Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good News.....

Finally got some good news yesterday afternoon!!! Bentley came through his surgery, woke up enough to acknowledge Page and she said he would be in ICU the rest of the night. I felt relieved that the surgery was over and they thought it went well but it was when we got a text message this morning with a picture of Bentley in his room that I realized I had still been holding my breath!!!! I cried a little at that happy face. BigD just said he knows all the exercising he has been doing really paid off. I know they are both so relieved - it is all they have been able to think about for so long and now that worst part is over. Haven't felt great lately - some stomach issues and little headaches here and there but today I think I'm having what some call a 'silent migraine' without the aura. Today I had migraine pain - probably because of the pressure of a storm system that was moving through. Either way - I've been home all day but the good news is I had a visit from one of my favorite of all time people - Keith! I love this picture of him from one of our beach trips in 2007. He was very encouraging to me as always and got to speak to Page when she called about Bentley being in his own room! I really miss him since his work schedule changed. We also talked about our close friend Gerl whom we both adore. He adopted her as a second Mom when her own son died at a very young age and they are so close. We are both having a hard time realizing that she will be moving an hour away next month. We understand the why but that don't mean we have to like it!! I'm having a small, intimate party for her Friday night - I let her pick most of the menu and all of the guests so I feel confident she will have a good time. I can't let myself even think about what it will mean once she has moved - she has been such a stabilizing part of my life for a long time now - especially with my ministry - I hope I can rise to the occasion and do the same for her now by not forgetting her and making the extra effort to go down and work in service with her from time to time when I take her "frozen dinners". "private joke" I love this picture I took of her a few years back when we went to TN to work seldom worked territory for a week. She was very happy to hear that Eileen is already planning our Fall trip to her beach house - we can't wait! I don't know if Eileen will ever understand how special her beautiful little beach cottage has become to us. We talk about our wonderful time there all the time and are looking forward to our next visit. I have been encouraging Eileen to go down soon - she still has a lot of paperwork to do with her brother since her Mom's death but I know she can almost smell the ocean right now knowing that pretty soon she will be in her special place again. Well - I have tons to do tomorrow and Friday - you know me - Type A with huge letters - put it all off until the last minute. That's my middle name. I'll put up some pictures of our beach trip soon.

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