Sunday, February 9, 2014

Is it really February....

I have started this post several times and then something happens, a phone call, a call from "nature", I fall asleep because I waited too get the picture.  Anyway, I'm determined to finish this post tonight.  It was a good day today.  I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day to walk outside.
As I walked in the back yard, I ran across another piece of glass from many years ago.  We are convinced someone who lived here must have burned their trash back there.  This piece of glass is very dense and has a light green tint to it.  I also loved the small patch of light green lichen beside it.  I decided to walk next door to see my neighbors and to give them a key to our house in case of any emergencies. Debbie has a key but since they live right next door, I thought it would be wise for them to have one too - especially if I lock myself out of the house by mistake. I totally enjoyed my visit with Patsy and Alton.  I stayed way longer than I intended but Patsy and I enjoyed getting to know each other better. When I got ready to come home, Patsy decided to walk with me and came in for a visit. Of course she fell under Miya's spell. It turns out she loves cats also and is looking forward to having hers back with her when her Dad comes down.  We ended up in the back bedroom talking and Miya ended up sound asleep under Patsy's coat on the bed where we were sitting.
She sent me a link to the house they are buying.  The link allows you to "walk through" the house to get an idea of what it is like and it is big!  I love the house and feel confident they will be very happy there.  It is out in the country with a barn/garage (you can see it on the left) a fenced in back yard and lots of land around them. I will hate to lose them as neighbors but am happy because they are happy.
 I finally got to meet and hold Lyla up close and personal. Her Mom brought her by for a very, very quick visit on her way to handle some business with a car.  She had prepared me that she wouldn't be able to stay for any length of time and I assured her that I understood and made myself not whine
when she had to leave.  I so appreciate that she made it possible for me hold this precious little one for a few minutes. She came right to me with a big smile on her face. Jessie told me she was like that with almost everyone.  Jessie hated that she couldn't stay for a visit but I assured her that I understood and really appreciated she took those few minutes to share Lyla with me.
Of course I had to count her little toes - isn't that what Southern women do?  We like to make sure everything is where it should be. I love that look on her face.."what - ya never seen a foot before"?
I ran across this picture that was taken in May or June of 2000.  That is Douglas and Jessie cuddling on the sofa. She was pregnant here and not  really showing very much.  She was due in December but as we all know, Page decided she didn't want to wait until her due date and she came in September.
Matt stopped by for a short visit and of course, Miya took it upon herself to let him know just how much we have all missed him.
Of course she got her way and "made" him love on her.  Look at Matt's self-satisfied look in the last picture.  That look is saying, "Oh yeah - she loves me".  Hey - we all love you Matt - why wouldn't Miya love you too? He has been quite busy lately - with good things - but I miss seeing him more.
I called Geral several weeks ago to see if she could "baby-sit" me while Dwight was out of town. It turns out she and Sheila had recently gotten home from their trip to West Palm Beach to see Janet.
I love this picture of Geral with Janet. Geral said they had a wonderful time and were so glad they went. I enjoyed having Geral stay with me the last time Dwight went fishing. She promised she would come back and stay with us when Dwight is in town soon. 
I received an email telling me I had a $30 gift certificate toward some fresh flowers so I looked at the ones they had on the same page and picked the one you see above that had a marked-down price of $18.95 plus shipping. I figured the $30 gift certificate would cover that.  They signed the card from - "Me" which I thought was funny and cute.  I received the flowers I had ordered but the container I had picked out was a round globe and a lot prettier than this one. The invoice ended up being more than $40.00.  When I emailed them about it, they pointed out that the special price didn't apply to any other offers.  When I went back and looked at the original email, every arrangement on the page with the offer was on sale and the "disclaimer" was at the bottom in small print. I let them know I would never order anything from them again. They then sent me an email making me the very same "offer" they had made before.  Argghh!!
While we are doing pictures, I'll share this one I pulled from Facebook of Gina and three of her sisters.  There is one more girl and I love every one of them.  They had two brothers also, one of whom is married to a very dear friend of mine who also worked with me at Elite. They are all beautiful - inside and out.  Whenever I am with all of them at the same time, it makes me think of the times I spend with my four sisters.

Miya was looking out at the pitiful amount of snow we finally got recently. It didn't even cover the grass in the front yard. Kelly said she left work early and was still trapped on the highway for five hours.  The really sad thing is they got twice as much snow in Georgia than we got here.
What is even sadder is that Patsy got more snow in Emerald Isle on the beach than we got.  This is a picture she took of her deck. Hello?  If it is going to snow, then snow for goodness sake. 
 I had to share this picture of Brenda's new coat. Her sweet hubby, Kevin, took the picture and put it on Facebook.  Isn't that the sweetest. I still think of them so often and of the wonderful time we had with them.  When I look at the picture I can remember being in that room. 
I know - not the most attractive picture. The picture above is my upper teeth since the surgery and radiation which has resulted in my having chronic dry mouth. I was told I could even lose my teeth due to the dryness of my mouth so I have tea or water beside me all the time or keep gum on hand to chew.  Dry mouth is very uncomfortable and at times very painful.  I go for a cleaning about every three months now instead of six. My dentist is also having to put tiny fillings in several of my teeth and I  mentioned to him that I was learning how to smile with my mouth closed because my teeth are so dark now.  The next time I went, he was almost finished when he mentioned quietly to me that he wanted to try something.  He said he didn't know if it would work so I would literally be a guinea pig and it might not work or last but he didn't like to think of me not smiling if there was something he could do to help.  He asked if I would be willing to be a guinea pig and I said definitely.
These are the results! I am so very, very happy.  He warned me again they may not last (veneers) - that they may also become discolored or not stay on but I don't care - I love them.  Dwight bought me some Crest whitening toothpaste to use along with the Biotene toothpaste and the prescription high fluoride toothpastes I already use.  Yeah- I have to be careful or I'm going to look like a dog with rabies - foam mouth!!! It was so sweet of him though. I kept thinking about what I could do to show my appreciation and finally decided a gift certificate to Parizade would be nice. Now - just to figure out how to get over there and buy the gift certificate!  I found his and his wife's home address and will send it to them in a card but I need to get the actual certificate! 
 I bought these flowers when I was at the grocery store with Dwight. I picked up the two things I needed and could not pass up these pretty flowers - another one of my favorites.  The week before that, I purchased some bamboo from Wellspring for my living room window.  If you look closely at the black wood block beside them with the white writing on it, you will find my latest gift from Kelly.  This was a song we sang together while she was growing up.  I would sing the first part of a sentence and she would finish with the last word - i.e., Me: "I love " and she would say "you", Me: "A bushel and a" and she would say "peck", .....anyway, you get the idea. So very sweet of her to share this with me.  Alice received the same block from Kelly (Alice used to baby-sit for me when I had to work) and I'm sure she probably sang that song with Kelly too. Got to sign off before I go to sleep on the computer.  What a mess that would be not including how angry I would be with myself.

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  1. So happy to read your blog! Why not call up parizade and have them mail you the gift certificate? They can take orders over the phone I'm sure, if they don't have something where you can buy one online, most places have that these days. And if not, I can run by and get one for you, or take you if you'd like a little outting. Love the new teeth! And dr Jordan is just the best isn't he? He's such a nice guy! I hope the new teeth last and work out great for you! Love the flowers, stinks that the flower company did that to you! That's so annoying!


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