Monday, May 6, 2013

What's new pussycat? Woah, Woah....

I know - a lot of people will not remember this song at all but it was one that stuck in your head as soon as you heard it.... There was also a movie that went with the song that came out in 1965 - the year I graduated from high school AND got married. There were a lot of beautiful people in it who were famous at the time. Many of them went on to have very long careers. That brings me to what Lucy gave me.  This beautiful hand painted rock. Of course, the reason she gave it to me is because of the cat - she knows how much I love my cat. What she might not have realized is how much I love this kind of art. It makes me think of several artists whose blogs I follow. Another thing that is new is the rain finally let up several hours before sundown. It has been cold, raw, rainy and in general, nothing to make you think of Spring. It actually rained so hard today I could hardly hear the sound of the television over the noise it made on the roof, deck and against the windows. Perfect weather for growing mushrooms - right? I'm afraid we might go straight from wet, cold weather to wet, hot weather. Sadly, the weatherman just said we might get more rain tomorrow. I almost forgot - I was sitting here around April 30th and the front door banged open and in comes Dwight carrying one end of a flowered sofa. Eventually Steve pulls up the rear holding the other end of it. I'm like, what??? Dwight said he sent me a picture and when I didn't respond he figured it was okay. Hello? It turns out he accidentally sent the picture to Pam by mistake and that is why he didn't get a response from ME!!! Before I can get my breath, they pick up our old sofa and move it to the screened in porch. And just like that we have a "new" sofa. Hello? I had already ordered a new slip-cover for the old sofa. When it came, we returned it and I ordered another slip-cover that will fit the "new" sofa. The most important thing is Dwight likes the new sofa and actually likes the new slip-cover he put on it.What do you think? This sofa is much firmer than our very old and used sofa was. It isn't as deep as the old one but might be a tad longer. So I guess you could say we have a "new" sofa. When you sit on it, you don't end up sitting "in" it like the old one. We bought that one in 1985 and it has served us well.  This is the last "new" thing I plan to share tonight. This particular artist hand paints tiles and sells them. He does beautiful work. I found him on the blog of another favorite artist I've been following several years. I was so excited to see that he had some of his work made into magnets. Aren't they lovely? Esty - on one hand, a very good thing and then on another hand, can get you in trouble before you know it. That's enough for tonight. I will try to do better but can't promise much at this point. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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