Thursday, December 15, 2011

One more radiation, three medical appointments and the beat goes on, and on and on......

BigD just walked into the living room and said, "you have got to  be kidding me". I had to laugh because he just entered my new world. He thought it was morning and it is only 11:52PM.  Yesterday's treatment was extended a little due to the machine needing some work done on it.  We had our weekly visit with Dr's. B and B and our nice nurse.  Her biggest concern was bowel movements - or lack thereof. Please - wish that was my biggest concern.  After they finished with the machine, it took longer to get me in the mask and set up than to do the actual treatment. Rie and her Mom came to clean the house yesterday so it was nice coming home to a clean house - especially the kitchen and bathroom.   We got home about the same time that Fran drove up from Oak Island and Keith came in from field service.  We all enjoyed getting caught up.  Fran brought her juicer and some fruit and BigD talked her into staying for spaghetti and Italian bread with use (them). Fran also brought me a little gift that I LOVE.
I loved telling her I already had one just like it but now have one for the other coffee hole in my car! RubyD called and I asked her to come over and visit with me and Fran. Once she got here, we talked her into staying for dinner. BigD rode over to Boyd's for a beer (or two).  BigD had already started warming up his meaty spaghetti sauce and this is them watching the pasta water boil. Fran made her delicious Italian
(buttery/garlicky) bread and it all smelled too good. It was nice listening to them talk about things other than ME and how I FEEL!  My sleep pattern has been so far off it isn't funny.  After BigD got home, they all ate together while I drank some Ensure - yum.  We begged Fran to spend the night but Ash was expecting her and we understood she wanted to be with her new twin grand-sons and to help out as much as she can.  RubyD agreed to come back Friday to spend the night with us. That made me happy because I'll know she got enough sleep (for some reason I thought she had to work the next day.)
I think being around BigD and having him stress to her how much he would love to have her to please come stay over-night from time to time made her feel more comfortable so she will come over this Friday and get to spend some time with Page and me and sleep good for a change.  I am so proud of Rubyd - she plans to start regular auxiliary pioneering in January now that she has changed her work schedule.  She is so encouraging to me when I look at her and how good she feels right now after going through some pretty rough chemo.  Rie and her Mom re-arranged some of the flowers I've gotten while they were here - saving the best for as long as we can.  Love me some fresh flowers hate they only last a little while.  Love that almost as much as I love clean floors, tubs, showers, sinks and toilets.  BigD and I stripped the day-bed and plan to put it back together tomorrow.  That is where Cody will be sleeping when he gets here in a few weeks.  I plan to set up a bedside table with a lamp for him to use.  BigD said the new gas furnace/AC should be up and running next week!  Woo Hoo.Very happy about that - mostly because BigD is very happy.  I was SO sleepy at 7:33pm that when BigD came into the bedroom, I asked him to climb in with me for a few minutes.  We both went to sleep after which I had a coughing spell around 11:45PM.  I was wide-awake after that and it was then that he walked into the living room amazed that he had been asleep that long in the bed.  Welcome to my world.  I'll be awake for awhile, but hopefully, I will fall back to sleep early enough that I'll get better sleep tomorrow night.  I love the small collage above - one of AJ  - a fresh new slip life who reminds me so much of her Nani, one of a husband helping his wife in her wheelchair after her radiation therapy, two of the scar everyone says looks so good on my neck but still feels tres' strange to me, one of the first blisters on my lip that has never completely healed and one of a new day at the coast - all scenes that have played a huge role in my life since this past August.  Page will get to meet Dr. Ready with us at 9:30AM on Friday and then with Dr. Hathorn at 10am on Monday.  I also just received notice of another appointment on January 4th at 11:30 with Dr. Brizel (Radiation). And the beat goes on......the beat goes on......yaannnaa yaannnaa yaaaaaaaa - the beat goes on..


  1. Looks like it was a lovely day after all.

  2. Your post made me very happy. I'm at home pitying myself over being sick and reading this cheered me up. Everything about it, not one thing in particular. Love you.


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