Friday, June 5, 2009

When a Goodbye is a GOODbye!!!!

I awoke early and Dwight brought me a fresh ice pack and I got up a little later. Another long service day gone but not to worry. I could tell I still had the migraine but the pain was definitely different - never became the ax blade on one side of my head again - was dispersed across my forehead. I purchased two other therapies yesterday - one for my lungs which are showing stress and the other one was custom made for the cancer in my gut area. I need two other products - one for my stressed pancreas (I'm pre-diabetic) and the other one which is a little pricey is Magnesium. My body is severely depleted of this and is the cause of my frequent cramps. Maybe after I get my next check if there is any left from medical bills. Other than those few things - my organs all look very good to her. Eileen was so generous to share the cost of the test and I appreciate her being so caring. Bye Bye Migraine

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