Sunday, June 21, 2009

Babies and Weddings.....Life keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping....into the future...

I drove up to Troutville, VA and spent the night with Little D and family. My dear friend Rosemary has two big events coming up in her life. Her oldest daughter is expecting her first baby (girl - Delani Rose) the first part of August and her youngest daughter is getting married in October. It turns out they will have both married young men who live in the same area as Little D and family. I was up for the youngest daughter's bridal shower but got to see the whole family together. Here is the oldest daughter as beautiful as she will every be... Leah programmed her GPS and it directed me right to the park in Radford, VA - a small college town tucked away in the mountains - that was lovely. We were at a park right on the James River and it was beautiful. Of course Rosemary and her hubby are already proud grandparents as shown -
After the three of us took a nice meandering walk along the river, the wonderful GPS got me back home in time to get a ride in Leah's Dad's cherished BMW convertible with her Mom and Page in the back seat. He drove like a bat out of Gehenna over the curvy mountain "back roads" to Blacksburg and we arrived there just as the sun set and came back home on the main highway to a wonderful steak dinner all cooked and ready to eat! After the meeting on Sunday, I headed home with beautiful weather all the way.

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