Sunday, April 15, 2012

All alone am I, ever since your good-bye, all alone with just the beat of my heart....

Anyone who knows me already knows I think in songs and music. One of my pioneer partners tells me how much they miss my spontaneous singing and stories about growing up.   Thinking about that reminded me of the old upright piano we had for many years. It had a long bench that the seat lifted up to hide your different song books.
I believe my Dad bought it for my oldest sister when she was around 15. If you could hum a tune and she recognized it, she could play it. Mom paid for Ruth and I to take piano lessons at school. Ruth can also play a little by heart like Mama and Ann. I paid for Page and Kurt to take a few lessons too when they were younger.  It helps when you are singing to recognize the basic notes. Kurt plays the guitar and Page2 takes guitar lessons. She is doing well with it. So - what triggered that song? I was thinking about how Judy and I were both unable to go to the assembly this weekend and agreed that is how we feel....all alone.
Eileen sent me this picture taken of her and Gail yesterday. It made me feel good they were thinking of me because I sure was thinking of them. The house has felt so empty since Kurt and Page2 went home.
Hoping it isn't going to be too hard for Page2 to get back into getting up early for school. That little girl can sleep just like her Grandaddie, Dad and Aunt Page.
Page and her teacher on a field trip. Yep - her teacher is very
Her entire class on the field trip.
Learning how to build a dugout canoe. She really enjoyed herself.  Another reason for that song is I went from having my babies here to NOT.  It is always like that when they leave.  Have appointments tomorrow afternoon -  wish I could go back telling them how much better I feel but at this point, I will be surprised if they don't give me fluids.  And the beat goes on......the beat goes on..

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  1. OMGoodness there is another similarity. I also think in music. Drives my kids nuts:)Bonus.


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