Thursday, February 27, 2014

This and that ---- not really that much to share ...........

There really isn't much news so I'll try to keep this short and.....well, short.  I had an appointment with my Duke Lymphoma Oncologist this morning. I was scheduled for the blood work at 11:00am and for the doctor at 12:00pm.  We didn't have to wait long for the blood work so we figured that meant we would have a longer wait for the doctor.  As it turned out, they were running ahead of schedule and got us in right away.  It was the fastest appointment I have had at the Duke Cancer Center since I've been going there over two years now. The other good news is my blood work didn't show many changes so I was pretty happy with how it all went today.  Dr. Beaven asked me how often I see my Melanoma physicians and I explained how I see one of them every 6 months - when I see my Radiation Oncologist, he schedules me to see my Melanoma Surgeon in 3 months - then when I see him, he schedules me to see the get the point.  She then suggested we change my appointment schedule with her to every 6 months instead of every 3 months and I agreed that it would be fine. I haven't scheduled a follow-up appointment with my other Lymphoma Oncologist and may just stop going to him altogether.  It really is a duplication of efforts having two of them.  I'm not going to worry about it since I can make that decision later.  I was happy that I had time to listen to a young man playing the baby grand in the downstairs lobby while waiting for the car to be brought out front.  That piano has a beautiful quality to it - especially when it is played by someone so talented. Made me think of Barbara Ann - she played beautifully too....
I may have shared this before but ran across it in my jewelry drawer and decided to share it again. I always loved hearing Mama sing this song so one day, I made her write it down for me.  I also love seeing her handwriting again.  Brings back nothing but good memories and feelings.....
Debbie came to clean yesterday and I asked her to help shake out the valances in the kitchen. She actually made these for me after Sue had bought the material for them when she was here last. Dwight came home in time to help her hang them back up after I was given the job of putting them back on the rods.  She also pinned up several skirts I want her to hem for me.  I realized today that I may have given her a skirt I was planning to wear to the Assembly Saturday. I'm pretty sure I can make do with another one I have that didn't need any alterations. 
Dwight asked me if I needed anything from the store and under my breath I said, flowers.  It worked - he brought me this small bunch of daisies! This was taken as soon as I put them in water. About an hour later, the water had turned a deep pink color.  Actually looks even prettier that way. 
This is a great picture of three of my favorite people in the world.  I miss Ike and Ennis so much.  I'm sure Judy misses them even more than I do.  I just realized I haven't written anything about Aunt Eunice.  I received  call from her daughter, Evelyn, telling me she had died this past Sunday.
She was 86 years old and the last of my Aunts (last of that generation) on both sides of my family.  She was married to Mama's brother, Charlie, but Mama loved her as much as if she was her own sister. She and Uncle Charlie had three children, Dwayne (Joy), Rex (June) and Evelyn (Barry).  Dwayne and his wife, Joy, died a few years ago. I know Evelyn and Rex will miss her but life will move on.
 It is a little unsettling to realize you are now part of the older generation in your family. That you and your cousins make up that generation Mama and Aunt Eunice used to be from.  It brought back home that there are only 4 sisters now - not the original 6 or the long term 5 girls in Mama and Daddy's family - just the four girls and their children and for some grandchildren.  Oh well, this one really makes me sad.  She really was a very special lady and will be missed by everyone who knew her. I have been fighting sleep the entire time I've been trying to write this. I really do need to give up and let the sleep I've been fighting take me away to dream land.  Good night.......


  1. I'm sorry about your aunt Eunice. �� I am really looking forward to the assembly Saturday and the upliftment it will give. And I'm so very glad you will be there! You have very similar handwriting to your moms, I thought that you had written that note.
    Love you!

  2. good to see you blog again. I did not realize that you also are seeing Dr. Beaven. I see her too.


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