Thursday, May 31, 2012

Appointments coming out the wazoooo...AND

My appointments have become totally ridiculous. The good thing about the appointments at Duke is they are all put into my email. That means I have to keep up with all the others. As it turns out, I have two in the morning - back to back and across town from each other. I'm supposed to fast after midnight and have my blood drawn around 8:15 in the morning. I doubt they will get to me before 8:30 though. I'm hoping to take my last pain medication with Ensure around 12:30am and then just hold on until after they draw my blood to eat and take the pain medication. If the pain gets too bad, I'll just take it with water. Then I have rush across town to get to my physical therapy session. On Monday, I have appointments with my Dermatologist at 8:40am and a Complete Physical with my Primary Physician at 10:00am. Yeah - the two days Page doesn't have to work and I'll be running around for appointments. That is not the way I thought we would spend our time together. I'm going to stop complaining - at least we live in an area that has phenomenal physicians and treatment centers. A lot of the people we see have to come from all over the country to get the same treatments. I am thankful for not only that but for the medical insurance I have that makes it all possible.

So now to the AND. I just heard from my dear friend something she has been keeping from me. That's right - she knows so many of my secrets and she was keeping one from me!! I know she was trying to protect me but don't. She is having surgery on Monday and hopefully they will be mistaken and it isn't Lymphoma. I guess I shouldn't be upset that so many people were aware of this and all of them were keeping it a secret from me until she knew she was definitely having surgery. I told another friend (in an email) that I'm sure already knew that UPSET doesn't even begin to come close..... One of the things we have in common is how we  feel about our children. I want to be there for her and her family as she always is for me and my family. She is one of the most pragmatic people I have ever known. One of her favorite things to say when things get tough is: "It is what it is". I have pretty much had to adopt that same attitude as we are entering the 8th month since my surgery. I have seen a ceramic plaque with those words written on them and I told her I was going to order two - one for me and one for her. She laughed. She told me her youngest daughter is coming to be with her and she told her she "didn't have to do that" and I said - Oh yes she does! She laughed and said - yeah, I guess. As a parent, I do understand. We both want to protect our children any way we can. So now we will try to stay positive while we pray for strength to cope with whatever we have to cope with and try not to panic until we absolutely know we have something to panic about. Right???? Right!!!!! Love you to the moon and back dear friend and no more secrets!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back to the "this is getting old" routine....

All the kids have gone home and now it's back to keeping up with medical appointments. Several of the friends stopped by yesterday after service. It was nice to see all of them but especially Gail. She said they all had a good time in NY. I missed her. I shared with her how funny the girls were when they were cleaning the house. They wanted to live up to her standards. On top of the acupuncture and therapy I had to schedule a visit with my "other" Oncologist who keeps up with my Follicular Lymphoma. My primary doctor's office called to say they had a cancellation and did I want to come early for my physical. I said - sure - what the heck. What are two more appointments - one to get blood work done and the other for the physical. It's funny because I had just called my primary doctor on his personal line Monday. I knew he wouldn't be at work and it had been a long time since I had called in an update with what is going on. He shared something personal about his family that made me feel sad. His Dad was my primary physician from the time I was around twelve until he retired and I was handed off to his son. I went to high school several years with his older sister. That coupled with him being the primary for a large part of mine and BigD's family makes him our friend also. He is about the only doctor who has his own practice by himself in our area.
I had acupuncture today and it went much better than last week.  I still have a long way to go. When I told her the last session wasn't as good as the first one, she explained more about how it works and that at times, the needles "stir up or make angry" the area she is working on. She spent a lot of time with me today and painted word pictures with a soothing voice of how "cooling" the needles were going to be as I did my "Lamaze" breathing. :-) I mentioned that I had a headache and after the visit it was gone. She put a little of the oil on my forehead and it burned. It didn't burn on my neck though. Strange. I almost laughed when I thought to myself, "I wonder when I will be able to push".  I was a little upset that I got lost after BigD dropped me off.  I guess I never paid attention to which way we walked and I ended up in a large bathroom with lockers. There was a woman getting ready to take a shower who told me how to come
into the quiet room from the back wall.  I came in around the same time BigD walked in from the front. I'll just wait out front for BigD from now on. I have enough to think about without adding this kind of confusion to it. BigD went to get the car and I stopped in their little shop and bought the oil she uses on me. I have also ordered it but it was cheaper there so I went ahead and bought a second bottle. I might share it with the kids.  Keith came by after service and before he went on a new study. We walked around the yard. Sadly, one full time around and to the end of the driveway wore me slap dab out. That shows how badly I need to do it. We have tons of clover in our yard now. I'm not sure where it came from because we never have had it.  It reminded me of my childhood home - especially all the bees. It kind of creeped me out as I had a flashback to all those summers I stepped on a bee and was out of commission with a foot the size of a football for three or four days.  My Dad would scrape the stinger out
and tell me that meant the bee would die too.  Of course that isn't true. If my Dad's Mom was living with us at the time, she would run out and take some of the snuff in her lip out and smear it on the place I was stung. If she wasn't there, Daddy would take a cigarette out, slip the paper off, moisten the tobacco leaves and put them on it. If neither one of them was there, Mom would make a paste with baking soda. All of it was supposed to draw out the poison. I'm still having a hard time keeping the pain under control. It really was nice outside today - not too hot at all.
The flowers Ann planted are looking pretty good. I'm looking forward to seeing Roseanne tomorrow and Page Saturday. I hate we have appointments on the Monday she has off but I have to go on that day or not at all because I wouldn't have anyone to take me. Oh well - reason number 445 why I shouldn't be allowed to be the one that makes/keeps up with the appointments. I looked at Page's flights and realized she isn't leaving until late afternoon to go home on Thursday.  Yea!!!!   I'm still thinking about making an appointment for Miya with the cardiologist.  I'm worried about her weight gain and the night I heard her wheezing a little bit when she was sleeping on me.  They might need to change her dosage on her medication.
I will end this post with an Emily Dickinson poem:

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover, and a bee
And revery.
The revery alone will do

Monday, May 28, 2012

There were people in the house last night......

We had a very nice visit from two old friends yesterday afternoon. Page and Bentley went for three
mile walks every day they were here. When they got back yesterday, I introduced them to Bentley and told him how when I first started studying and Dwight was away in the Navy, they pretty much adopted me. This was taken at their place up on Hyco Lake. I spent many wonderful hours there when I was younger. Both of my children know about my adventures on the back of my Dad's cousin's Harley from the time I was about 10 - 12 until I was grown. They also know that I don't want them to ride now because it is so much more dangerous than it was 50 plus years ago.
Kurt insisted I walk out to Thid's bike and sit on it for pictures to be made. I only kept these two. He does have a very nice bike - Shorty would have loved it. I did enjoy riding back then before the roads were so crowded. I totally understand Thid's love of it and from the way he talks, I think he is very careful and aware of those around him.
Kurt wanted to get a picture of Page2 on the bike too. He took a lot of them but I liked this one the best. I'm not too worried about her ever wanting to actually ride one though. Page also made a Chocolate Eclair Cake.
I took a picture of it but it disappeared somewhere. Everyone said it was great. There were a lot of people in our little house last night. Ann came over early with her Mom, Boy and Biscuit. She re-planted
some of my pots on the deck. Some of the ones she planted before didn't survive. Of course Boy and Page2 were thrilled to be together and entertained each other until late last night. We all love their friendship. Biscuit did a little entertaining herself by showing the things she had learned at gymnastics. She was so cute. The more we clapped, the wilder she got. I can't wait until she takes ballet! Since it was a long weekend, more people came by to see our children and some of then stayed to associate with the ones who were already here.
Leah made a wonderful crab dip for every one to snack on with different chips. Thank goodness we had picked up more KJ Chardonnay and Beer for everyone. BigD grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and made some baked beans. Kurt had made some white Chili earlier. Lee and Ann's Mom and Dad joined us along with Roseanne and her hubby. Then Judee and Mae came followed by Keith who had just gotten back from NYC! So - let's see - we had Ann, Lee, her Mom and Dad, his Mom and Sister, Keith, Roseanne and hubby, Bentley, Page, Kurt, Leah, Boy, Biscuit and Page2. You can't count me since I didn't eat or imbibe of any of the good stuff.  Oops - I forgot, we also had Rose and Wayne
until right before the food was ready. I was glad to see that Wayne was able to rest a little.   They enjoyed Biscuit's performance too.  Mae worried that I would get too tired but it really did feel good to have so many loved ones around me having their fun. I didn't have to do a thing but sit here and enjoy them. Brought back good memories of other times.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Diamond, Pearl, Gold....

I asked Page to bring me my diamond ring, pearl ring, wedding band and BigD's wedding band from the bedroom to see if I could wear them.
This is the diamond BigD bought me from Wayne when he worked at Jones and Frasiers Jewelry store in November of 1965. I have never seen a setting I have liked better than this one. BigD has never been able to wear his ring for any length of time because of the kind of work he does. I had it sized down for me quite a few years ago.
I bought this pearl ring from Wayne and he designed the setting which I love also. The small band is my original wedding band. When BigD bought my diamond, I was so surprised because I had told him to not worry about an engagement ring because they cost so much and I would be happy with just a plain wedding band. It isn't the biggest diamond - a little over half-karat - but it catches light beautifully. I have always loved my diamond but can't help but wonder--when did my hands start looking so OLD????? Page also cleaned Ann's diamond earrings she gave me so I had her help me put them in my front holes. Since I haven't been wearing any earrings in those holes for almost 8 months, I was afraid they would grow back. It was tight putting them in so I'll just leave them in like the smaller diamond earrings in the back holes for the time being.

Family and long weekend...

I love long weekends - especially those that bring my family to me. As of last night, all my babies were in the house! Kurt and family got here last night because he had to work.
Kurt sent me this picture of Page2 sound asleep in the back seat with her beloved Hiro.
Leah gave me these cute kitty earrings.  We do love our cats in this family.
I LUV Page's "graduation from elementary school" picture. I think it is so sweet they make a big thing out of this.
Page2 and Leah gave me a new Matryoshka doll that I luv, luv, luv. I also love the one Page2 got for herself.
I can't believe how tiny they make the smallest little dolls. BigD made one of his famous new recipes of pasta with mild italian sausage and chicken breast in a cream sauce. Everyone loved it as usual.
Having Thid in my house two days in a row has been a real treat. Page made two big batches of fudge - one for him and Page2 without nuts and the other one full of pecans for everyone else. Page and Bentley had just left for their walk when he got here but
Kurt has really enjoyed getting caught up with him. Roseanne sent me a text message telling me she and Garry will stop by to see the kids around 4pm. Ann, Lee, Boy and Biscuit are coming over this afternoon also. Yea!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Anniversary....

I can't believe I started my blog 3 years ago today. I never dreamed I would have kept it up all this time. I've never been able to keep or maintain the many journals I've started through the years. I always throw them away within a few months. I think it is safe to say, I'll probably be keeping this up at least until I am completely healed if that ever occurs.  I went for my second acupuncture treatment Wednesday and was so disappointed.
I just knew I would feel great on Thursday like I did last week but if anything, I have felt worse. She used different needles and bunched them together more. I did order the White Flower Oil she uses on me. It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be and should last a long time since you only use a dot or two at a time. After the treatment on Wednesday, I headed over to see my Oncology Nurse Practitioner.
I heard piano music and we looked down to the bottom floor and an older woman had put her purse down and decided to play. Wow - it made me think of my sister Ann. I so miss our conversations. I need to call Naoki and see if they are still planning to come down in July so I can let the kids know because they will want to see them. My Nurse Practitioner told me she read my Surgeons notes about how my throat is still raw from the radiation. She changed her prediction about my feeling better from this weekend to the end of the year. Yeah....made me real happy. Yesterday was a very busy day - I was paid a visit by my cleaning fairies. Deb went home about an hour before Roseanne came over.  Not long after she arrived,
my two cleaning fairies showed up with their little girls! They worked so hard and really outdid themselves cleaning this cluttered little cottage. They knew Gail would be in NY this week with her entire family and knowing our kids were coming this weekend, they insisted they were going to clean for us. They kept saying things about how they wanted to do it as good as Gail. That will tickle her.  I'll be honest, I have no idea where anything in this house is these days but if I had to guess, it might in the office or be on the chest in my bathroom. I was so moved by how kind these two young mothers have been to me and BigD. As the beautiful Vivian Leigh said in the movie - A Streetcar Named Desire - "I've always counted on the kindness of strangers.." with a strong southern drawl. Of course these two wonderful young women aren't strangers to me and the longer I know them, the more I appreciate how special they are.
I enjoyed their two little girls as always. KennaKat was so excited! She wanted me to see her "picture" album/book her Mom had made for her.
I was blown away with this beautiful book. KennaKat wanted me to see that my picture is in the book! What an honor! It's a picture of me and Roseanne from last summer's District Convention we went to in Roanoke with our children.
Of course Biscuit knows her way around my little house - "mi casa - HER casa"! :-) They are going to come over when all the kids are here. Kurt, Leah and Page2 will come down tomorrow after he gets off work. Page and Bentley got here around 4pm today. They made a stop at our favorite Pizza place and brought it home - they were starved. Later tonight, they went to Page's favorite Chinese restaurant and brought it home. I drank a little Won Ton soup. Just the broth of course but I could almost taste it.
Page noticed this pretty yellow shirt laying on the back of a chair. I told her Thid put the shirt over the drawer he made when he brought it over because it was raining. He told me to keep it so I asked her if she wanted it and Bam! YES! I do love the soft yellow color of it. I think it will make him feel good knowing she loves it. Hope he was serious when he told me to keep it. :)
This is a terrible picture but these are our neighbors. I've known him and his first wife since 1967. I was sent to other congregations through out the years but we would see each other at conventions and his wife would call from time to time. Sadly she had a lot of health problems and died awhile back. He married our next door neighbor and they came over this evening to pick up the shower chair he had brought over for me to use when I first came home after surgery. Page was happy to see him and meet his wife.  She liked that they both seemed happy and I'm sure they are.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


No, I'm not talking about another mouse - it is just how I feel realizing my nails have reverted back to what they were before they were so strong, healthy and fast growing.
Yep - if you look back 7 days, you will notice there has not been much change. No growth at all on any of them. They are not as strong and the ridges are back. Oh well..I enjoyed them while I had them. I called GG in Florida today and got to talk to her for a bit. She sounded real good and said she was having fun with her son and his family. Her youngest daughter came by and we talked for awhile. Things are moving forward and they are trying so hard to do everything the right way. Color me sad. I'm so happy we didn't have to deal with that with Mama. 

Elusive sleep, vermin and insects

Yep -I'm going to feel rotten in the morning. I have a 9am appointment for acupuncture and an 11:30am appointment with my oncology nurse practitioner and I'm still wide awake.  Dwight and Miya have both been snoring for hours now. It is past time for me to take my pain med so maybe I'll get to sleep easier after I take it. Tonight is the first time since my surgery that I gave Miya her heart medication. She is so heavy now. I am giving her the "lite" formula food so hopefully that will help a little.
I ordered a new GPS system tonight. Mine was stolen when our car was broken into so I called Paul to get an idea of what to buy.
I bought the one he just got for his lovely wife and the mount and charger to go with it. I got it on sale so will be glad to have it in the car for the future. I love to use it when I go for one of my "rides". I start turning on country roads I've never been on before and just let the car take me where it will. Then I turn the GPS on and let it bring me back home.
It seems like about once a year we have a visitor in the form of a little mouse. Dwight buys mouse traps and tells Miya they are going "mouse hunting". So far, only one shows up but it is a pain. We have to take all the bread and chips out of the drawer and throw them away and wait to see if more show up before putting anything back together. I noticed movement above me and it was a big bug crawling across the ceiling which then flew down to the top of the entertainment system.  Dwight was snoring up a storm so I got the fly swatter and killed least I think I did. I never saw it again. Every so often, we have cave crickets show up. Since we got Miya, they have been small ones and we see them after she has "taken care" of them. Usually missing a leg or two. I was sitting here getting ready to take my medication and go to sleep when THIS
crawled up beside my left arm on the chair. Needless to say, my butt muscles catapulted me out of this chair in a nanosecond while I was trying not to scream my head off.  Dwight got up and "took care of it" posthaste. Now I'm wide awake again and my skin is still crawling. Brrrrrr.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I went to sleep last night before I finished the entry before this one. After I had posted it a few minutes ago, I realized I hadn't put up the following picture.
Their Dad sent it to my phone saying they had gone to the lake this past weekend and had a really good time. He visited me last week after he saw me at the meeting. I haven't seen him in years but he looks really good and sounds great. I hope he will continue to grow spiritually.  He is with his family right now and I know they will help him any way they can. Never give up - Jehovah doesn't.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Disappointing week so far.....

It has been a disappointing week so far. By Saturday I was right back where I was before the acupuncture. I've been trying to do my therapy but it doesn't last for long. The only thing that helps the pain is drugs. I take the smallest dose of Oxycodone in liquid form mixed with water every 4 hours but lately have really needed it again by around the 3rd hour. That means it takes awhile to get the pain under control every time. I am also still having coughing, dry heave "episodes" every time I am even a little bit active. I was disappointed that I felt too bad to be at the meeting on Sunday. I didn't even feel good enough to listen in. I've been waking up in the middle of the night and then sleeping late because I don't get right back to sleep - even if I take the Oxy.
Kurt sent this picture via telephone when he went in for his skin cancer screening appointment. I want everyone in my family to do this every year. I have been doing this myself for quite awhile but only had the one on my nose show up. I'm still going several times a year for awhile and they are being quite diligent about making sure the Melanoma doesn't manifest itself on my skin. I only have two appointments this week on Wednesday morning. BigD will be going fishing as soon as we get home and will be back on Friday morning. Deb is going to spend the night with me Wednesday and Thursday and I'll ask some of the sisters to stop by and check on me during the day until she comes to stay at night.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Losing a precious gift.....

I've been close to a family I met many years ago having served in the same congregation with all of them at one time or another. I also worked closely with the oldest daughter for many years. The patriarch of this family was precious to so many of us. He has been very sick for awhile now but his loving family have been taking very good care of him - especially his devoted wife of so many years.  They used to love dancing with each other. He told his children about how beautiful she was when he first saw her and you just knew they shared a deep love and respect for each other.
I was so sad to hear she had died suddenly. She went peacefully in her sleep and they had her Memorial today. It was set it up so those of us who listen in on the phone could do so today. They also set it up so their Dad could hear and see everything through Skype on a computer. I can only imagine how sad he is. It was a lovely talk about her long years of faithful service as well as the love shared by their whole family. I really wanted to be with them but the two girls stressed to me they knew I loved them and to stay home and get well.
Darel and Mich came by for a short visit after the Memorial and told me every seat was full. I told them I feel like we are losing that generation and that is basically what I meant by the title of this post.  What a precious gift they have been to my generation. I really appreciated them coming since I haven't seen them in months. They celebrated their 21st anniversary yesterday. I can't believe it has been that long. They both looked so good today I had to take their picture. I wish I could say I still feel as good as I did last Wednesday but it would be a big fat lie.  I've been trying to do the therapy on my neck the way they did it but it isn't as good since they stood behind me and I have to push where they pulled.  I'm not going to stop though.  I'm actually looking forward to my next acupuncture this coming Wednesday.  Hope I feel as good or better than I did after my first one.  Page called and I told her about the Memorial.  Evidently I am losing it on all levels.  I thought I had told her but she said I hadn't.  We are both getting excited about next weekend. They are going to drive up on Friday.  BigD and I are so glad Bentley is coming too.  It has been too long since we have seen him.

Welcome visitors.....

I had some welcome visitors this week. My dear friend from down East came up Thursday to spend the night with me. I was so excited to see her. Since Bri came down Thursday also, I asked Roseanne to bring her and the girls over so they could all see each other. I was so relieved to see Bri since she has been having so many health issues - I really wanted to see for myself that she is doing better.
This is an older picture of Bri but trust me, she looks great even when she is sick. She is better but still sore and weak. We will all be so glad when she has finished her treatments and healed completely. It has been a rough time for this sweet family.
Fran is always beautiful. I love her smile and bright eyes. I tried my best to get her to stay one more night but her hubby was missing her at home. She wants me to come down for an extended visit again. I had a wonderful time when I visited her a few years ago. I will be so happy when I feel like traveling again. How about when I don't have to have pain meds and can drive again? That is a big goal!!! BigD cooked a pot of spaghetti and his delicious garlic bread.  They all seemed to enjoy it. Fran brought some wine, fresh strawberries and dark chocolate.  Man, I'll be glad when I can taste food again!!!!
We can't forget June and Rose. They are so cute and Bri had matching outfits on them. Click on the top picture of June to see her sweet little smile.
Fran snapped this picture of Princess Miya on my lap Friday. She sleeps on me a lot during the day and night.  Sadly, I think I lost another day.  All of Roseanne's children came to town to have their annual Family Dinner together. I sent all of them a text message this morning saying I hoped they had a good time at their Family Dinner and started gettings responses telling me it is supposed to be tonight - not last night.  Wow - I'm losing it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You are going to stick that needle where???

I was introduced to the world of acupuncture this morning. We were already running late and went to two different facilities before we found the right place on the third try. I felt my blood pressure drop as soon as I entered the facility. Then we were taken to an alcove that had nice sofas all the way around it facing a stone wall of water across the hall from us. Then we were escorted across the hallway, around to the other side of the wall of water and yes, there was water falling on that side too. We were seated facing a bamboo garden in stones.
By this time, I felt like I had walked a mile and had already had two episodes. I'm glad we had a few minutes to relax before I was taken into one of the many rooms surrounding this little garden. My specialist was very good and so happy to know I was all for this. She asked how my hubby felt and I told her he was a little skeptical. After talking for awhile and asking about any other problems, she asked me to get on the table. I was pleasantly surprised because it was actually more like a twin bed. She pulled the head up with two pillows and put a round leather pillow under my knees. It was SO comfortable. She explained that she likes to know as much as she can about other problems so she can "needle" those areas at the same time. I asked BigD to come in with me to see how she does it and he said no because he HATES NEEDLES!!! As soon as she was ready to start, I asked her to ask BigD to come in for a few of them and he did. When he saw that I was okay, he went back outside. After she had placed all the needles everywhere, she rubbed an ointment on both sides of my neck. She turned the light down and left me alone for a few minutes which was nice. I felt very relaxed. We talked about why I can't use heat for the pain in my neck area because of the radiation still working in there. She placed needles in a way that she said it should cool it off some. I'm glad I found this picture of her on their web site later.
When I walked out to where BigD was, he stood up and said, "Well you definitely look better!" I asked him later what he meant by that. He said you just looked so much better. You looked so tired and worn out when you went in and you looked totally different when you came out. AND - I'm trying to be realistic but I do feel that my neck is cooler. Is that strange or what? Anywho, I go for my physical therapy in a few hours and hope it goes as well as this morning did. I don't think my insurance will cover the acupuncture and she wants to see me once a week for about 5 more weeks. I told her I would see what I could do. It is very expensive without the insurance but if it really helps, I would love to keep doing it. I did schedule another appointment for next Wednesday morning before my appointment with Jennifer. BigD is going fishing Wednesday afternoon and coming back Friday morning. Deb is going to spend both nights with me and I'll ask someone to check on me during the day.
Notice the little Panda Bear who should have eaten all this bamboo up by now. When we got home, we put clean linen on my chair and it feels so nice right now. I would love to take a nap but we are afraid we won't wake up in time for my afternoon appointment. Oh man......

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


"prog·ress (prgrs, -rs, prgrs)1. Movement, as toward a goal; advance. 3. Steady improvement" I'll have to admit that I have been challenged this week so far regarding the word I was told to focus on by not only my radiologist, but also by my surgeon and nurse practioner, regarding my progress. That word is TIME! Today has been an up and down kind of day emotionally. Physically, it has been difficult because of the pain. I have not been able to bring the pain under control at all. On the plus side, I have been more mobile today and have worked on using salt water and baking powder rinses in my mouth. I got some good news from Page - she is going to fly up and work out of the Raleigh office the week BigD goes fishing. She will fly up on that Saturday, be off Monday and work Tuesday and Wednesday. She will then fly home Thursday. She also had some good news to share regarding her job.
My friends who were assigned to serve in Washington State near Seattle are being assigned back to Texas near the friends they used to serve there with. The climate will be much better for Marj's health. They traveled down to visit and see where they would be living. I know the friends in Texas are so excited to have them back with them. I got the feeling they were very excited about their upcoming move.
I received this picture from Eileen saying how excited she is to finally have the pickets on her deck she has been asking for. She has to be so excited to know she is coming closer and closer to her dream of living there full time. I will miss her so much but I will also be  happy for her. She has brought so much love to me during the last 8 plus months of disruption to my everyday life.
I received this lovely message from a young man who visited me this past Sunday after the meeting. He sent me the loveliest message via text message yesterday and then today I received this one. I'm very proud of him and hope he continues in his endeavors to learn more and be able to make his life more positive every day.