Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm feeling a little bit skeered......

So today has been a pretty day but sadly, I don't feel any better. So why am I skeered? Because I asked BigD to bring me today's funny paper (because I wanted to work the puzzle too) and he brought me Sunday's funny paper. I was shocked! I said - Is today Sunday? I thought it was Saturday! I missed hearing the public talk but at least I got all of the WT Study. Where did Saturday go? I have been massaging my neck a lot but it is still very tight and painful. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with my nurse practioner in oncology. She is the one who told me not to expect much before Memorial Day so I guess she knew what she was talking about. Had a nice chat with Page earlier. She sounded good. Talked with Page2 a little bit yesterday. Missing my babies.
Used to love doing this myself when I was younger. There were two big trees beside our old farm house that I used to lay on a blanket under and day dream. I'm not sure where I snatched this picture from but that is Jo and her brother Drew. I love that when I look out of my window, I see the greens from different trees. I love trees.

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