Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh Well .... another night like that...

Here it is 4am and I'm still awake. Thought I would put a few more pictures like these gorgeous flowers Eileen sent me when Ann died. I thought they were too beautiful for words and wanted to save it. Eileen calls me Naomi - from the story of Ruth and Naomi. So sweet of her to see me that way but she is such a strong person and I feel confident she is going to do very well. We were encouraged to take as many of the small roses from the grave as we wanted because it was so hot that day, they would not have lasted long at all. I put a few in my newest little vase and think they are so sweet. They held a very special meaning for Ann and Tad. I do think about Ann every day just like I knew I would. She has been on my mind pretty constantly for the past three years - especially after I was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago. Even though we didn't get to see each other often, I feel the space that she used to occupy and know it is empty. I was always trying to think what would be the best time to call and sadly, sometimes missed the phone calls when she would call me and I would be out but I know she thought of me often too after I was diagnosed. When I was with her on my first visit up to see her, I leaned over to kiss her goodnight and looked down into her face and told her I could see each one of us (me and my sisters) in her face and she smiled at me. As you know, my brother-in-law wrote a lovely poem with the title that is the name of my Blog - Belma's Pearls. My sister asked him to write her a similar poem for her graveside service. He thought it was going to be hard but said once he started, it just flowed and is as lovely as the one he wrote for Mama. Some of you know that I use middle names or nicknames on my Blog but my oldest sister's name was Barbara Ann....

The First of Belma’s Pearls

Barbara was the first of Belma’s girls,
The beginning of her Precious Pearls

She lived an interesting life
She fit no category
She was Tadashi’s wife
She wrote her own story

She flew the friendly skies
She wore the silver wings
Adventure filled her eyes
She loved her wanderings

She loved her Mom, she loved her Dad
She loved her siblings too
One of the greatest friends they ever had
We all know that is true

And then one day she met her man
That’s when she settled down
To raise her favorite loving clan,
Her ultimate happiness found

She loved them all, but none not more
She loved them all the same
Both her bouncing baby boys
She cherished every name

And then Surprise, Surprise!
A bouncing Baby Gran
‘Love to have seen our Barbara’s eyes
With our cameras close at hand

They gave Barbara room to do her thing
They loved their loving Mother
And she loved the job of Mothering
More than any other

Barbara introduced me to my wife
Away back when
An additional joy to my life
Big Al’s my closest friend

Thank you Barbara for all you were
Thanks for the memories too
And when the great reunion occurs
We’ll be back with you.

Miss you Barbara Ann


  1. What a wonderful poem! I love the fact that it is another addition to the original Belma's Pearls. You should have it printed beautifully and framed to go along with your other!!


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