Friday, May 10, 2013

Busy day with good old friends......

I was so excited when Geral told me she and Sheila could come stay with me Wednesday through Saturday morning so Dwight could go fishing with Steve down at Oak Island. I have missed both of them so much since they moved to Louisburg. Wednesday and Thursday was like an extended Pajama Party including all of us going to the meeting Thursday night. Everyone was so happy to see both of them at the meeting.
First we picked up Geral's sister and headed over to Raleigh to have pedicures at Sheila's favorite Nail Spa. I'll have to admit, it was SO nice to get a good pedicure. Sheila had picked me up a pair of really nice leather flip flops that will look good to wear to the meetings so we went back and I picked up a pair of dull silver ones just like them. I'll post a picture of them on here later. We could not believe how hot it got today but it was so nice to be with good friends. We picked up Jen's little girls from school and headed on home. Dwight grilled some of his famous sirloin steaks, made his great potato, green pepper and onion casserole and his delicious homemade blue cheese salad dressing for the salad. They had a nice glass of KJ and seemed to really enjoy their dinner. They drove back down to Louisburg so Geral could pick up a few clothes and are coming back. Geral is going to stay with me and Shelia is going to stay with her son and his family. I think when Dwight kept telling Geral he was going to fix her one of his famous breakfasts tomorrow, it helped her make up her mind to stay one more night. Worked for me!
Patsy brought me the pretty roses, the irises came from the few I planted in front of the white azalea you see outside the living room window. Today when we drove in, there was a pretty yellow one out there. They come up different colors every year. Something to do with the soil I think.  
I was sad to walk into my bedroom and see that another piece of art has become victim to another one of our cats. This time it was our sweet Miya. Lise bought these for me from an artist in Chapel Hill. There is a small glass tube inside the top of both vases where you can actually put a few flowers in the tubes of water. I am going to get Dwight to pick up some wood glue and see if I can fix it enough that it doesn't look too shabby.

I also wanted to share the picture I took of Pam's sweet Golden named Hobie from when we caught a ride down with Deborah so we could visit GG. He is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever been around. I also love Pam's little "wine cooler". You just blow it up and put the bottle in it. Tre's cute. I was so happy to finally have a chance to see where GG is living now. She told me she loves it and has so many friends and she was never going back to that house to live alone again. Made my heart so happy.  GG was always so responsible and had a very full life of taking care of her parents, her children, her husband and her grandchildren. She so deserves to live in such a lovely place surrounded by people who really like her and enjoy her company.

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