Sunday, December 29, 2013

Only two days left of the year 2013 ---- 2014 --- here we come.......

Wow, these past two years have either drug by or flown by - depending on my mood.  Today, it feels like they have flown by.  So many things have happened and yet, here I am - still sitting in this poor old rocking chair that I have almost worn out. It has been cold, windy and raining the past few days but the sky has brightened up and you can almost see some blue in it.  I didn't sleep well at all last night but woke up this morning in time to listen in to the meeting.  I am so happy our meeting time is changing to 1:00pm starting next Sunday. Katarina told me their meeting time is going to 1:00pm for them too starting next Sunday.  That should help me tremendously.  I thoroughly enjoyed being at the meeting this past Thursday night.  There are still quite a few faces I don't recognize but hopefully I will get to know them this coming year.  Matt was the chairman this morning and said the opening prayer. It was such a good prayer.   Jessie called a little bit ago.  She wanted to let me know she is driving down to Florence, SC.  Her Mom has been admitted to the hospital.  It sounds like it is something to do with the stomach and or colon.  Marlan, Briana, KennaKat, Delani and Avery came to visit with me Saturday. The girls drug the big pink bag from the back room into the living room and each one of them picked a little toy to take home with them.  I really need to add some things to the bag since so many things have been picked over.  I also need to clean the junky stuff out of there. 
Marlan has had all of her children with her this weekend.  Here she is with her youngest granddaughter and youngest grandson.  Aren't they too cute?  I could squeeze them both to pieces.  Since none of our children came to town this last month of the year like they usually do, it has been very quiet.  Between Douglas having to work, Jessie having a cold and Kelly needing a break from so much traveling, it just wasn't possible.  At least we got to be together for a short while the end of last month.  We really appreciated that Wally and Carmen brought Page to visit on their way to Wilmington, Myrtle Beach and Florence.  They were planning to stop by on their way back home and we were hoping that maybe they might even be able to spend the night.  That brings me back to Carmen - I'll be worried until I hear from Jessie and that will be later.  I may break down and call Wally before Jessie gets there........I'm sure prayers will be welcomed.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

WOW - Two days in a row!!! Unheard of....

Okay- don't get excited. No big news about anything - just one of those meandering ideas I just had that fell flat, flat, flat.  I thought I would share it so everyone else can have a good laugh too.  I was looking at a Belk's sales flyer that came with the paper this morning. They are having some pretty good sales right now. Then my eyes fell upon them - a pair of 1/2 carat diamond earring studs. Wow - something I have wanted for such a long time. SO - I said to Mr. Dwight - "hey, you know how you were asking what to get for the 48th anniversary and I  said why not another chair? and he said - yeah? I said, they have some 1/2 carat diamond earring studs on sale for the same thing the chair would cost - even a tiny bit cheaper - what do you think? and he told me what he thinks and it wasn't good."  Oh well, a girl can only try.  Now if we get a chair, I will think about those ding dang diamonds every time I look at it. Ding Dang it!!!! LOL  Just kidding. No way I ever expected him to buy anything that expensive for me that wasn't "worth it" and "useful". 
Patsy shared this picture of her MaT that was taken many years ago one Halloween. She is dressed like one of her favorite characters from an old TV show called Hee Haw!  She and PaT lived right beside Patsy when she was growing up so she was very close to them.
Can I say again how excited I am that Patsy is living her dream in this lovely home near the sea? I mean - how many people get to have their biggest dream come true? I know she is grateful every single day for it and I am grateful for it too. 
This is what the road up Terry Mountain to Lora and Elbert's looks like when it snows a little. I used to fly up that road in my little blue VW many, many years ago. They are still living up there and both seem to be doing pretty good.  They will be celebrating their 65th Anniversary next Saturday.
And this is a picture looking out of the little trailer they have up at their place on Hyco Lake. It looks so pretty and green doesn't it?  They have had this place for many, many years and I have very fond memories of some really good times up there when I was much younger.
I will close with this picture of a pillow with a lovely dragonfly on it. As everyone already knows, I love dragonflies but this pillow was so expensive it made me laugh out loud to see what they were asking for it. Plain white cotton on small rectangle of foam with this lovely picture.  I love it but I'm not going to spend that kind of money on something that will get dirty real quick - even though it would look good on my bed. NO!! Stop it!! I'm not going to buy it!!! Will sign off now on this cold and rainy Saturday afternoon.  I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

Friday, December 13, 2013

13th Day, 12th Month of Year 2013 and still counting..

Just haven't felt like blogging for quite some time now.  I was going to try to write on here several days ago on our 48th Anniversary (Dec 10th). I told Kelly we had talked about getting rid of the really old dark green recliner and replacing it with another Lazy-Boy rocker recliner like the one Dwight bought right before I came home from he hospital.  I have almost worn it out since I'm in it all the time now. The latest little "adventure" I've been having is a bad tooth that at times hurts so bad, I literally try to loosen and pull it with my fingers.  Long story short, abscess under the tooth with suspected root fracture. The first antibiotic they put me on did nothing so I am now on a mega antibiotic guaranteed to upset my stomach but should take care of the infection.  I've been referred to an Endodontic Specialist on December 24th to see if something can be done to save the tooth. We had a nice time at the coast the end of last month.  It was nice being with Tony, Jen and the kids.
Tony and Dwight shucked these steamed oysters for a long time and I don't think there were any left over. We hated that Douglas couldn't come down (work) but Jessie and Samantha seemed to enjoy it. We were so happy that Kelly flew up and we all rode down together this time. Even though she had to get to the airport early and then sit on the runway for an hour before even getting in the air, it took her almost as long as it would to have driven it but I still felt better about her flying - especially that weekend.  As busy as it was to fly -it was still better than her being on the highway during one of the most traveled weekends of the year. Marlan picked me up and we went to the movies early today.  We saw - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It was excellent except for the ending - there was NO ending. Just like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, it is to be continued - NEXT year! Arghhh!
 Richard Armitage played the part of Thorin, the Dwarf King and he was gorgeous!!!! It is funny that he plays a dwarf given that he is 6'2" tall.  I was happy to see that Orlando Bloom returned in his role as Legolas, one of the Elves even though he looked so different I kept questioning if it was really him. As Marlan pointed out, he was very young in the last one and has filled out (nicely I might add) now that he is older.  It is always nice to go with Marlan to the movies - but especially these since she has read all the books and can explain a lot about the characters to me. I told her to let me borrow them so I can get caught up. The special effects are really good in this movie. The pictures of the lovely countryside make me want to go back for another visit. Oh well - to be rich - right?  Dwight, JT, Steve and Boyd are having a fish-fry over at Boyd's tonight for supper. Dwight told me today the five of them went in together and purchased lottery tickets to the $400 millions plus lottery. I can only hope we don't win since it would probably destroy our lives. I just don't believe things like that improve people's lives - not to mention it is gambling which I don't believe in either.  So if my kids read this, don't get excited and I'm not happy about it. LOLOLOL When Marlan brought me home, I stood her in front of my refrigerator that is covered with pictures and pointed out to her that 99% of them are of my family and her family with a few odd ones of some of my friend's children. She smiled.  Yeah - we are family - have been for many, many years now.
I had to snap this picture of Miya and Dwight taking a nap. Look at her little arm laying up on his chest, neck and pillow. She really does love her Daddy. He would kill me if he knew I put this picture on here so Mum's the word guys.  That means Douglas too if he reads it.  Maybe next time I write on here, I will have something interesting to write about. Until then - later..