Thursday, February 28, 2013

Could I get a helping

Someone sent an email with the caption above and tons of pictures like the ones below. I decided to share just a few of my favorite ones but they were all so cute.
Like I said - there were tons of cute ones but these kind of "popped" for me. I had my appointments yesterday at the Duke Pain Center. We were there for about 6 hours in all. I met with the young man who had to put me through a LOT of questions to determine if I would be a candidate for biofeedback and other alternative ways of coping with pain - which I am. Then we met with Dr. Fras who explained what she wanted to do to manage the pain with medication. Once I remove the last Fentanyl patch tomorrow, I will start taking the other medication the following day while trying to come off the Oxycodone. If it works, that will be the medication I take from now on. It may be a lot while I'm doing both but that will be necessary until I'm off the Oxycodone. Once I have started the new medication, it should keep the level even throughout each day instead of the see-saw way the Oxycodone works of going up and down. My appointment today was my second appointment with the doctor I am seeing at Duke for my Follicular Lymphoma. I had recently agreed to be part of a program called COPE that tries to identify the different emotions cancer patients have when talking with their doctors. I had to answer many questions first over the phone and then today my appointment with Dr. B was recorded. I was asked even more questions before and after this appointment - again - all about the "feelings" experienced when interacting with my physician.  One very positive thing that happened today was our meeting with a pharmacist. When the nurse came in to get some information, we mentioned that I had questions about how to take both the new drug and Oxycodone together while coming off the Oxycodone.  Anyway she came in and answered all our questions and we both feel much better about the transition and the new medication. We also both liked Dr. B much better after this visit and all got a big laugh about how "good" we made each other "feel" and it had "nothing to do with the tape recorder" sitting on her desk.  Anyway - it was another long day. I still have the raspy, juicy cough I've had for several days now so we are thinking I more than likely do have a bad cold.  I am also thinking that is why it has been hard for me to stay warm the last few days too.  I listened in to most of the meeting tonight - long enough to hear that Eric has been made an ELDER!  I am so happy for him and sent him a text message right away telling him. Oh - one more thing about the bio-feedback guy - he was thrilled to learn I not only am on Facebook but that I also have a Blog! I just got off the phone with Deb - she came through the second eye surgery fine yesterday. I also got a text message from Kelly telling me she and Sherry had arrived in Vegas!!! They are having a long weekend out there and I'm sure they will have fun. Can't wait to see pictures of their trip. 

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