Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How do you say fresh......?

My oldest niece, Dee, (shown with her beloved Dorothy Dog) brought me some of her wonderful "home grown" eggs from her darling girls (Rosemary, Darlene and Daphne) to the family reunion yesterday. So many of my young friends have laying hens now and seem to really enjoy their "pets" and the gifts they leave them every day. I don't have any pictures of Dee's girls but have a few of Ann's.

The funniest thing -
Ann has discovered that one of her girls isn't.....a girl that is. She doesn't want to keep him because she wants laying hens for the eggs, not to reproduce BUT she is afraid to give him to someone who may EAT him! When Page and Leah were out there last week,the "guy" was still there amongst all his girls! He does stand out in the crowd doesn't he? We'll see what happens.

I'll have to say, I do love Ann's lovely cottage - just looking at the picture makes me relax.

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  1. I LOVE her house too! It is so cute and cozy! I would love to live there!


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