Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nice weekend winding down.....

It has been so nice having Leah with me this weekend after such a rough week.  The bad side effects continued and ended with us being in the hospital Thursday and Friday from 9am until after 3-4pm receiving fluids, pain meds and treatments.  On Friday the two doctors put their heads together and found a nausea medicine I could keep down long enough for it to work.  When I looked at the side effects of it, it was a little scary so I spoke with my pharmacist and Sher and they assured me the short period I would be using it wouldn't be bad and so far it has been okay.  BigD left for the coast at 4am Saturday and had a great time fishing with his friends.  I was so happy he got to go.  Leah has taken very good care of me - we watched movies on Saturday and just hung out getting caught up.
I also got some beautiful flowers this weekend - some "just because" and some for our "46th anniversary". Leah also bought BigD his own pair of "crocks" and me a pair of my favorite bedroom shoes. She also brought her Mom's steam cleaner down and cleaned our "nasty" living room carpet. One place is destined to be stained so I told her to just give up on that one. The picture doesn't do the flowers credit - they are all beautiful. For those of you who read my blog - thank you to: Patsy; Samantha, Leah and Kurt (including the special card); Lori, Paul, Tadashi and Brandon; Karen; Lise and Chris; Deborah and Matt. Ann and Lee came over Saturday for a nice visit and brought me some special tea blends and BigD chocolate covered cherries for our anniversary. Wm Walker also dropped by on Saturday with my KM's so we all enjoyed visiting and getting caught up. I did pay for it later by losing my voice but it was worth it. Leif and Erin came by today with some left-over Ensure and as always, it was nice being with them. LinLin also dropped in on their way home from the meeting.  It was nice being able to listen in today - I was so sick Thursday there was just no way.  SO - as they were taking the mask off on Friday after my treatment, one of my technicians whispered in my ear, "okay - it is getting rougher now but you only have four more treatments - you can do it".  After we got back to my area and the curtains were pulled almost closed, BigD and I saw a woman walk by and we both recognized her right away.  It was ArleneG - she was there with her husband.  He walked with her up to visit with me for a few minutes.  He was there for his first visit so hopefully he got good news.  BigD and I were talking about how long I have known him - I remember teaching him how to drive with straight drive in my little blue VW beetle when he was going for his license.  They both look great.  Leah told me Page2 had called several times when I was taking a nap so I called her back and her Papa told me she was in the bath.  She finally called and got me and sang me the sweetest song she had just for me.  Can't wait til we are all together in a few weeks.  I hope I have been getting enough fluids this weekend and will not have to be "hooked-up" all day anymore.  Once I get the phone call letting me know that Leah is home safe and sound - I'll be able to sleep better.  Have a great weekend everyone.........


  1. sooo happy that Jessie was with you for the weekend. She is a truly sweet girl.

  2. What lovely flowers. Sorry you are having such a hard time :( I can't wait till this is all over for you. Thinking of you all the time.


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