Saturday, December 14, 2013

WOW - Two days in a row!!! Unheard of....

Okay- don't get excited. No big news about anything - just one of those meandering ideas I just had that fell flat, flat, flat.  I thought I would share it so everyone else can have a good laugh too.  I was looking at a Belk's sales flyer that came with the paper this morning. They are having some pretty good sales right now. Then my eyes fell upon them - a pair of 1/2 carat diamond earring studs. Wow - something I have wanted for such a long time. SO - I said to Mr. Dwight - "hey, you know how you were asking what to get for the 48th anniversary and I  said why not another chair? and he said - yeah? I said, they have some 1/2 carat diamond earring studs on sale for the same thing the chair would cost - even a tiny bit cheaper - what do you think? and he told me what he thinks and it wasn't good."  Oh well, a girl can only try.  Now if we get a chair, I will think about those ding dang diamonds every time I look at it. Ding Dang it!!!! LOL  Just kidding. No way I ever expected him to buy anything that expensive for me that wasn't "worth it" and "useful". 
Patsy shared this picture of her MaT that was taken many years ago one Halloween. She is dressed like one of her favorite characters from an old TV show called Hee Haw!  She and PaT lived right beside Patsy when she was growing up so she was very close to them.
Can I say again how excited I am that Patsy is living her dream in this lovely home near the sea? I mean - how many people get to have their biggest dream come true? I know she is grateful every single day for it and I am grateful for it too. 
This is what the road up Terry Mountain to Lora and Elbert's looks like when it snows a little. I used to fly up that road in my little blue VW many, many years ago. They are still living up there and both seem to be doing pretty good.  They will be celebrating their 65th Anniversary next Saturday.
And this is a picture looking out of the little trailer they have up at their place on Hyco Lake. It looks so pretty and green doesn't it?  They have had this place for many, many years and I have very fond memories of some really good times up there when I was much younger.
I will close with this picture of a pillow with a lovely dragonfly on it. As everyone already knows, I love dragonflies but this pillow was so expensive it made me laugh out loud to see what they were asking for it. Plain white cotton on small rectangle of foam with this lovely picture.  I love it but I'm not going to spend that kind of money on something that will get dirty real quick - even though it would look good on my bed. NO!! Stop it!! I'm not going to buy it!!! Will sign off now on this cold and rainy Saturday afternoon.  I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

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