Thursday, May 28, 2009

Second Appointment Done and Done...

Big D went with me to my second Medical Appointment with the "C" doctor. Basically, they took my money, we waited with a lot of other people and one family caught our attention. Four daughters with their Mom and Dad and the Dad's sister. They reminded me of my family in a lot of ways and we talked some. The girls all cut up and laughed a lot with each other and the Mom but the Dad was quiet. They said they also had a brother but he didn't come. Then the Mom mentioned the doctor had said for all of them to be there and the Dad finally said something and it made me sad. He said yeah, everyone but the son. That is when I knew he was the patient. They called me back and weighed me (gained 4 pounds) and took my blood after which we went back to the waiting room. They called me back a little later and we waited in the little examination room for awhile. The PA came in and poked, prodded and examined me and said nothing new, see you in 10 weeks. We didn't get to see my actual doctor - only the PA but she is nice. We talked for a little bit and I'm trying to get acclimated to what will become a routine..After we left, Big D and I talked about our questions for the next appointment. It was funny, we both had the same questions! We talked about exercise and how we both need it but Big D said he just "ain't gonna do it". I am still unpacking from the weekend and have left my really nice walking shoes out as incentive. Aren't they pretty? Don't ask me how long I've had them ... we'll see.

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