Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sorry to have been away so long......

I really am sorry I have been away so long. I think this is the longest I've gone without writing in my blog. Rather than talk about why I've not been writing much, I decided to steal a few minutes just to write a few lines before I have to hit the shower and get ready for the meeting. I just had a surprise visit from two very dear and missed friends - Sheila and Geral. They couldn't stay long and Dwight mentioned I was I talking my head off because I was so excited to see them. They both looked great and seem to be doing very well. Starting tomorrow I will try to write more and get a little caught up from the month of April.
I did want to post this picture of one of my favorite flower - Peony. I love the blossoms and how they are so thick and ruffled looking. They don't last long even on their bush but they are too gorgeous for words..
I gave up trying to grow flowers in my yard. The only thing that has ever grown that I planted is several Azalea bushes and a few Irises. I've mentioned on here before about how we tried to have gardens and tomato plants but we have never been successful with them. Since I'm not one who loves to work in the yard, that is probably for the best. I will try to do better on my blog in the future depending on how I feel.

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  1. Happy to see a post from you! I keep trying to get over and see you, but it seems we cant catch a break from all these germs floating around. I miss you. Love


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