Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm baaacckkk ---

I know - it has been a long time since I've written anything. I'm not going to try to mention everything that has gone on for almost a month so will just start fresh. I'm slowly accepting the news we got about my having to cope with pain from now on. Wasn't what I was hoping to hear but am now using a patch which will hopefully eventually help me get off the oxy every four hours. I went to Katrina's baby shower this past Saturday - my first social outing!
Yep - she is due the end of this week I think. She got some lovely things for the baby. They really make beautiful and useful unique products for babies these days.
KennaKat and Lani helped with the gifts. I'm sure Ari got some great pictures.  She is the one who took all their family photos awhile back.
Love this picture of Paisley. She is really growing up too. I tried to get a picture of her in her cute hat.
Always good to see Pat. He looks so good. I also got to talk for awhile with his lovely bride.
Garry is such a nut. I made the mistake of sitting in a regular rocking chair the first half of the shower before switching to my chair and paid for it on the way home. Thank goodness it was Judy bringing me home - being a nurse, she didn't have the same reaction to someone throwing up in her car as most people would. And yes, I caught it all without messing up her car. Made me angry at myself though. A lot of people were asking Katrina what she is naming her little girl but I'm not going to put the name here since it hasn't been written in stone yet. Was so happy I made it to the meeting yesterday morning. It was such joy being with the friends. Linda brought me home from the meeting. They are finally in their new home with their new furniture. I can tell she is happy about it. We can't wait to see it. I have really missed her and hope we can spend some time together soon. We are getting excited about the kids all coming this weekend. Kelly will arrive by plane Thursday night and Douglas and family will get in Friday night. The sad news is Zandra's Mom died. She was 89 years old and with her loved ones when she died. They flew her body home and the memorial will be Friday afternoon. They are all coming for dinner Friday night. Even though the reason we will all be together is sad, I'm still happy we are going to have some time together as families.  Big weekend ahead!

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  1. I'm so so glad that you came to the shower! It was great seeing you!! :-D I'm steeling your picture, I haven't taken any of myself in months. I'm sorry you had a rough ride home. So happy to hear you'll see your kids this weekend, even though the reasons are sad, there are always things to rejoice over.
    Love you very much!


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