Saturday, April 14, 2012


It feels like a perfect word to describe my life lately. Page went with me on Monday to meet with my surgeon. He let the Resident put the scope in my nose and she is not anywhere as good as the other Resident who normally does it - to the point that my Doctor took over to finish it. He noted that there is still healing going on further down in my throat. He also ordered a different medicine for the Thrush on my tongue. It has taken on a life of it's own.  He scheduled me to go back in May for another follow-up.
Put together a few pictures of my babies at the KH and various other places. If you look at the small one at the top, that is Drew resting in Miya's bed.  She is the first cat I've owned who loves her bed and scratching posts and mats.
Drew had come over to let me hear his first talk. Such a sweet little family.
I just realized that I copied some pictures twice....I almost got rid of them and started over but then said - Nah.....stop trying to be perfect.....I did include some pictures of Syn and Try. What a pleasant visit I had with Vira and her beautiful daughter - Fina yesterday. Fina has started her own company and makes soaps, lotions, etc. out of all natural products. So sweet of her to think of me. Our wonderful Accountant came over today to work some of her magic,  BigD's and our personal books are a mess. She has been so helpful and will be coming over about every 3 months to help us stay on top of things - after we get this year's taxes squared away. I think my body is still getting rid of the Interferon. My surgeon told me he wasn't surprised - he had told me how bad is gets but no one can really tell you. One day at a time......


  1. love the pictures. Hope you have enjoyed your visitors this week. love

  2. Love the pictures. Am thinking of and missing you this weekend. Love to you.

  3. Please try not to be so hard on WILL feel better!!


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