Friday, December 2, 2011

9 Treatments down - 5 more scheduled......

Okay - it has started.  Some of the side effects they tried to prepare me for.  Nausea was the first one and now both sides of my throat are raw beyond belief (especially the left side where most of the surgery took place) and hurts unbelievably to swallow anything a lot of times.  Sher called earlier this week and said she was coming over to make me smoothies one day and we picked today.
Now you might be saying - big deal - but you know what? It IS a big deal. This is a woman who works full-time, was out in service all day today, lives several towns away, went to the grocery store before and after she got here, fixed two smoothies to find one I could drink, brought supper for BigD, rubbed my feet with lotion and cheered me up unbelievably. She also got our old flashlight, used the handle of a spoon and took a good look at my pitiful throat. BigD was totally "smitten" by the time she left even though she popped him his flu shot. He was just talking to Kurt about her and telling him how wonderful she is. Yep - she has a new fan. I already was one. Thank you Sher - and yes - the nausea med did help tonight.  I'm also happy to say I made it to the meeting last night.  RubyD met me at the back door where BigD dropped me off and we sat in the library.  I started feeling pretty sick before the end but made it and got to speak to some people. RubyD brought me home and I was tired but so happy I made it. Keith has been SO supportive through all of this - he came over and walked with me one day and I leaned down and picked a tiny yellow dandelion out of the yard and said, "aren't yellow flowers so happy?" and so what did he bring me this week? Yep - a sweet bouquet of "happy" flowers! Such a sweet young man. I also want to share a picture from last weekend when Ann came over with the kids. Biscuit has fallen in love with my children's "OLD" green rocking chair.   You can also see the little stash of toys she finds in the back room.  I don't have many left for kids her age but
she seems okay
playing with those few.  What a pistol she is. I know Ann is enjoying every moment with her. I can't believe how much she has grown. So here I am - 9 treatments in and all next week has been scheduled.  I'm still trying not to anticipate the worst that can come but deal with what is already happening.  I'm grateful to have such supportive family and friends to encourage me.  Leah just called me to tell me she is coming down next weekend - to see us, for our 46th anniversary and to bring her Mom's carpet steamer to clean my pitiful carpet in the living room.  Man - it needs it.  What are we doing for our anniversary?  Well - I considered asking for some 1/2 (each ear) carat diamond studs like Page1's but we are getting a new gas furnace/air conditioner.  Yeah - that's where we are in life - diamonds or furnace.  No contest.  I think they will be putting it in next week so BigD and I may be sleeping somewhere else for several nights.  SO glad this week is over and I have a two day break - I'm not one to wish my life away like this - but really - SO GLAD.


  1. Sher is awesome! How kind of her! So glad you were able to make it to the meeting. Just being in Jehovah's house, even if you feel terrible, feels right. I'm sorry about how you feel :( I wish I could take it all away, all the pain, all the anxiety. Can't you get diamonds AND a furnace ;) Love you.

  2. Yes she is wonderful. She really wants to make it better any way she can.


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