Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little piece of Paradise....

I had saved the following two pictures and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why. I snatch pictures from telephones, emails, etc. and my poor brain is so idle, I couldn't remember where this was and why I had it
I'm looking at this one first going, that car is familiar but where is it and where did it come from?
And then I looked closer at this picture and went DUH! It is Eileen's beach cottage!!! I didn't realize they had paved their drive and man - it looks so good!!!! Eileen should have been an interior (and exterior) decorator. She has a natural talent. They have been doing a lot of work on their home here too. I snatched these from Eileen's telephone messages to me. She is in the place she loves the most. Thank goodness her hubby is smart and seems to appreciate all the things she asks him to do to make it better. She keeps telling me that when I get well, she is taking me down to complete the healing process. Sounds like a plan to me! I've been missing her but am still happy she finally got back down there.

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