Saturday, August 31, 2013

At the end of the 8th month of another year....

Can it be that summer is almost over? Our week at the beach is almost a distant memory. Monica shared two of her pictures and I really like both of them so
I will add them here. I love to see my babies together like this - relaxed, talking, sharing, getting caught up with each other.  I think it is possible they miss each other too. 
I also like this one I snatched from somewhere. I think this was taken toward the end of our week and everyone was starting to wind down a little. I also want to share some of the wonderful gifts Jessica got me while we were there.
I'm trying to find two pictures small enough to put inside the cube and I can't wait to wear my kitty cat earrings.  I will try to get Dwight to take a picture of me with the earrings on.  Jessie knows I keep an emery board beside my chair and I like this little holder she got for it.  The pretty blue box holds pretty long matches and they are now in the bathroom where they will be used as needed.
I should apologize to Lori and the family for not taking a picture of the gorgeous flowers they sent me after we got home when they were still fresh and new.  I didn't think about it until after they had gotten so sad they were dropping petals everywhere and it was time to say good-bye.  At least you can see a few of the pretty colors that are still there.
I'll close with a picture of where Dwight finally figured out to put his Kayak when not in use.  It isn't quite the way he wants it yet but it is getting there.  He was glad everyone seemed to enjoy it at the beach.

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