Thursday, September 5, 2013

It is becoming too much to assimilate.....

So much to take in so will try to be as brief as possible.  Jessica decided to have her tubes clamped (last Wednesday) since they had decided it was just too risky to have her stay on Birth Control pills due to her medical history (Asthma, Allergies and high blood pressure) and they didn't want to risk another pregnancy because of what happened with Page's micro-preemie birth. She didn't respond very well to the surgery - had a lot of pain including chest pains. It reached a point where she couldn't breathe well and they ended up in the emergency room yesterday for over three hours. Once they x-rayed her, she was admitted immediately and started receiving shots in her stomach of blood thinners.  Both lungs had blood clots in them.  They stopped the shots today and started giving her medication orally. Douglas has been having some health issues since before our week at the beach.  When he told me about some of the symptoms, I expressed concern about auto-immune conditions including Rheumatoid Arthritis. He had found a physician who was committed to getting answers so I felt pretty good by the time we were home.  Douglas was also diagnosed yesterday - with Osteoarthritis (so relieved it isn't RA) and Sjogren's Syndrome - another auto-immune disease. To say their plate is full is putting it mildly.  Wally and Carmen called me after they left the hospital last night to give me another update and they are taking very good care of Samantha (who was staying with Willliam and Nilda at the time).  Dwight is on a fishing trip with Steve in Oak Island and asked me if he should come home and us go up there. It was hard for me to say but I told him we would really be a hinderance to them if we went up there right now. He is coming home tomorrow and we are staying in touch with them.  Douglas was finally given a big chair so he can stay in her room with her. He plans to stay close to her until he feels much better about her condition.  I was very relieved to hear he is able to stay with her.  As always, all prayers are welcomed for all three of them. 

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