Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kurt, Leah and Page2.....

It has been so nice having Kurt, Leah and Page with me this weekend. BigD left for the coast very early Friday morning and they arrived very late Friday night. Kurt and Keith went with Lee to listen to some great bands live out in a big field somewhere Saturday.  Since it turned off pretty cold quickly, Kurt and Leah had to go shopping for clothes that he already needed and felt good about their purchases.
He sent this picture with a message saying all the bands were great and they were having fun. Sadly, they didn't get home until very, very late and then I couldn't sleep and over-slept this morning. We were all up in time to listen in to the meeting and WT study. The speaker was wonderful and the WT was exactly what I needed. BigD got home in time to pick us up some biscuits around 11:45am and then he watched the races (took a nap) while we all looked at a movie I had saved for Kurt to watch. After I finished studying my WT last night, I scanned some more pictures including these three of Kurt and his Dad.
Our kids love both of us and we know how fortunate we have been with them. They have both brought us so much joy since they came into our lives. I never dreaded one moment of their upbringing and can honestly say I totally enjoyed every moment of their childhood. I'll be posting a picture of Page and BigD when I come across it. It was taken the day we came home from the hospital. My sister-in-law had to pick us up at the hospital because BigD (who worked for GG's husband) had to work out of town on an emergency job. She got us home safe and sound and Page was sleeping in the little wooden cradle we had for her downstairs. BigD came straight home as soon as the job was finished, walked into the front door, straight to the bathroom and washed his hands real good, picked her up and sat holding her for at least an hour. Sweet memories. Kurt, Leah and Page left a bit ago to meet her Mom in VA. Then she is coming back by Whole Foods and plans to bring dinner home too. We are planning to get out in service in the morning and then she will go with us to the pre-op and appointment with the surgeon where he tells me just what the tests all show and what he will be doing.

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