Saturday, February 16, 2013 a new addition....

It is becoming more obvious each and every day how much I need to keep things as simple as I possibly can. With that being said, I will share a few pictures of our visit with Zandra and her family and a few others to get caught up and introduce a new addition to our little family.
Zandra was pleased with how many people were still around to attend the Memorial Friday the 8th. We both enjoyed seeing some old classmates from our high school days, including the blonde woman talking to Zandra.  She was a big help to Zandra's Mom when she still lived here.
We were happy to have Zandra and her entire family - all eight of them - for dinner that night. Amy (shown above) is three months older than Kelly.  She was just a baby when Zandra moved to Florida.  
Eric is about a month younger than Douglas.  Their due dates were very close but Douglas was early and Eric I think a little late.  Eric is going to kill me but this really was the best picture I got of him. I can't remember if Zandra knitted the scarf or Amy...oh well. It belongs to Amy's daughter, Alexa. 
I love this picture of Alexa and Page. It isn't a great picture of Page but it reminded me of one I took of them when Alexa was younger than Page is now and she came to visit with Zandra.  They seemed to enjoy each other's company in spite of their age difference.  Alexa is about seven years older than Page. She is a smart young lady with a good head on her shoulders. I have a picture on here somewhere showing her riding the barrels in a Rodeo. It was awesome.
This is Eric's lovely wife Crissie. Their sweet little girl has been diagnosed with Epilepsy and Crissie is working out of the home now in order to be with her all the time. I am getting ready to order a tee shirt that people will wear in a walk called Team Bailey and will result in the proceeds going to a fund to support Bailey's treatments and bring Epilepsy to the forefront in people's minds.
 Crissie works tirelessly in her chosen profession and for this little girl. Bailey's allergies hit her hard. I'm thinking it must have been cat hair because her little eyes and nose were running and her face was red as a beet. Bless her little heart. Crissie gave her a Benadryl and she went to sleep.
This is the best shot I got of Douglas. I enjoyed watching our kids interact and get along so well with each other including the two daughter-in-laws. I couldn't get a good shot of Chazz or Mike - if you look back at the first picture, you will see Mike standing in front of the door to the Mausoleum. I am so happy Zandra has Mike in her life.
I like this picture of Dwight, Kelly and Zandra. Kelly is making the creamed potatoes that go with Dwight's famous BBQ Chicken and Cole Slaw. He was planning to make a seafood pasta but they all wanted the chicken.  It is always delicious - no matter how many times he makes it - it's good.
I had my usual - Ensure. Thank goodness I still like it - makes it easier.
Dwight cooked breakfast Saturday morning for Mike and Zandra before they got on the road. They both loved the homemade sausage. Dwight was pretty whipped Saturday and got a good nap with Princess Miya. He really slept a lot on Saturday. Jen, Tony,  Boy and Biscuit came over Saturday afternoon and had dinner with us that night. Douglas always enjoys playing with Biscuit - who wouldn't? Of course, Page and Boy just picked up where they always leave off. I don't think they have ever had a real argument. Such a nice friendship to be witness to.  And now for our newest addition.
Marlan's newest granddaughter. Her name is Emerson Kate - isn't that lovely? So now Marlan has one grandson and four granddaughters. Talk about being an older brother - Katrina's little boy is going to have his hands full with two little sisters and two younger cousins. Such a sweet little family. There - I'm now caught up. Well - almost. I forgot to mention we had some lovely snow all day today.  It is still coming down very lightly and NO - it isn't sticking.  It would have been pretty if it had but I can't say I'm not glad it didn't stick.  I think the Northern part of our area got much more than we did and it probably stuck up there.  Now - I'm caught up...for now...sorta....maybe

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