Monday, May 13, 2013

still catching up....

Ever feel like all you ever do is try to catch up? Catch up on laundry, catch up on cleaning, catch up on studying, catch up on BLOG...well, you get the picture. I have been trying hard to do my "homework" each day for my bio-feedback. Today will be THE day I do it twice. So far I've only made it once. Like everything else in my life these days, I guess I will have to schedule it in my phone to remind myself. What would I do without my phone? It literally has my whole life in there. I used my older phone in the same way as far as reminders and the calendar but this one has everything. I will have to tell my sister Faye that she was right once again. She will love hearing that coming from me. Douglas called me this morning and made me smile. I had seen some pictures on FB of their time spent with a visiting cousin from Jessie's family. They learned and played Mexican Domino's and he was telling me Page won the first game and it was the first time they had ever played it. I could tell he was proud of her. They all love games. Sadly, my Dwight doesn't enjoy them at all so all the ones I bought for us through the years I ended up giving away. I am very happy to say we have another gorgeous day with tons of sunshine. I wish I could say it is warm enough to be outside in shirt-sleeves but it is still pretty chilly around here. I stay pretty chilly most of the time anyway. The forecast says it will be cool today, little warmer tomorrow and then HOT the rest of the week. Welcome to the South - the land of extremes. Just kidding, I wouldn't live anywhere else.
I had to share the latest pictures I got of Miss Priss that Dafina shared with me. How do you not smile when you look at that sweet face?  She is SO CUTE!!! It makes me smile when I think about how much Dafina is enjoying this little girl.
I think Douglas and Jess were glad they were able to get to the Sunday meeting the last time they were here. They all love getting to see all of their friends here.
I was sad I was unable to go to my meeting yesterday - especially after I got to go Thursday and enjoyed it so much. I slept through my pain medication and was in pretty bad shape when I woke up. If I go back to sleep in the mornings, Dwight refuses to wake me up unless I have a medical appointment. He knows I don't always sleep at night and feels it is more important for me to sleep when I can.
I loved this picture of Briana and her sweet family that was taken in Salisbury recently. Her little girls are growing so fast and are too cute for words.  Marlan and I are going to see Iron Man 3 tomorrow and I can't wait to see it. I've heard it is great.  I had a surprise visit from her yesterday when she dropped in to tell me her good news. I'll let her share that with people though.

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