Sunday, January 3, 2010

Been in the cave too long......

Big D and I took Page to meet her Mom and Grandma yesterday afternoon in Danville, VA. Big D heated the car up real good and packed it for me so all I had to do was bundle up and climb in. I really needed to see some sunshine but was still coughing too much and felt a little worse than the day before. So far, that has been how this has gone, feel real bad, feel little better and then BAM, feel much worse, etc., etc., etc.. I hated to tell Leah but Page2 started coughing Friday night and was still coughing Saturday. Please don't let her have what I have - she has to go to school next week! She hadn't been taking her allergy medicine so there is hope. I had one of my studies over the phone when we got back which was wonderful! I haven't seen this beautiful young woman or her sons in several weeks so it was good talking to her. I had a nice long chat with my friend Ruth who lives in Florida. Her hubby said they were about to freeze down there! Page1 told me it was real cold in Georgia too. The wind makes the cold so much harder to be in. I'll just stay in my little cave here thank you very much. Leah's Mom said Leah's dad is real sick too and it sounds a lot like what I have. I spoke with him on the phone and he said - "I can't tell you how tired I am of getting sick AGAIN". I assured him that I actually know exactly how he feels. He is such a sweet man and one of the best huggers in the universe. The sun shining through the car windows made me so sleepy - it was nice. The meeting today (over the phone) was great - especially the WT study about prayers. It made you think on a personal note about your own prayers and how they relate to our relationships. Eileen called - she can't find her book for our study so we are going to do it tomorrow (over the phone). I don't want anyone to take a chance on catching this if they can help it. I wanted to add one more picture from our week together. Page had her Shrek ears from her game on and everyone was throwing the rings at her head. Cute. Oh - that cute shirt she has on? Yeah - well it is still here at Granmommie's house along with several other shirts, pants, underwear and sweatshirt with hoodie. Oh yeah - Granmommie is in the dog house - she forgot to look in the laundry room for more of her clothes when she packed. Leah said it was okay but it really isn't. If I ever get out of this cave - I'll buy a mailer that will hold them and send them to her. Oh - Leah also said Page is still coughing but hasn't had a fever so still hoping allergies.

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