Thursday, May 23, 2013

One of the most delicious things in the world....

You are wondering just what one of the most delicious things in the world is? That is so easy. It is holding a sweet three month old baby girl in a rocking chair for several hours while watching a sweet little girl playing on the floor and a sweet little boy watching TV while putting up with all the females in the room.

My phone really takes lousy pictures so I'm going to start keeping my camera beside me again. I was also given the gift of some new pictures I've already put on the fridge.

I mean really, what could make for a better afternoon? Added to everything else, Al gave me the nicest big hug and KennaKat asked me if she could come spend the night with me when they got ready to leave. I feel like one of the popular kids now!  Marlan and I have talked about how special these children are and of course, we have to trace it back to their sweet parents. Pat and Kris are expecting their first baby in July (will be Marlan's sixth grandchild) and are hoping for a boy.  They decided they want to be surprised but I was telling Katrina today that I hope it is a boy for two reasons. My first reason is so poor Al will have another boy help him handle all these little girls and of course, I hope they will get what they want even though we all know they will be thrilled no matter what. 

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  1. Thank you :) We enjoyed spending the afternoon with you! Always a treat when I get to sit and chat with you. Much love, and I hope your dr visit goes well next week! They love you Tricia, if you only knew how much they talked about you and asked about you :)


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