Sunday, September 29, 2013

September is winding down.....

Wow - that was fast. I'll have to say that for the most part, September has been a pretty good month, especially this past week. I was so happy I was able to go over to Marlan's for the "Meet and Greet Party" for Phineas a few weeks back. It was my first time seeing Marlan since she broke her leg plus I got to be with her entire family.
 Little Em just gets prettier every day. She can't get much sweeter - look at that smile! Marlan has a beautiful family including her precious grandchildren.
 Dwight and Judy got to get caught up. We were excited to hear all about their 50th Anniversary plans.
And of course, the little man of the hour. His Mom handed him to me as soon as I got there and left him with me for quite awhile. I truly didn't mind since I could have held him even longer.
I can't forget Bain - he just gets cuter every day.  It makes me sad I have never seen him.  Hoping the next time the family is here she will be able to bring him over for a visit. 
I ran across this picture of Moni and Tadashi - I love it. We were so happy to see him really enjoying himself that long weekend.  It was so good seeing all of them at the first Belma's Pearls Family Reunion a little over a week ago. 
I really liked this one of Stephanie, Douglas and Ted.  Stephanie rented the beautiful club house that is in the Park where she lives.  Several of the kids played tennis and of course Steph beat them. 
Of course I love this one of Moni (my first girl) and Kelly. I'm thirteen years older than Moni and she is 12 years older than Kelly.  I get to keep up with Moni on Facebook as well as her handsome brother Sid. Her sweetie - Tom - came by for a nice visit.  We enjoyed him very much.
Someone took quite a few of us all sitting together and this was the first one taken. I decided since we were all already smiling so big, it should be the one I showed - the natural one.
I'm not sure what Sid is telling me here but it must have been a good one. And yes Moni - before you say it, I definitely see Mama here.  Uh Oh. 
Here is Faye calling everyone to eat.  Not really, she was talking to everyone and I think someone asked her a question.
Of course Kelly is always aware of the more important needs of the moment and rose to the occasion with a much needed fan of sorts. Faye only got a little emotional when talking about Barbara but for the most part she did really well.  She then asked about the Belma's Pearls poem so I pulled it up on my iPad (it is on my blog) and I read it.
This is one of many that were taken. It isn't that great of me but I think it is the best of everyone else. Overall - we decided it was a big success and we are planning to do it on the same weekend every year. I can't tell you how happy we were to see Tadashi, Paul, Lori and Brandon.  The trip was totally exhausting but they got there and we enjoyed them. 
So I will end the reunion pictures with three of my favorite family members - Big Al, Moni and "Little Sid".  We were sad that Big Sid wasn't there but totally understood. Someone gave him tickets to the Duke Football game and we all know how much he loves Duke.  They were excellent seats but sadly Duke lost by 4 lousy points.  Made us all feel sad but we know Sid really enjoyed it.
I have to brag since Jessie and Doug's Chili won 2nd place in the Annual Chili Festival.  Their Chili won the last two years so they figure losing by just 1 point wasn't too bad.
Isn't this the cutest thing? It is a picture of Hiro in his brand spanking new blankie.  I know, we are nuts aren't we?  But we do love our babies.
 I'll close with these pictures of GG and Leif. I'm so jealous because Dwight is going down there fishing this week and will get to see all of them.  Hopefully I'll be able to go next time. He deserves a trip away and thankfully, Zandra will be here with me all week.  She and Mike came in tonight and feasted on Dwight's BBQ Ribs  and potato salad. Mike leaves Monday for a Golf Tournament.

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  1. love that you got to have your Belma's Pearls reunion.


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