Saturday, August 31, 2013

At the end of the 8th month of another year....

Can it be that summer is almost over? Our week at the beach is almost a distant memory. Monica shared two of her pictures and I really like both of them so
I will add them here. I love to see my babies together like this - relaxed, talking, sharing, getting caught up with each other.  I think it is possible they miss each other too. 
I also like this one I snatched from somewhere. I think this was taken toward the end of our week and everyone was starting to wind down a little. I also want to share some of the wonderful gifts Jessica got me while we were there.
I'm trying to find two pictures small enough to put inside the cube and I can't wait to wear my kitty cat earrings.  I will try to get Dwight to take a picture of me with the earrings on.  Jessie knows I keep an emery board beside my chair and I like this little holder she got for it.  The pretty blue box holds pretty long matches and they are now in the bathroom where they will be used as needed.
I should apologize to Lori and the family for not taking a picture of the gorgeous flowers they sent me after we got home when they were still fresh and new.  I didn't think about it until after they had gotten so sad they were dropping petals everywhere and it was time to say good-bye.  At least you can see a few of the pretty colors that are still there.
I'll close with a picture of where Dwight finally figured out to put his Kayak when not in use.  It isn't quite the way he wants it yet but it is getting there.  He was glad everyone seemed to enjoy it at the beach.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little bit of this and a little bit of that and a ....

Bunch of pictures I found that I had planned to share but don't think I have shared - so just wanted to share now - just in case I haven't.  If I have - ignore.....
Had to share this one of Douglas in the pool.  That is just how small Monica's kayak is. It is perfect for her and I love the red paddle that goes with it.  Monica's sweet hubby, Tom came over today to pick up her brand, spanking, new zero gravity chair I ordered for her. She had to have one after she sat in mine. I got it for her on sale in a big way and I think it may be nicer than mine.
 Love this little fan Monica gave me.  She bought a little elephant fan for Samantha at the dollar store and picked this one up too.....we both love them. It is nice for my "hot flashes" I've been having lately.
Since Miya has been sleeping in her bed lately, Dwight put it on the sofa earlier today.  He then put it under the "expensive" hammock I bought her hoping she would eventually get in it and start using it. I just went looking for her and came back in to tell Dwight she is sleeping on his clean laundry. He told me to put her bed back where it was on the floor and put her in it - yep - the Princess has won again.
At least she doesn't have to share her bed with another cat like Vincent and Hiro above. I think it is great they will sleep in the same bed with each other.
My neck and back massager came this past week and I think it just might help.  I hold it tight against my neck and turn my head to get the most out of it for the area I have the most pain. It is also relaxing right before I plan to go to sleep.
I snatched this picture from Facebook. I'm really sorry I missed seeing Chelsee and others from our area in the Drama past weekend.  I love this picture of her, Bryan and KK. She looks so much like her beautiful Mom.
I love this big sign Jessie's Mom and Dad bought me while we were at the beach. They know how much Dwight loves to fish.  Now if I can just get him to put it on the porch beside the back door, I'll send them a picture of it.  I'll also be happy.  I really do like it.
Another picture of Randi's baby boy. I know Leif is really enjoying getting to know Bain. I need to ask them what they want the baby to call them.  We all called Leif's Dad and Mom Farfar and Farmor - the Norwegian names for Paternal grandparents.
Sweet Jessie bought me this  bag full of goodies when she went shopping while we were at the beach.  I'll have to take pictures of the contents including the really sweet earrings she bought me.
Snatched this picture from Facebook too. This is mine and Marlan's kind friend from "across the pond" who acted as our guide, at times driver and friend during our two weeks in England/Wales. We would not have experienced 1/10th of the things we were able to see and do if not for her.  Marlan and I agree that she looks so much like her Mom in this picture.
Could not help myself. I have fallen completely in love with this picture I found in a magazine. It reminds me so much of Boy when he was this age.  What do you think Jen?
I had to share this picture of Em who is 6 months old today. I can't wait to see her again.  Marlan was telling me how happy she seems all the time.  Look at that sweet little face. Now to guilt trip her sweet Mama into bringing her over to see me.  Katrina????
Will close with this picture of CoCo - the self-appointed guardian of someone I love dearly.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Missing every body "but" Dwight this afternoon and more beach pictures

I have really been missing my kids this week. The one thing that has helped is having Frances here. We have been enjoying getting caught up and learning even more about each other's childhoods and experiences. We also like each other's children and grandchildren so that also gives us plenty to talk about. Kelly actually knew Frances before I did. They attended the same congregation in Cary and she thinks a lot of Kelly - said she always has. Of course, I'm not surprised since I think quite a bit of her myself. ;-)
I wanted to share this picture of Page go-kart racing. They said she really enjoyed herself and wasn't afraid at all.
A picture of Page playing putt-putt after riding in the go-karts. I think they had a great time last night.
 A picture of the flowers I received and the wonderful new reel Dwight received in the mail from the Kikuchi's today. I love fresh flowers and these are gorgeous. Dwight is very excited about his new reel. I am really looking forward to seeing them again at the end of next month.
A picture of the fish Dwight and Steve caught this week down at Oak Island. I was so happy to hear they were catching plenty because our week at the beach was pitiful for catching fish.
A picture of Frances this morning before Dwight got back. We both appreciate her coming to be with me this week.  Dwight gave her some of the fresh flounder he caught this week. 
Picture of Donald Gulledge - tall brother in cream colored suit - saying YES to the two baptism questions today before getting baptized. Such an important decision and one we are all very happy and proud of him for making. 
This is a picture of my starfish "tattoo". Just kidding - no way I would have anyone stick needles full of ink in my skin. Jessie got some of these for us to put on for fun. It wears off in a few days.
 On the deck Kelly's last night there. Page had so much fun this year. She is growing up so fast.
 Beautiful Doug and Jessie - I hope they had a good time. Sorry Doug felt so bad most of the time.
Page and Kelly acting up on the dock her last night. They have a special bond and I hope they always will.
 Dwight and Page doing what they do best. How many pictures do we have of Page sleeping? Too many to count but you will have to admit she is very pretty when she is sleeping.
Monica in her pretty blue Kayak with the bright red paddle. She actually gets around pretty fast in it.
Kelly and Michael where they are both smiling!  Sometimes it is hard to get Michael and Paul to smile for pictures.
Dwight and John and Dwight's famous BBQ chicken everyone craves. What can I say - the man can cook.
Monica and Tadashi - I was so happy to hear that Tadashi really enjoyed himself. He sat on the porch most of the time and said he loved seeing everyone have so much fun.
Douglas couldn't find his hat so I loaned him mine. It turned out his was underneath one of his shirts. I personally think he looks quite "dashing" in my hat. Dwight and I are so glad everyone enjoyed the Kayak.  This was taken the last day when they all went out to the sandbar to swim.
A picture I snatched from FB of Pam's three girls with the caption - "Yay! The Rasmussen family is back on the water!"
And I will close this rambling post with a picture of our sweet little Lyla! She is now 2.5 months old and smart as a whip!!! Her family are all enjoying her so much and I appreciate them sharing on FB with all of us so we can enjoy her too.

Friday, August 9, 2013

more pictures, movies, good friends and getting caught up......

Lots of movies, lots of conversations and lots of getting caught up with a good friend. I have totally enjoyed having Frances stay with me while Dwight has been fishing this week.  It was nice having Marlan join us today.  We had planned on going to see Wolverine but to be honest, I haven't felt good for the past two days so we passed on going out and watched a few things on TV. 
Sadly, this is the best picture I've gotten of her - so far. I've tried to sneak a few others but they have all looked horrible.  She is on the phone with one of her lovely daughters and I am enjoying hearing her laugh out loud while talking to her.
These are a few more of the many pictures from our beach trip last week. Lori said they had a wonderful time. I love the picture of the "Miya bump" in my bed at the beach.  Marlan told me to be sure and read Speckled Kat's latest blog entry and I loved it. It is about her daughter going to Kindergarten and how well she is doing. There is also a picture of her newest baby girl who is so pretty and sweet.
 I wanted to share these two pictures Patsy sent me from the District Convention that is going on in Raleigh today.  They have two more days after today.  It is the same convention I attended in Virginia last month.  Frances has already been to the same convention also. 
This is the pretty quilt and blanket I'm using on my lap these days. The quilt is Kelly's and she sent it and the sheets that match it home with me from the beach to wash and keep here for when we go back to the beach.  That is the only place we use a set of full size sheets. It just so happens it matches the pretty blanket Ivy Jo gave me.  The bottom picture is a very good one of Tetsu. I have missed him since we got back from the beach.  Such a sweet boy he is.