Thursday, December 22, 2011


Where was I? Man - time passes and yet stands still at the same time. Things came to a head last night and I finally had two or three melt-downs. Several on the phone with medical personnel and a dear friend who let me download like a big ole baby and one or two big ones with BigD. Poor Page - she is probably torn between hating to leave the two of us to play nice and not wanting to come back to the two of us "working" at playing nice. I think the big one BigD and I had was the best one because we both got to say what we wanted to say and guess what - the world didn't come to an end.
The beautiful necklace Page made for dahlink Katarina - the earrings are pretty too. The group just dropped by for one to use the potty and to let me meet a new sister in our congregation. Seems very nice - of course I had just gotten out of the shower and my pitiful hair is wet. Wow - started this entry several days ago and just now getting on the computer for the first time about a hour ago.
The Princess in all her glory - not long before she knocked the liquid Oxycodone off the table onto new chair and carpet. BigD found out Greased Lightening does do a pretty good job -thanks Gail.
The other Princess in all her glory torturing me and her Mommy because we kept telling her "not to pick her nose" so of course what does she love doing???? Oh yeah - the next few years are going to be so much fun to watch.
So WHO in the house is allergic to cats? OF COURSE - Roseanne! And WHO does Princess Miya HAVE to rub on, lay on, get as close to her face on? Roseanne!!!! Bad Miya - Bad Girl.
My beautiful new earrings Page made me! She also cleaned my little diamond studs for me. Almost had to re-pierce those holes and they are still a little sore.
Beautiful flowers Karen brought me a long time ago - they took their time opening and are still beautiful - wilting a little now but still holding their own. The Paperwhite Page got me isn't doing anything yet.
Two old friends I thoroughly enjoy stopping by this past weekend! Eugene and Marty stopped by with a nice gift from an anonymous giver and to talk about the upcoming pioneer meeting tomorrow afternoon. It has been so nice to see a few more of the friends lately. My babies will all be here this weekend - can't wait. Feel bad for BigD - he is suffering with a bad cold we think. I know - I'm just hoping beyond all hope that I don't catch it.
I can't believe I haven't gotten a good picture of our new furnace/AC system yet but the weather has been quite rainy, gloomy, and sad.  The new system is so quiet and works so well.  It has been needed for a really long time.  No one can accuse us of not using stuff up!  SO -- will sign off with another view of the glorious flower from a few days ago when the sun was shining.


  1. Such Beautiful flowers!! And I LOVE the necklace that Paige made for me And the earrings she made for you. I really hope you don't get that cold either!


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