Friday, October 7, 2011

Visit from Alease, flowers, nice ride in the country.....

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the really is. We had a nice surprise visit from Alease - GG's oldest daughter and one of my oldest friends. She came bearing gifts - flowers! She and her hubby had gone to the Farmer's Market and picked up this gorgeous bunch of flowers.  They look so good in the vase Ann brought her flowers in don't they?
Look closely at the picture on the top right - it's the picture Roseanne took at the coast of the moon on the ocean. She used a 10 second delay and it's perfect. I love the moon and I love the ocean - I really love the gold reflection off the sea oats. Alease, BigD and had a nice visit talking about our cats and their escapades. She looks great - she always has and probably always will. She is bringing us a chicken casserole Sunday. After I took my shower, I asked BigD if we could go for a ride - I wanted to see some leaves changing color!
I was a little disappointed in the lack of color but after speaking with Leah on the way home, she said they aren't seeing much in the mountains yet either. We rode out to Lake Mickey and then just kept on going for awhile. I got a few leaves in my back yard and took a picture of the pitiful little rose bush I planted the year we moved here 36 years ago. If we remember to cut it back, we still get roses every year - just a few but hey. So Leah was allowed to leave early today and wanted to let me know the results of a test her grandmommie had - not good results.  Hate it for her - she is 81 but quite strong so now she will have to hurry up and wait.  :( Just got a call from Duke - have to be there for surgery at 5:30AM.  The clock is ticking.....

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