Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ann, Biscuit, Keith and Red Velvet Cupcake......

Had a nice visit from Ann and Biscuit.  She picked me up a delicious Shrimp - BLT from Parker and Otis downtown along with pesto pasta and a delicious Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing. YUM! I put up two pictures of what the cupcake looked like.  The red one looks like the actual cupcake but the icing on the darker one looks like the scrumptious icing.
I sent the telephone picture of Biscuit with her finger up her nose to the kids. She does this to drive her Mom crazy! I didn't want to call her booger eater because I was afraid it would make her want to eat them so I called her "nose picker". She did so good with her potty training - even running down the hall bottomless to show us she had gone potty by herself. BIG GIRL! She totally enjoyed playing in the back bedroom. She played with what is left of the toy bag, pretended to take a nap and according to her Mom, PRETEND is exactly what that has been lately. She is at the stage of still "needing" a nap and not quite wanting one. Keith stopped by before they left. It seems they are all going on a camping trip in a few weeks. After Ann left - we talked about how bad could it be to be going camping with a Martha Stewart. All the little goodies I'm sure she will have to share with everyone. The balloon is there because of Leah.  They have to put that balloon up to the exact height of the proposed tower that will be built there so people in the area can complain if they want to before it is built. She had to tromp into the woods (mosquitoes were eating her alive) and release the balloon and sit there watching it until 4:30.  Wow.  At least she had a pretty day.  I got an email from Duke telling me my results were in from the tests last week.  I then made the mistake of  reading them.  Then I made a bigger mistake and sent them to the kids.  After I did that, I really wished I hadn't sent them.  I didn't even like what I read so why would I put that on them.  Bad Mama!  Kurt laughed and said how confused he was.  I so hope he can come Friday but if not, hopefully he will be able to come Saturday in time to go listen to music with Lee and Keith Saturday afternoon.  Will be a quick trip for him but at least I'll get to see him for a little while. So - that has been my day and so far it has been a good one - sans my reading the report. Hope everyone else is having a good day too.

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  1. booger picker, booger picker! Kids are great, I'm still waiting for Ethylwolfe to realize that it's an embarrassing thing to do in school...he hasn't learned that yet :)
    Red velvet cupcakes...mmmmmmmmmmmmm! How delightful :)


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