Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More of the same

Ever feel like you are walking backwards even though you are facing forward? That is exactly how I have felt all week. The pain seems more intense at times and the nausea is still with me almost all the time. They reduced the strength of my Pain Patches and are trying to wean me off of them. I've been trying to massage the scar on my neck (the left side where they removed 9 lymphnodes)but every so often, it is almost too painful to even do that. Gail and Rubee came by and cleaned the house today. I appreciate them doing that so much. I do love a clean house. Leah sent us a writing assignment she found in Page's book bag. I almost cried it was so sweet and well written. It just confirms what we already know about her - she is one sweet little girl. I can't believe she will be 12 in September. I noticed changes in her the last time she was here. More mature in so many ways.
Rie shared a picture of one of her sons on their new 4 wheeler. They seem to like where they live and her hubby has a really good job he likes a lot. I'm happy if they are happy but I so miss the whole family. I thinks she misses us too.
Leah posted a picture of her cousins brand new son. This was right after he was born. Mama and baby are both fine. Roseanne's daughter came through her surgery and now we just have to wait to get the results of some tests. She is a very strong and positive young woman and knows we are all praying for her. I'm sure she has appreciated having Roseanne there with her. Keith came by on his way home from service today. He said he was heading home to take a nap. BigD told Gail how he made his last pasta dish and she tried it tonight. She said it was good but the final test will be when Keith eats since he ate some of BigD's the night he made it. I had a call from Lees today and it was nice getting caught up with them. Their grandchildren are growing up - the twins are 14 and Craig's daughter is 9.
This isn't the best picture of Leah's Dad but I had to post it because of the sign behind him. He has the quirkiest sense of humor and is one of the sweetest men I know. Page1 just called - she is feeling much better and worked all day today. Has had a bad cold and sounded good when she called. We were going to watch AI together but BigD can't do it. I'll record it and watch it later. She kind of got me hooked on it when I was down there last March. Was it really just last March?
It has been a strange year weather-wise. We barely had a winter and now it can't make up it's mind. At least the flowers know what they are supposed to do. Time to take more drugs....More of the same.

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  1. I can sense that you are on the road to recovery!!! My how I miss you. I love Eileen's beach cottage, not sure what it looked like before, but to make it look like that takes talent. I can't wait to get to the beach this summer. My niece is just a year younger than Paige 2 and will be 11 in July. I miss her so much. The hubster and I both caught colds this week from camping, fortunately the kids are fine. Going strawberry picking next week :) Love you!


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