Friday, March 22, 2013

Pretty and sweet.....

I can't think of anything sweeter than a baby girl (unless it is a baby boy). Vera picked me up and took me to Dafina's so I could see her, her new home and her beautiful, new baby girl (almost 3 months old now). I had already begged her to send some pictures earlier to get an idea of how she looks and fell in love with that sweet little face right away. I got a few pictures of the outside from the Realtor's web site but it doesn't show the huge wooden fence from the backyard to a huge side yard. It is going to be nice when the kids can play safely inside the fenced in yard if it ever gets warm enough. I took a few of the baby's room before we woke her up to visit. Thankfully it was almost time for her to be fed anyway. I got to hold her for quite awhile before she ate and she didn't fuss one time. The house really is gorgeous. The rooms are all large and everything flows the way it should. Who could complain about having 3.5 bathrooms? Oh - I know the answer to that - the one who has to clean them all. I laughed and told Dafina how tiny my house is as I shared with her how much I hate cleaning house.  I then told her I hate it so much, we have someone we pay to do it for us every other week and it is worth every penny and more. She laughed but I'm telling you, I would get a part-time job to pay someone to clean if that house was mine. The neighborhood is behind an older, established neighborhood and seems to be very quiet. It was nice of Vera to get me out of the house today. The sun was shining and even though it is freezing and the forecast is for it to be very cold for the next week, it was still great being with friends. We are watching the last of the UNC - Villanova game. Carolina is 2 points ahead so it looks like a close game. Sadly State lost but Duke made it through their first game. Hopefully, UNC will also. Dwight said he wants UNC to win tonight because he will enjoy watching Duke beat them for the championship. I'll never forget the year Duke won the championship game in the last two seconds in overtime against Kentucky in 1992. I remember exactly where I was (Spinnakers)watching that shot like it was yesterday.  Okay - UNC just won the game so that is two NC teams in the battle for the championship. I know - many people think I'm not a good fan but if Duke can't win, I would be happy for UNC or NC State to win.  I don't think that makes me a bad fan.  I definitely want Duke to win but if they can't, I still want a NC school to win.  I think that makes me a "nice" fan. :)

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