Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where did October go??????

Well that was fast - I blink my eyes and the whole month has passed by.  I have had several people point out to me that I haven't written anything in my blog for awhile.  They made me feel good to think they might even be interested in anything I might have to say...especially since my life has narrowed down quite a bit over the past two years. 
I decided to start with a picture I snatched of Fina's little girl, Harmoni. Don't you just want to squeeze that pretty little face? I love that smile. I can not believe how grown up she looks. I would love to see some recent pictures of her two beautiful boys.

 These two pictures show the pictures of Page I put into the two-sided pendant Jess got me this past summer at the coast.  These were taken a year apart and are both very good pictures of her. I enjoy wearing it and having people ask to see the pictures.
Jeanne brought me the two bracelets I ordered from her.  This is a smaller version of the one I ordered for me and this one is for Page.  I really enjoyed my visit with her today and getting to know her a little better.  I gave her one of my favorite watches that needs a battery to see if she could change the battery.  She said her hubby will be able to change the battery.  I told her if the watch doesn't work after the battery has been changed, I would like for her to replace the watch face with some similar pieces of metal to make it into a bracelet.
I think this was taken at Brandon's latest competition. According to his Mom, he pretty much won every thing he competed in. Her biggest pride in him is how he really doesn't care that much if he wins or not.  He just goes out and gives it his all.  She said he is so relaxed about the whole thing and when he doesn't win, he is the first to congratulate and say good job to the winner. We are all so very proud of this beautiful young man.
  Another picture I snatched from Facebook. This is the lovely couple who took such good care of me and Marlan while we were in the Forest of Dean in England near the border of Wales.  They recently experienced some bad weather along with some flooding in their area but I think things have settled down now - at least I hope they have. We both have such wonderful memories of our time spent with them both there and when they came to the States and we met them in NYC. 
I don't know where I pulled this picture of Mom with two of her grandchildren from. More than likely it was taken at one of the reunions we went to.  That is Melanie on the right but I'm not sure if the other one is Ted or Sid----oh well.  What matters most is just how much I still miss her every day.  Jeanne and I also talked about how much we all still miss Ike and Ennis. 
This is a picture of Mike with Diane, Jazz and Jackie.  It looks like it was taken at a Kingdom Hall.  I love and miss all of them but especially have fond memories of working with Jackie for many years. 
I love this picture of Moni with Pookie.  I know no other animal will ever be able to replace her beloved Dorothy for any of us but thankfully Pookie is starting to do better with people other than Moni and Tom.  She is such a pretty dog but has obviously been abused at some point in her life.  We can only hope that with her getting Moni's full attention now, she will mellow out  even more.
Miya finally started using her "uber" expensive cat hammock.  When she first gets in it, her blue eyes pick up the blues in the flowers on the hammock itself.  She definitely does things "her" way.
So I will end this entry with one of my favorite scenes of the beach.  I am finally so sleepy I can't hold my eyes open.  Guess I need to put my mask and and try to get some rest.  

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  1. So happy to read your post! I've really missed you! I've been thinking about you a lot and really want to get by to see you. A little sick today, but hopefully things will clear up soon and we can stop by for a visit maybe near the end of the week? Love you!


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