Friday, December 23, 2011

Taking control ..... yeah - right...

Had a pretty rough night and early morning with mucous, scabs and pain in mouth and throat. Page ordered several more tubes but we think we may need another machine - this one doesn't have the power it did.  I also had a problem with two meds getting caught in my throat area and that cause much of the serious problem in the night - SO - decided to forgo the nausea med that causes me to have nausea lately just will not go down and so far, have done okay.  We crushed up the antibiotic insides and most of it went down.  NOW - I'm starting to feel that sick feeling so thinking about seeing if my GP will call in something else for nausea - maybe a suppository. SO tired of meds - can't even begin to tell you how tired I am.  I really, really don't want to do the nausea pills I have now though. Might call my pharmacist first and see what she might recommend.
Here is a picture of our neighbor's dog - Rex. He always barks whenever anyone walks across my yard. He is pretty isn't he? I miss having the dog on the other side who would also bark if someone came through the back on that side too.
I had to share this picture of my old friend - Lora and her young friend. This was from the convention and I keep forgetting to ask if the coordinated their outfits before they came. Two beautiful women -
Also Dee with her new step-son-in-law from the wedding. My oldest niece whom I have loved from the moment I laid eyes on her. I was her personal slave when she was little. Yeah - she's still bossy. Just kidding Moni! I had to toss some of the old flowers out but the amaryllis and most of the ones in the green square pot are still doing okay. My schedule for having the cancer removed from my nose has been set for March 12th. Yeah - another surgery - can't wait. SO - who is really in control here? Evidently not me because I'm starting to feel really, really sick to my stomach and may have to re-think my plans. On the other hand - it doesn't feel that different from 1:30am this morning when I got sick. Who knows...we'll see said the blind man.....
Leah said they send Kurt to WVA to work today so she will be very surprised if they come before tomorrow and will let me know when she knows when he knows - who knows?


  1. I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time :*(
    I hope the kids get there soon, and you can enjoy your time with them. Love you.

  2. I love reading your posts even though the fake names have me totally kerfluffeled. My folks always used to say that "the cure was worse than the cause". I have found that to be painfully obvious over the years. I am so sorry that you are so sick. I laughed when you mentioned the bm's. That is always a major source of concern to them isn't it? I just remembered that I haven't been able to do this, comment on your blog that is but it seems I fixed it last time. So...side point...I had to register and it asked for names etc blahblahblah and then it asked for sex. As I have a bad cold right now I told them "I prefer not" Bwaahaaahaaa. Never been asked that before. Had to do it. Ok back to you. I am surprised that this constant visitors doesn't wear you out. But you seem the type of person that kind of feeds off it, let me know:) What do you do in the wee small hours when you can't sleep? When are you done with the mask thingy treatments? I guess you'll be missing this years pioneer for sure though. I want to say something wonderful and profound...I got nothing. You are a dear person that I have become attached to quickly and without any spoken word. What would you say if you were me I wonder??? I love you, your sense of humor, your you ever just want to smack someone??:) TTYL


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