Friday, May 29, 2009

Old Friends and Thai

What a busy day - service in the morning including filling in for Gail on her study while she was away on vacation. We only covered one paragraph but talked about a lot of things she had questions about. Then I squeezed in lunch with an old friend at her favorite Thai restaurant before going to Eileen's to see her dear Mom. My friend is a cancer survivor which means she is still here! She wanted me to meet her there because she said Thai food is good for you. I let her order for me and liked everything we got.This looks a little like the soup we got. It was nice being with her - she looked great and was so upbeat it was contagious. Even though we haven't really been around each other in a very long time, the years fell away and I was transported back in time to a night in my living room when Page had a few of her friends over and before you know it a few of my friends had dropped by and we had the music cranked up and were dancing and laughing. I think Page might have been 12 so I was about 37 - boy, I was the same age that Page is now. Hard to believe.
As soon as she started talking, I remembered her outrageous sense of humor and biting sarcasm which has always sent me over the edge with laughter. Then we went next door to a wine shop and used her wine card to sip a new wine they had. The customer service was very good and I bought a bottle of a wine I haven't tried before while I was telling the manager about my "new" favorite chardonnay. He told me he could order it for me and I told him if he beat my other supplier's price, I would prefer to order from him as he is closer. He called me and not only beat the price but because I ordered what his distributor had left, he gave me an extra 10% - I love a good deal.

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