Sunday, December 29, 2013

Only two days left of the year 2013 ---- 2014 --- here we come.......

Wow, these past two years have either drug by or flown by - depending on my mood.  Today, it feels like they have flown by.  So many things have happened and yet, here I am - still sitting in this poor old rocking chair that I have almost worn out. It has been cold, windy and raining the past few days but the sky has brightened up and you can almost see some blue in it.  I didn't sleep well at all last night but woke up this morning in time to listen in to the meeting.  I am so happy our meeting time is changing to 1:00pm starting next Sunday. Katarina told me their meeting time is going to 1:00pm for them too starting next Sunday.  That should help me tremendously.  I thoroughly enjoyed being at the meeting this past Thursday night.  There are still quite a few faces I don't recognize but hopefully I will get to know them this coming year.  Matt was the chairman this morning and said the opening prayer. It was such a good prayer.   Jessie called a little bit ago.  She wanted to let me know she is driving down to Florence, SC.  Her Mom has been admitted to the hospital.  It sounds like it is something to do with the stomach and or colon.  Marlan, Briana, KennaKat, Delani and Avery came to visit with me Saturday. The girls drug the big pink bag from the back room into the living room and each one of them picked a little toy to take home with them.  I really need to add some things to the bag since so many things have been picked over.  I also need to clean the junky stuff out of there. 
Marlan has had all of her children with her this weekend.  Here she is with her youngest granddaughter and youngest grandson.  Aren't they too cute?  I could squeeze them both to pieces.  Since none of our children came to town this last month of the year like they usually do, it has been very quiet.  Between Douglas having to work, Jessie having a cold and Kelly needing a break from so much traveling, it just wasn't possible.  At least we got to be together for a short while the end of last month.  We really appreciated that Wally and Carmen brought Page to visit on their way to Wilmington, Myrtle Beach and Florence.  They were planning to stop by on their way back home and we were hoping that maybe they might even be able to spend the night.  That brings me back to Carmen - I'll be worried until I hear from Jessie and that will be later.  I may break down and call Wally before Jessie gets there........I'm sure prayers will be welcomed.

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  1. I hope Carmen will be ok! Sad news that she was admitted. Any updates?


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