Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Email sent out tonight.....

Decided to put my email here so as to catch everyone up on where things are as of today.
Had follow-up with radiation/oncologist today. 3 weeks tomorrow since last treatment and was so hoping to be much better but alas, it isn't to be. He went into detail as to why - extreme aggressive nature of the cancer requiring aggressive treatment and surgery which was planned out by the surgeon and radiation oncologist together to give me the best chance of success. Examination of mouth and throat show they are still very raw, extreme mucous (there is a formal name for the condition) combine to cause almost constant nausea.
He really hopes I will see significant change in the next two weeks but asked me to change my perception of a very important 4 letter word = T i m e. He wants me to stop thinking in terms of days and think in terms of a week at a time. He wants me to stop and think next Wednesday how I feel today as compared to then. He said I have to let TIME do it's work - and because of how extensive everything has been so far, it will take TIME.
He did say that if I don't see a lot more improvement, he will suggest my follow-up treatment be moved back a few weeks.
Overall - it was a good visit - he saw nothing in the examination to cause alarm in any way and told me I will be seeing the surgeon in a few months and then him - going back and forth between the two of them from now on. I told him about my upcoming surgery in March to have the cancer on my nose removed and we just looked at each other and I said - "I know, just shoot me". He laughed and said that was exactly what he would be thinking if it was him. From the things he suggested, it was obvious I have to stay on top of my day to day attitude.
Eileen came by this afternoon with some pretty yellow roses. It was so nice to see her and have her stay for a visit. She told me she thinks I need to start sending little update emails again - even if just a line or two. She said the reason she came by today was she figured things weren't going well because I had pretty much stopped communicating. That I need to put just a sentence or two up every so often - that people start worrying if they don't hear from me. A little later, I had one of Gails's wonderful support phone calls with some good ideas to keep my spirit up. SO - I hooked up the computer and lo and behold - there were about 5 different emails addressing the situation of not hearing from me ---- SO - I will try to do better. Plan to put this in my blog for those who follow me there.
I do so appreciate everyone's thoughts, prayers and encouragement and count on them every day. Don't give up on me yet.

Much love to all of you.....

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  1. Thank you for sending out that email tonight, I have been constantly thinking about you/ worrying/ and missing you, so I was very happy to have word from you. I am so sorry that you are not feeling better by now. Why does everything have to take TIME? Especially when it seems like time has sped up, why do some things still take forever?
    Well, I hope by this time next week, you will be able to take note of improvement.
    Love you.


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