some girls were busy, busy, busy and others were r e l a x e d. Even thought it hasn't been as hot today as the others, it is still HOT.
Every one's bathing suit was full of sand and little shells. Leah said when a wave would recede - it would look like they all had diapers on. Boy was telling his Mom that he was done and Leah was wondering if she would ever get all the sand, grit and shells out of Page2's hair. When they got back, she put Page2 under the outside shower and poured conditioner in her hair - we can still see it there though. Oh well - isn't that part of being at the beach? It is a little after 5pm, the first pitcher of margaritas has been made and poured, and the girls and Kurt are outside watching the babies play in the "clean" water of the pool.  Glad I got the pool cleaned out and filled most of the way up before they got back.  We need to empty it and blow it back up a little tighter before tomorrow. I might just have to have a small margarita myself.  It's 5 o'clock somewhere --- and after 5 o'clock HERE! Where is that salt?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Already Tuesday night of our VACATION.....

Not going to write very much but wanted to share just a few of the pictures we took today.  It was HOT again but Leah, Kurt and BigD went fishing after a breakfast of homemade sausage and cheddar cheese biscuits. Yum.  Why is it coffee tastes so much better at the coast? Anyway, the kids played in the pool for awhile and then came back in to play. It was HOT!
They also caught a small shark! Of course Boy and Page2 had a ball with that once they got over their fear. Check out the picture of boy swimming the little things in the nasty pool! Yeah - we have emptied the pool and it will have nice clean water in it tomorrow.
I love this picture of the kid's feet. I'm sure we will have one to show of my girl's feet at the beach later. I think they are planning to go there tomorrow and thankfully, they are calling for only upper 80's for the high tomorrow.
Feeding the gulls. The ducks ran away when Biscuit came running out on the dock. Hmm - wonder why?
Pretty Biscuit helping Kurt cool off after his fishing trip.  It has been so nice getting to know her and Boy all over again.  She has taken a real liking to Kurt and Leah.  She may only be 2.5 years old but believe me when I tell you she can hold her own - with anybody!
Page1 and I enjoyed a nice glass of KJ in the glasses Fran brought me last year. Wine always tastes better in a special glass doesn't it?
It was a little cloudy while we were on the dock and as soon as we came back to the porch (with a fan blowing on us)we got to actually see the sun set across the water on the lovely houses over there. We had a nice breeze on the dock and the fan gave us one on the porch! Whew.
Page2 holding her precious Hiro. He has been such a good boy down here. He seems to have gotten used to being here quicker this year. He even let me rub him quite a bit earlier today on the bed.
Of course Miya thinks any house she is in belongs to her so she has no issues at all.
Biscuit has been busy keeping us in her "homemade cookies". Look at the little glove and spatula. Her Mom has promised her a nice little "kitchen" to use her pan, spatula, glove and magnetic cookies in when she is potty trained. Go Biscuit! I called Ruth and let her know the water situation here isn't fixed yet so it will be tomorrow that they will come to dinner and we have BBQ chicken and the fixings. Ann and Leah made a run to Dairy Queen after dinner and we just finished our Mini-Blizzards and are watching Galaxy Quest - Ann has never seen it so we are enjoying watching her watch it. :)  more to come....

Winding down last night -----

The kids went back out to the pool to play a while longer.  It was a winding down kind of playing in the water.  Then Boy and Page decided to feed the gulls.
I talked to Mae this morning - am so sorry she and Judi weren't able to come down. The center picture of Boy talking to BigD while he is putting bait on his hook made me think of Lee when he was a boy down here. We were trying to figure out how old he was the first time I was down with the family and we think he was around 7 years old. They had a screen door then and that door didn't stop opening and shutting the whole time with him running in and out - checking the crab pots, fishing, swimming (there was a little beach here then) and having fun as only a little boy can!
So ends our first full day of vacation. A nice glass of wine while watching the sun set, the gulls looking for a few more scraps of bread, a fisherman and his dog gliding past on their boat, and Kurt crashing after a long hot day of fishing (and a few bourbons). The BEST news of last night - I SLEPT LIKE A LOG!!!! I woke up around 7:30 for a few seconds and then Princess Miya woke me around 8:30 which was great because BigD had cooked some of our delicious home made sausage and Ann had gone out to pick up Cheddar Biscuits to go with them. YUM....and our second full day begins.  I'm excited because my sister Ruth, her daughter and granddaughter are down at Ruth's place at EI and are coming for dinner tonight.  We are having BigD's famous BBQ chicken!  more to come.......

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8th......Ann, Biscuit and Boy have arrived......

We had steaks, taters with onions and green peppers and blue cheese dressing for those who wanted it along with Leah's mushrooms for dinner last night.  YUM.  Everyone was in bed by around midnight or a little after and I was awake from about 1:30AM u n t i l.....Yep one of those nights - never went back to sleep. I did finish another Sigrid book- now working on the next one.  This is a picture of the hardback but I've been reading them in paperback. I gave Kurt the ones I've read and he plans to read them too. Page2 decided she would sleep with me last night and the only real difference other than being in a different place was the bed was a full size instead of a queen size. BIG difference evidently. Princess Miya was totally agitated - she wanted to lay between us but that meant that Page2 was too close - so she would go partially under the cover and see Page2's leg and look at me, look at the leg, look at me - oh my.  It went on all night long. SO tonight Page2 will be with Page1 and Miya will be with me.  Hopefully that means I'll SLEEP!  Here it is after 7pm and I'm still wide awake - don't ask me how. Jen, Boy and Biscuit got here around lunch time and we were all so happy to see them. I was heading out to the grocery store when she pulled in so I didn't really get to visit until I got back. Of course she gave us all lovely gifts and she went WAY over the top for mine. She has a talent - a gift - for picking just the right gift for each person. That means she tries to not only give things she loves but things she hopes others will love too. Since I LOVE her taste in all things - she can't go wrong with me. Such a special young woman and one of my "girls" in so many ways. I'll share pictures of the "gifts" later.  We had a few things for her too.  She gave Page2 this cute little gift that partners with Boy's - they both have such wonderful imaginations and we know they will have many hours of make-believe together with these.
As usual, they fell right into the rhythm of their life-long friendship we hope will last forever. Leah had to purchase a new pool - someone moved the one she stored from last year and it had a tear in it. Bummer. This one isn't as big but it was big enough for me and Kurt to enjoy for a bit. A very little bit.
Then more "kids" joined us and Leah helped me UP and OUT of the pool. I'm still trying to decide who the biggest kid in the "pools" was this afternoon.
Yeah - I think we can all see who that is - right? I love him and his freedom of expression.
Leah took these pictures of BigD with our small beach umbrella. He wanted to tie some lures and fish a bit but it has been SO hot here today - he decided to be "smart". He and Kurt went fishing earlier and were gone much longer than I thought they would have been considering the heat. They caught one flounder - 18inches. He caught another one off the dock but it wasn't big enough to keep. Being out on the water so long was one reason Kurt "needed" the pool.  Boy and Page are back in the little pool, BigD is making spaghetti sauce, I'm having my second glass of wine and I'm listening to my babies laughing and talking on the other side. I'm also watching the sun casting shadows over the water and dock and am getting ready to take what's left of my wine to go out and watch the sun set. More to come......

August 7th, 2011 - Let the good times begin..... or not....

Not matter how hard to try to be super organized and ready to do - I fail, fail, fail every year.  When it is just me going somewhere - I seem to do so well but include others and I'm totally discombobulated.  After a shaky start - with me being in the bathroom trying to not cry out loud because I thought I had lost the key I.T. gave me years go to let me know he and E thought of me as family - I was told the key had been found in exactly the place I put it and we were almost good to go.
Poor Princess Miya and Hirohito - they must thinks we are nuts. They really got along so well in the carrier and I think they traveled much better this way than in separate carriers. The ride down was nice - not too much traffic and none of the rain BigD had anticipated even though we were super prepared for it.
Yeah - this is how hot and HUMID it was when we got here. We have to wipe the lens of the cameras of every time we take a picture outside. BUT - we are HERE!
BigD and Kurt took Page with them to put the boat into the water and Page rode in the boat with Grandaddy - she looks like such a big girl in her new Coast Guard approved life preserver for when she is on the boat. She was tres' excited because he opened it up a little (to her a lot) on the way back. We all unpacked and made our beds and were resting but very soon after we arrived, we realized we were having a bathroom issue with the "flushing of the throne".
How do you like my "new earrings"? Actually - the round one is a nice green earring - Leah gave me the "pair" awhile back and BigD told me one had come off in his truck. HOWEVER - he never could find it after that. The other one is from a "pair" Roseanne gave me from down here a few years back - and I KNOW I have the other one but couldnt' find it so decided to make a pair. My girls were raising their eyebrows a little and I told them - "Hey, if Jack Sparrow can do it - so can I"! I like them. Have always hoped I would know how to step outside the box if needed.