Friday, January 13, 2012

Touch base...

Decided it was time for a brief post to touch base. Not been on the computer too much lately - went on to check emails a friend told me she sent but didn't find anything. Had a nice visit with Roseanne yesterday. Got my hair cut today and it really needed it. Keith got back in town Thursday and came by to check on me today and share a few pictures of his cruise. Looked like everyone had a great time.
Gail snatched this picture of Princess Miya doing what she does best and as you can see, the tulips are still holding on to their color. Most of the petals have fallen so they will more than likely be gone by tomorrow. Have totally enjoyed them. Rie came by with the car group and CO's wife yesterday with a fresh bouquet for the kitchen table. I'm going to miss her and her little family so much but know this is going to be a very good move for them. Talked with all my babies except Page2 today so that was nice because they all sounded good. TIME -

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