Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three wonderful days....

Wow - got out in service Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - I'm back..... It was tough at first; especially climbing one hill but I did it! I did walking territory and then return visits. Keith and Cellus worked with us Tuesday morning and that was a special treat! This picture doesn't do it justice but this was a very large praying mantis sitting on a householder's driveway in the sun. You could tell his end was coming soon but it truly was one of the biggest I've ever seen. I went out to Bahama to visit Mae and have my car cleaned real good by Bry - he is so sweet! Sadly, when I drove up to the farmhouse, I found a dead hen. It turns out a chicken hawk got her! Bry was so upset and angry (she was a pet to the whole family) he borrowed Mae's 22 Rifle to try to kill the hawk. Since he had never handled a gun before, Mae and I were explaining how it worked, etc., and when he went outside (we both laughed about two old women explaining to someone how to shoot a gun. He didn't think he hit the hawk but he scared it off. It was so good to be with Mae again and a special treat was when her baby boy visited for a bit! Life was feeling quite good by Wednesday night when I walked in the territory much easier.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Service, studies, rain, mushrooms........

I love mushrooms - especially the unique ones we see from time to time. There are a lot of mushrooms out right now because of all the wet days we have been having.I noticed these at the KH yesterday when I met the group for service. I used to find brilliant colored ones growing on trees when we had real woods behind us. Sad. Today Ger and I went on Shen's study and her little girl Lynn was on the porch with us. It was cool enough for us to sit oustide on the covered porch for the study and I took a picture of Shen and Lynn.It was so funny because we finally got through catching up and Lynn went inside when we got started on the study. In a few minutes, she came back outside. It took me awhile to realize she had changed clothes so I asked her, did you want me to re-take the picture of you in this outfit and she shly said yes so I had her pose again. This little girl loves to dress herself and definitely has her own style.I loved it - she said this is the outfit I wore my first day to school. What a sweetie. Then we picked up a quick lunch and I was dropped off at my second study. I wanted to get a few pictures of the boys but they didn't really want to pose and Ger was outside waiting for me. I'll try to get a better one of them next time.This is Syn - the baby. They are very close in age but different. Syn is 9 months old and I think Try is a little over 2 years. Mama has gone back to work and they are dealing with how to best take care of the boys while everyone's schedule is helter-skelter.These pictures really don't do them justice - they are both beautiful. Try had thick, long, curly wild hair that every woman I know would kill for. Try is a typical 2 year old and according to his Mom, seems to enjoy his day care. Syn on the other hand isn't as happy - still young and at the age where he likes to be held a lot. He is delicious to hold and they both have beautiful bright eyes and smiles! Can't wait to see them get older. Poor Fina - two boys so close in age - whew. The reason women should have children while they are still young!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jury duty over - let the fishing begin....

Big D called and was excited to say the verdict had been reached, make sure his clothes were clean and ready to go. He is going down to Morehead for a big fishing weekend that is called the Reel Escape. A friend of his sponsored this event every year for quite awhile; inviting his customers to go fishing while providing them the boat, bait, free lodging and great meals. Big D and his friend's brother helped him but after Big D's surgery, it got to be too much and he stopped doing it for awhile. His friend is retired now but invited some of those customers who enjoyed it for another Reel Escape with them carrying their own load. Big D got tired of hearing how pretty the weather and good the fishing was and had to go. Hope it turns out to be all he hopes it to be. I had to get a picture of him before he left in the new shirtPage brought him from Atlanta this past weekend. It is similar to another one she bought him and I love them on him. The color is perfect for his eyes and coloring and he says they are really comfortable. Page is so good at guessing people's sizes and styles - it's amazing. Oh, I almost forgot - the verdict was guilty. Funny thing - last night he asked me how to spell guilty so I spelled it several times. Then I asked, "Do you want to know how to spell innocent?" He said, "No, I'll just put "not" in front of it!" :-) He doesn't know what the sentence will be but hopes it isn't too bad - circumstances were strange.


Woke up early to the noise of Big D opening the closet door looking for the new shirt Page bought him from Atlanta - he wanted to wear it to jury duty today. He wore the other one yesterday. :-) Even though he was hoping they wouldn't call him, I think he is enjoying it somewhat. I went back to sleep and woke up at 10:00AM!!!! Wow - that is late for me. My normal clock isn't good for real world activities so I'm constantly trying to get back in-sync with what I need to do. I think it was good for me though because I can honestly say I feel a little better this morning. It was also nice to not have anything I had to do (other than wash some clothes for Big D to take fishing). I took my first cup of coffee, the crossword puzzle and comics onto the deck. Someone had mentioned I should sit in the early morning sun to get some Vit D so I thought I would try it.By the time I got out there, there was one little slice of sun shining down where I moved my chair. After finishing the word jumble, comics and puzzle, I just sat for awhile meditating. I decided that no matter how small it may be, if you put soft sunlight, green plants, trees and few left-over flowers together - it can make you feel hmmmm good.I think that is what Roseanne and I loved about England/Wales. They use every opportunity to bring a little piece of nature into their lives. I was looking at Martha Stewart's blog today where she walked over her huge farm in the fog and it was gorgeous but then I thought about the little garden that Rosie had created in the tiny courtyard in front of her cottage in England and how much we enjoyed it every morning - probably just as much as Martha enjoys her many acres. I'll have to admit, I'm not much of a gardner at all. Like so many other things, my talent is how much I can appreciate those who have talent. I also tend to like less manicured areas - which is good because there ain't no manicured look around this tiny little house. There has to be a half-way point somewhere but we definitely haven't reach it! Especially out by the shed and beside the porch where "stuff" has been dropped to accumulate. Like I keep saying, I should have been born rich instead of beautiful so I could afford someone to keep it up!I've been complaining a little about how bedraggled the back yard has become but at least we have some green there now. They cut down so many trees around us and then this past year in our own yard to put a ditch in. We also used to have a huge pine tree right herebeside the old sweetgum tree but it was leaning so far over the house we decided it too had to go. When we first moved here, we were so isolated - there were deep woods behind us and woods between us and the nearest houses. Now there are neighbors all around us who have cut down all the trees and have tons of cars and people and big metal buildings right beside your deck and lights. What's up the lights? Why come to the country if you want to bring lights with you? We don't live in the country anymore. I guess that is what they call progress.......

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The sun'll come out - tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar - or today!!!

Wow, the sun just came out. Too wet to go outside and enjoy it but nice to see anyway. Was planning to meet with the group this afternoon but my study decided to come here which was very nice. Of course, we get to talking and before you know it, it is time for her to pick up her Mom.Big D came in to grab a bite to eat while she was here - he is serving on jury duty today and is on a case. It turns out her brother is on the same jury - small world. After she left, I was editing some pictures Leah let me upload from her camera and I loved this one of them. There were two other people in the picture who were visiting them but I cropped them out for this. Love to see my babies looking happy! Leah took some pictures of Little D to put into a gift for a friend. Some of them were great including this one.It made me remember what a friend said to me years ago when Little D was just a boy. I think all mothers think their children are pretty but I never really thought about it that much because their physical beauty wasn't what I cared about most as I'm sure most mothers feel. She was talking to me about what a sweet little boy he was and then she said, he is going to be some handsome man when he grows up. I thought - Huh? Then I looked at my little boy and said, I guess. But now I see what she was talking about. He did get some pretty good genes from both sides of the gene pool. To me his looks are a combination of my Dad (facial features) and his Bid D's older brother (body shape and size). He has my Dad's eye color who lived in a house with 6 dark-eyed ladies. My youngest sister is the one who alerted me to the fact that I would not be having any brown-eyed babies and she was right - Little D has blue and Page1 has blue/green/gray - depending on what she is wearing or her mood. Page1 is so funny - she has a lazy eyelid that has gotten worse but has chosen to forego the "surgery" necessary to fix it. When she knows you are taking her picture she always says, make sure my eye is open. Or she can just call on her friend Raph (from Belgium) to help out. This is a picture from several years ago when a group went to Raph's parent's chalet in Switzerland. The pictures were wonderful as it was during the off season and you got to see more than snow! I love the ones of Page and her girlfriend laying on an old rustic wooden bridge drinking water from the cold clear water running down the mountain under the bridge.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainy days and "Tuesdays" always get me down.....

I know, I know - it's rainy days and Monday....either way...we are back to dreary after a handful of sunny days. Just got back from the doctor's office - Big D had his physical today. Doctor looked at me and said, I have another physical right now so go to the front and get an appointment to come back today - I want to look at you again. I said, but I thought you said we both had a virus - mine on top of the bronchitis (7th week) and he said, Viruses last 7-10 days - go out there and get appointment and come back. Ja Sir Kapitän! I have an appointment at 1pm this afternoon. I love this t-shirt Page1 bought Page2Little D bought Page a small guitar and is teaching her how to play. She is doing well with it and seems to like it. I hope she takes to it and becomes proficient at it. I also love watching how patient Little D is with her when he is teaching her.I tried multiple times to upload a great video of Little D and Page playing the guitar but it would not upload for some reason. Very frustrating. Hard to believe Page will be 9 years old this coming Friday. Seems like just yesterday she was looking up at me saying "up". Now she is getting so tall - but still isn't too big to sit in granmommie's lap. Since her Aunt Page was still sitting in my lap after she was grown and not feeling well, who knows?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Visit from good friend and bubbles...

Well the weekend has gone by so fast. Seems like the girls just got here and now it is time for them to start packing up to go home. The sun finally came out today and we went on the deck for a few minutes to visit and get a little sun (for me, very few as the skeeters were biting).Page2 got to show off her talents for blowing bubbles!- the camera can't really catch it though. We had a nice visit from Keith who came to see the girls for a few and ate a bite of lunch with them. I love the way Keith has his mouth all puckered up to help her blow. Page2 has always called Keith Mapp! She loves her some Mapp as we all do! He is such a special person - not young man, not young brother, but person! I am happy I have him in my life - he is a good friend. He has so many friends he has to literally "buy out time" to keep up with half of them.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I'm experimenting with my blog (click on the picture). I wasn't sure the lights would come on when you click on the picture or not. Sometimes the site will let me upload a video and the next time - not. Same with scanned pictures - some it will, others it will not. The girls all got in okay and we feasted on the delicious Chinese smorgasbord Page and Big D brought home. Leah and Page2 brought some nice homemade coconut cake. I definitely didn't need that!I have got to get my weight under control but I'm just not there yet. The idea of dieting again is such a turn-off but I don't know what else to do. To be honest, I need to get my life under control again on many levels. Hopefully next week will be a good start. It will take planning and discipline - will just have to do it!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I love that word - I am the epitome of procrastination. Yep - Type A personality all the way. I think about things constantly until they get done, I even work "on" them but seems like I "need" that little bit of push at the end to get me over the hump. I have been working on it and been doing much better staying on top of everything but I have definitely fallen off the wagon when it comes to housework. I have been putting it ALL off as long as I can. I do miss the days when someone came into my home (that was kept nice and straight) and did the "cleaning". Making sure the fans and baseboards were dusted, everything swept, vacuumed, washed, wiped, bathroom and kitchen cleaned, etc., etc., etc..I have a friend that is very organized. (Don't you just love this picture or her and dear hubby? What a handsome couple they are and fun to be with. We have been planning to get down to Florida to visit them for several years now but life keeps getting in the way.) I remember the first time I went to visit her in SC after she got married and moved down there. She was bored because she kept everything so clean and straight there was nothing left to do.That isn't my problem. When my house is in order, give me a book or movie and I'm happy, happy, happy. My Page is a great organizer too. When I broke my arm, she came through here like a tornado and got my closets, drawers, etc all in order. It was so nice. I kept it up for awhile but then life took over and it became overwhelming again. I think my biggest problem lately is I don't feel good. I got so behind with service and working all the time and then I got sick and still feel y u c k y so it is so out of control. (OOPS! There I go whining again - sorry.)Big D doesn't feel well either and we have been doing what we can in "spurts". Page just called to say she was taking the early flight after all and she and Big D are going to pick up Chinese from Page's favorite when he goes to get her at the airport. Leah and Page2 are on their way too so pretty soon We'll have all our girls here with us. Little D is going to call me and we are going to set up our laptops she he can eat with us via webcam. He really wanted to come but he had the pager and the guy who was going to cover for him backed out. I'll get to see him in October so I'm okay - he just hates not getting to see Big D and Page. He plans to come down just for a fishing trip with Big D in the next few weeks or so. Hope it works out.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


All my babies are coming in tomorrow night and I should be sweeping, dusting, and straightening up. Big D just walked in and is going to make me get up from here and get busy. That should be interesting since he feels as bad as I do now. Need motivation when all I really want to do is go back to bed. Especially today because it is rainy. I decided to put something bright and pretty here to keep me from looking out the window at the dreary day.Bed - yum. Hopefully, I will be feeling better by tomorrow night - so t i r e d of feeling yucky and I know everyone is tired of hearing me whine. From what I'm hearing, a lot of people are sick - either colds, flu, stomach viruses, sinus infection and bronchitis that will not go away. The one that is making me the saddest is my sweet sister Ruth - she was supposed to fly to France this past Tuesday - has been planning this wonderful trip with her friends for an art workshop in a small village south of Paris and is home with the flu while her friends are in France. She even put her eye surgery off for this trip and was looking forward to it so much. Hope she feels better soon but I'm sure it will be awhile before she feels better about missing this wonderful adventure she planned. Okay - I need to stop feeling sorry for myself - I could be dealing with what my Ruth is dealing with. I'm going to make myself get up and get busy. Can't wait to see my babies.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cats.......wreak havoc!

Okay, for those who don't know me, I am a Cat Lady. I love me some cats and have had so many it's hard to remember them all. Of course, every so often there comes along a "special" cat. Barney, Oreo, Bruiser(Tripod), K.C., Charlie, Max, Vincent, and so many more. Now I have Miya (Princess Miya Chula Yum-Yum) and she is unique. She will be two years old in November.Oh yeah - she definitely thinks she is a princess. I got her through Little D who adopted her brother, Hiro (Hirohita Tadashi). I wanted an Asian name for her and looked on-line for famous female Japanese artists. I found three, one musician, one potter and one sculpturer in steel and they all had the name Miya (Mee-yah). Little D wanted me to name her Princess Pei Pei so I used the Princess and Bentley did a lot of research about Siamese cats and from that research he and Page put together the Chula Yum-Yum. I used to collect unique pottery and bought one piece that was so pretty and a one of a kind design and color. Charlie decided it had to go since it was blocking her way across the top of the chest to jump up into the top of my closet so I came from work one day and there it was in many little colorful pieces. After Charlie died, our circumstances had changed so we didn't get another cat for quite awhile before I had to have Miya. Of course, Little D's Max was everyone's favorite and we lost him recently as mentioned previously.I used to have lots of art and doo-dads that had to do with cats. One was a unique little pair that Page2 love to play with when she came. So I had a deja vu moment today - I found the male cat on the floor - victim to Miya wanting to get to the top of the chest so she evidently knocked it off the window sill. At least it was something I bought in an antique shop and wasn't anywhere near as expensive as my unique pottery.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Leah gave me some seeds several years ago to plant but I never got around to planting them. Her Mom had planted them and evidently they develop into something really nice.I've learned over the years that 99.9% of the things we have planted in our yard DIES! We have two really old Azaleas we planted in the front of the house - my Mom went into the woods beside my house and dug some nice rich dark earth to put in the holes with them. We planted one small rose bush out back the year we moved here that blooms a few roses every year in spite of the fact we forget it is there. Everything else dies within a year or two. We planted two vegetable gardens, did everything just so and all we got was plants with flowers, never any veggies except little skinny peppers. I even bought two Earth Boxes to plant tomatoes in and it was pathetic. Leah was determined I was going to have one of the wonderful plants so when she brought me all these gorgeous flowers to plant in containers on my deck that she and her Mom bought for me and brought along some more of the seeds. She planted them under my two nice iron trellises. That was this past Spring. I just noticed looking out my office window that there are some pretty purple blooms on the one that kind of survived.I had to put it here so she can see for herself that her labors were not a total waste! My flowers this year were so pretty. I didn't do as well as I should have in getting them all watered in a timely manner but most of them survived the hot summer. They are looking a little bedraggled now but I will let them stay in the pots and keep watering them as long as one tiny little bloom might pop up to make me smile.I got to see Leah's flowers when we were up there as a family in May and they were beautiful. I wish I couldn convince Big D to put a faucette out back so it would be easier to water all of them properly and quickly. I so appreciate that my girls have made sure the deck looks nice during the summer. Year before last, I did it on my own and did pretty good. As usual, I bought too many and then worked my self to death watering all year. So again, my talent as always is appreciating other's talents - not mine. Thanks Leah. (If you click on the pictures, you can get a better look at them)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a few more from the lovely party this past Saturday..

Some friends sent more pictures and I just had to share. You have to remember, my babies all live away from me and this is one way they keep up with me. It is also much better than sending tons and tons of pictures through email. I had to share one "hootchie mama" outfit Lauren got.Actually she got quite a variety of items and for the most part, they are going to be used a lot. I could tell she had a good time and was relaxing a little. She had a glow about her all evening and knew she was surrounded by those who love her dearly. How could that not make you feel good all over?And of course I need to share one of the beautiful (and delicious) cake the lovely Katarina made.Such talent! Roseanne and I were going to go to the movies on Sunday but all the kids didn't get away until late and she was beat and that was good for me because I was still feeling yucky. I had just put some clothes on and off they came to be replaced by pj's. We had decided to go Monday night but right after I got dressed after being on the computer and phone non-stop all day, she called to say her dear hubby had decided to come home from Charlotte early so we cancelled again. Actually that was good news again because I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold yesterday morning. Hope it is just allergies but either way, feel yucky still.Roseanne and I do love a good movie. We were going to see The Time Traveler's Wife. We might still try to sneak away some time this week. Big D is going fishing down at Outer Banks with his two buds this weekend. He is getting really antsy to go because he hasn't had any jobs to speak of and the weather has gotten cooler. He can almost smell the ocean air. The cool news is his sister is down there with her younger daughter this week so they may get to have dinner together one night. Oh - I wish I was going. Haven't been to Outer Banks in awhile and I'm aching to go. No way. Plan to get out all day tomorrow (health willing), work on Thursday (and hopefully have a study over the phone; then get out on Friday; then work full time the following week and then I am done, done, done. DONE!