Friday, September 6, 2013

CPap and other stuff......

I have tons of pictures I've been meaning to share so I decided to just put them up.  I know it will be sort of random but I use my blog not only as a journal but also a calendar of sorts.  I am very  unhappy with my new computer. I can NOT manipulate my pictures to use on my blog anymore.  I need to get Darrell to help me with it.  I want what I used to have - it was so easy to crop and make them look better on my old computer.  I will now attempt to put a few pictures that don't need any editing up.
I opened up my old red pocketbook and found tons of stuff in there including my little date book I ordered from Geninne's Art Blog a few years ago.  The pretty little extending back scratcher was one of the gifts from the beach and the two little origami pockets were made by JoJo and given to me at the meeting.

Another sweet box with kitty cats on it for my jewelry.  So cute- it is all wood.
 Handmade necklace and matching earrings made by Yonn Valdez. She and her dear hubby have returned to Arizona - she will be missed by all the other pioneers I'm sure. I will also miss his great comments at the meetings.
 Last night was my second night using my CPap and I did pretty good.  I do believe I had the mask a little too tight... I had a very red mark on my forehead and across the bridge of my nose which is still quite sore. I'll be careful to not make it so tight tonight.
 I finally found the perfect place for my iron LOVE sign. Debbie thought it was a good place too and put it up there for me. She can do anything.
 Sorry - I just had to share it.  I would love to have a shirt with this on it.... it even looks a little like Miya when she isn't very happy.
 I put this one up because it reminds me of some pictures Jen has framed in her living room. She should do one like this and include Dixie.
 Uh-huh - I've got it.  Never doubted it - nope, not for a minute.  This is TOO cute.
 This one tugs at my heart strings --- strongly. I can see myself in that chair with a nice cold glass of sweet tea.  It also makes me think of Monica and Patsy who both have places at EI - color me "envy".
 Pam's beautiful grandson. His Mom is going to bring him over to see us in a few weeks when all the family is here.  We can't wait to get our hands on him and snuggle that sweet neck.
 This is another picture of my bird book with my appointment with Dr. Sharpe stuck in it. It seems like that was a real long time ago....a lot has happened since that important appointment.
This is what the screen of my laptop looked like when it died. I makes me so very sad - especially since I still haven't gotten the hang of my new one - at all
A picture of Zandra with one of her beautiful granddaughters. What two happy faces there.
I have been getting hot lately - usually my feet stay cold no matter how warm it is.  I still need the
 heavy purple one when I go to sleep.  A better picture of the little origami pockets JoJo made me.
I finally hung the pretty little vase Monica gave me. I was looking for something else and found the fishing line instead.  I'll take another picture of it once I put a flower inside it.
I have to share this picture I snatched from Facebook.  This is my very handsome cousin - Alan. His Mom was two years older than my Mom and I used to go stay with them in the summer. He is a little younger than I am. I see a lot of my Aunt in his face here.
This is a note Page wrote on her Mom's chart in her hospital room.  She is so ready for her Mom to be better and home again. I'm really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow also. I have had several friends call me to tell me they will miss me tomorrow. I'm sad about it too but thankfully, Marlan and I will be able to go to the assembly with our children in several months.  We both realize how blessed we are to have that option. As a matter of fact, we would have gone to at least one day of their assembly anyway so we are fortunate to have a back-up plan. Hopefully Marlan's leg will heal and she will be able to be up and around sooner than later. This has been very hard for her - very hard.
 I'm closing with pictures I was given permission to share by sweet Sonia in France. I asked her about it a long time ago but never got around to sharing it. Most people know how much I love dragonflies - so this picture really caught my eye. Hope we find Jessie doing much better by the time we get there tomorrow. Hate she is having to go through this.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Your life has changed a lot since you got that little planner. I remember when you shared a picture when you got it. Seems like a lifetime ago now. Sorry about Doug and Jessie. Why do things always come in waves? I'm wishing them the best. Hopefully things will normal out some soon, and now that doug has been diagnosed, hopefully he'll start feeling better soon too. Thinking of you all daily. Hope the mask fit better the next night. We missed you and marlan at the assembly this weekend. You would have really enjoyed our DO brother Marlow, he's a hoot!


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